Comprehensive Course List


Petrolab Engineering has delivered internationally-accredited courses for major oil and gas, power and process companies through its public and in-house courses while implementing a balanced fusion of theory, application and industry best practices in the delivery of its training programs.

We deliver public courses in major cities in the Middle East like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Manama and Dammam, as well as in cities in other parts of the world like London, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam to name a few.

Course List - Issue 03 Rev 55 as of March 15, 2018

Reference Course Title Duration Add to upcoming calendar
PE001Industrial Drying, Principles, Selection and 5Add for me
PE002(HW1)Correct Operation and Adjustment of Belt Filt5Add for me
PE003(HW1)WWTP11: Operate and Adjust Belt Filter Correc5Add for me
PE004Bag Filters Operation, Maintenance & Troubles5Add for me
PE005Introduction to Process Plant Equipment5Add for me
PE010Oil Movement, Storage & Troubleshooting5Add for me
PE010(KP4) Oil Movement, Storage and Troubleshooting4Add for me
PE012Gas Stripping Towers/Desalter Functions/Maint5Add for me
PE013(TA1)Introduction to DoE2Add for me
PE14DHUpstream Petroleum Industry Process Engineeri4Add for me
PE015Applied Hydrogenation & Gasification Technolo5Add for me
PE016Design Expert4Add for me
PE017H2 Plant5Add for me
PE018(KP4) Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming4Add for me
PE019(KJ1)Hydrogen Sulphide Stripping Process5Add for me
PE020Process Equipment Design, Sizing, Selection, 5Add for me
PE020(BO1)Applied Process Design - Equipment Sizing, Se5Add for me
PE021(YA1)Process Equipment Design5Add for me
PE022Train-The-Trainer: Process Equipment10Add for me
PE023Train-The-Trainer: Process (General)10Add for me
PE024Polymer Weathering Durability & Degradation5Add for me
PE025Polymers & Polymerization5Add for me
PE026Polymers & Composites5Add for me
PE027Polymer Degradation 5Add for me
PE028Introduction to Polymers5Add for me
PE030Polymer Reaction Engineering5Add for me
PE031Polymer Engineering5Add for me
PE035Oil Production & Processing Facilities5Add for me
PE040Chemical Reaction Engineering Application5Add for me
PE042Phosphatic Industry, Diammonium Phosphate, Mo5Add for me
PE045Solution of Complex Process Problems by Using5Add for me
PE046Complex Operational Troubleshooting & Basic I5Add for me
PE047(QF2)Bulk Materials Handling Problem Solving2Add for me
PE049Process Equipment and Piping Systems: Applica5Add for me
PE050Elements of Applied Process Engineering 5Add for me
PE051(SR1)Equipment Internal Inspection for Process Eng2Add for me
PE052Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Enginee5Add for me
PE055Process Reactors: Operation, Troubleshooting,5Add for me
PE056(AD6)Basic Surface Facilities Part One: Process5Add for me
PE057(AD6)Basic Surface Facilities Part Two: Equipment5Add for me
PE058Surface Facilities Process (Basic)5Add for me
PE058(AD6)Advanced Surface Facilities Part One: Proces5Add for me
PE059(AD6)Advanced Surface Facilities Part Two: Equipm5Add for me
PE060Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Technology5Add for me
PE061Fertilizer Storage Management (Ammonia & Urea5Add for me
PE062(SA1)Ammonia Plant Operation, Troubleshooting & Op5Add for me
PE065Mechanical Behavior of Polymers: Correlation 5Add for me
PE070Advances in Emulsion Polymerization and Latex5Add for me
PE073Process Systems Foundations5Add for me
PE075Oil Production and Processing Facilities5Add for me
PE076Oil Field Operations & Water Treatment5Add for me
PE077(OR1)UOP LPG Merox Unit2Add for me
PE079Introduction to Oil and Gas Production Operat5Add for me
PE080Plastic Processing Handling5Add for me
PE081(KJ1)Oil Field Operations5Add for me
PE082LPG, Oil & Gas Operations & Troubleshooting5Add for me
PE083Oil & Gas Operations46WAdd for me
PE084(KJ1)Basics of Oil Field Operations5Add for me
PE085Oil & Gas Field Operations: Gas Processing, H5Add for me
PE085(ZA2)Operation Skills Training4Add for me
PE087Gas Processing Overview1Add for me
PE088(OR1)Gas Processing Overview 1Add for me
PE090Operations & Maintenance for Typical Gas Proc4WAdd for me
PE091Foam with Polyolefins5Add for me
PE093Polyolefins in Cable3Add for me
PE094Oxidation1Add for me
PE095Catalyst Material Handling: Loading, Unloadin5Add for me
PE096(OM1)Operator Responsibilities: Basic Plant Produc3Add for me
PE097(OR1)PSA Normal Operation and Troubleshooting2Add for me
PE098Production Management 3Add for me
PE100Process Plant Optimization Technology & Conti5Add for me
PE101Certified Gas Plant Operator Program (CGO)5Add for me
PE102Certified Process Plant Operator: Plant Opera5Add for me
PE103(KJ1)Operator Responsibilities5Add for me
PE104(KJ1)Plant Operators "Daily Duties & Responsibilit5Add for me
PE105Process Plant Optimization, Revamping & Debot5Add for me
PE106(KJ1)Plant Operator Responsibilities2Add for me
PE108Operator Skills Enhancement3Add for me
PE110Advanced Process Engineering Designs5Add for me
PE111Storage Tanks Operations & Measurements5Add for me
PE112Process Plant Troubleshooting and Engineering5Add for me
PE114Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering P5Add for me
PE114(TA1)Process Troubleshooting & Problem Solving5Add for me
PE115Process Plant Performance & Efficiency5Add for me
PE116Process Plant Performance Monitoring, Trouble5Add for me
PE117Process Plant Performance, Efficiency & Optim5Add for me
PE118Process Energy Efficiency Improvement for Ind5Add for me
PE119Acrylic Acid and Butyl Acrylate (Esterificati5Add for me
PE120Catalyst Selection & Production Optimization5Add for me
PE121(OR1)Process Utilization & Optimization: Energy Ut3Add for me
PE123(KP4)Catalysts in the Refining and Petrochemical I4Add for me
PE124(OR1)Catalyst Technology3Add for me
PE125Catalyst in Refineries 5Add for me
PE126Catalyst Selection, Production Optimization &5Add for me
PE128(KP4)Troubleshooting for Process Operators5Add for me
PE130Process Troubleshooting for Operators & Techn5Add for me
PE132(HW1)Troubleshooting Techniques5Add for me
PE133(QA1)Process Troubleshooting & Problem Solving5Add for me
PE135Catalyst in Petrochemical Plants5Add for me
PE140Surface Production Operations in Oil & Gas Fi5Add for me
PE140(SI7)Surface Production Operations5Add for me
PE145 Industrial Mixing: Fundamentals, Application5Add for me
PE150Process Engineering Problem Solving and Calcu5Add for me
PE155Advanced Mixing Technology Practical Applicat5Add for me
PE158Delayed Coker Processing5Add for me
PE159(AD4)Introduction to Process Engineering3Add for me
PE160Process Engineering Fundamentals 5Add for me
PE161(KP4)Fundamentals of Process Engineering5Add for me
PE162(EQ1)Petrochemical Fundamentals2Add for me
PE163(SA1)Essentials of Petrochemicals5Add for me
PE163(AR1)Global Petrochemical Industry (CHE 216)3Add for me
PE165Mixing of Liquids & Complex Materials5Add for me
PE168Industrial Liquid Mixing5Add for me
PE170Introduction to Surface Facilities 5Add for me
PE173(AD6)Oil & Gas Operation/Introduction to Surface F5Add for me
PE174(AD6)Oil & Gas Production Operation ? Introduction5Add for me
PE175Powder & Bulk Mixing: Process, Applications a5Add for me
PE179Pressure Vessel Operation3Add for me
PE180Process Equipment Application & Efficient Ope5Add for me
PE181Vessel Isolations and Degassing5Add for me
PE182Review Process Data Sheets of Static and Rota5Add for me
PE183Review Design Calculation of a Single Static 10Add for me
PE184Design and Data Sheet Review of Static and R3Add for me
PE185Pilot Plant Design, Installation & Operation5Add for me
PE186(KJ1)Plant Simulators (Operations & Applications) 5Add for me
PE187(OR1)OTS Instructor Training5Add for me
PE188Introduction to Pilot Plant5Add for me
PE195Pilot Plant and Scale-Up Methods For Industri5Add for me
PE200Applied Petroleum Refinery Processing5Add for me
PE213Lubricants & Grease Plant Operations5Add for me
PE214Molecular Sieves5Add for me
PE215Dehydrating Columns5Add for me
PE217(KJ1)Crude Oil Sweetening Process (H2S Removal)2Add for me
PE218(AD8)Global Lubricants5Add for me
PE219(KJ1)Crude Oil De-Salting Process5Add for me
PE220Salt Removal from Crude Oil5Add for me
PE220(KJ1)Salt Removal from Crude Oil5Add for me
PE221Operation of Process Equipment: Fired Heaters5Add for me
PE222(SM1)Process Equipment Performance & Troubleshooti5Add for me
PE223Crude Dehydration & Desalting5Add for me
PE225Molecular Sieves Dryer-Adsorption5Add for me
PE225(AD6)Separators in Oil & Gas Industry3Add for me
PE226(KJ1)Oil & Gas Processing3Add for me
PE227(KJ1)Plant Startup & Shutdown5Add for me
PE228Start-up & Troubleshooting of Existing Proces5Add for me
PE229(KJ1)Process Plant Start-up and Troubleshooting (C5Add for me
PE230Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Trou5Add for me
PE230(KJ1)Process Plant Start-Up, Commissioning & Troub5Add for me
PE231(KJ1)Process Gas Plant Start-up, Commissioning & P4Add for me
PE232Startup & Shutdown the Plant While Handling A5Add for me
PE232(KJ1)Startup & Shutdown the Plant-Subunits while H3Add for me
PE233(KP4)Process Plant Start-Up and Shutdown4Add for me
PE234(AR1)AGE 242 CE Pre-Commissioning/ Commissioning a5Add for me
PE235(KJ1)Plant Operation & Commissioning5Add for me
PE236(SI7)Commissioning5Add for me
PE237(QA1)Process Plant Commissioning, Start-up & Troub3Add for me
PE239(KJ1)Crude Oil Loading System5Add for me
PE240Liquid Bulk Cargo Handling: CRUDE OIL & LNG:5Add for me
PE241Composites and Relevant Application in the In5Add for me
PE242Practical Composites in Industry5Add for me
PE243Separation Techniques in Petroleum Industries5Add for me
PE244Monitoring System, Well Commissioning & Incid10Add for me
PE245Separation Process Technology in the Industry5Add for me
PE248Safe Shutdown and Start up3Add for me
PE251Production Operations, Control & Safety5Add for me
PE253Process Liquid, Process Handling and Measurin10Add for me
PE254Advanced Production Operations, Reporting & C10Add for me
PE255Gas Power Plant Fuel Handling Systems5Add for me
PE256(AR1)AFO and Jet Fuel Product Handling (CHE 114)5Add for me
PE257Jet A-1 Handling2Add for me
PE258Cooling Towers: Selection, Operation & Maint5Add for me
PE261Flowline Incident Reporting & Control of Fiel5Add for me
PE265Steam Trapping, Control & Troubleshooting5Add for me
PE266Steam Trapping and Control5Add for me
PE277LNG Measurements and Calculations5Add for me
PE278LNG Process Plant Operations5Add for me
PE279LNG Plant Operations5Add for me
PE280Gas Processing For LNG & LPG Plants5Add for me
PE281(QA1)Reciprocating & Screw Compressors (Production1Add for me
PE282(QA1)Centrifugal Compressors (Production Perspecti1Add for me
PE283(QA1)Steam Turbines (Production Perspective)1Add for me
PE284LPG Blending Plant Start-Up, Commissioning & 5Add for me
PE285Gas Treatment, Sweetening & Sulphur Recovery5Add for me
PE286Process Plant Start Up and Shutdown4Add for me
PE288(QP1)Gas Treating & Sulfur Recovery 5Add for me
PE288(AR1)Gas Treating & Sulfur Recovery4WAdd for me
PE290Troubleshooting Refineries and Petrochemical 5Add for me
PE298Gas Conditioning Intermediate5Add for me
PE300Gas Conditioning, Treatment & Processing Tech5Add for me
PE300(KJ1)Gas Conditioning & Processing Technology5Add for me
PE300A(KJ1)Gas Conditioning & Processing Technology5Add for me
PE300(AD6)Gas Conditioning & Processing5Add for me
PE300B(AD6)Gas Conditioning & Processing5Add for me
PE300(KP1)Gas Conditioning & Processing5Add for me
PE301Gas Conditioning Foundations5Add for me
PE301(KP4)Gas Conditioning Foundations5Add for me
PE302Gas & LPG Conditioning & Processing Technolog5Add for me
PE303(KO3)LPG Filling-Depot & Loading Stations4Add for me
PE304Wet Stock Control in Filling Station3Add for me
PE305Fuel Gas Conditioning (Diesel Fuel System) f5Add for me
PE306Fuel Storage and Management5Add for me
PE307Fuel Storage and Management (Basic)5Add for me
PE308Filling Station Management2Add for me
PE309Safe Dispensing of Gasoline in Filling Statio4Add for me
PE310Gas Sweetening & Sulphur Recovery5Add for me
PE311(QA1)Gas Sweetening & Claus Reaction Technology3Add for me
PE312Booster Station Utilities Foundations5Add for me
PE313Gas Conditioning & Processing, Gas Treating &5Add for me
PE314Gas Conditioning and Processing G-410Add for me
PE315Gas Field Operations: Gas Processing, Hydrate5Add for me
PE316Gas Processing/G23Add for me
PE320NGL & Refrigerant Extraction and Fractionatio5Add for me
PE323(KJ1)NGL Recovery & NGL Fractionation4Add for me
PE324Fractionators3Add for me
PE325Petrochemical Process Reactor Control, Operat5Add for me
PE329(KJ1)Gas Dehydration Process & Troubleshooting3Add for me
PE330Dehydration and Hydrate Prevention5Add for me
PE331(KJ1)Gas Dehydration Process5Add for me
PE332Natural Gas Dehydration5Add for me
PE333Applied Natural Gas Processing, Dehydration &5Add for me
PE334 Gas Composition Measurement5Add for me
PE335Blow Molding Technology5Add for me
PE336Glycol Regeneration Process Operations3Add for me
PE341(AR1)Hydrocarbon Process Design and Modeling5Add for me
PE345FDP-1 Hot Oil Heater Training5Add for me
PE348(KP4)Hydro-Treatment Process5Add for me
PE350Hydrocarbon Dewpoint (HCDP) Control5Add for me
PE351Level 2 Diploma in Processing Operations: Hyd13WAdd for me
PE352Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Processing Operations:13WAdd for me
PE353Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Processing Operations:13WAdd for me
PE355Petrochemical Movement, Storage, Handling, Tr5Add for me
PE356(KP4)Certified Oil & Gas Pipeline Operator5Add for me
PE360Natural Gas Process Equipment Design5Add for me
PE365FDP-1 Nitrogen Air Package4Add for me
PE366(OR1)Morphylane Operation, Control & Troubleshooti3Add for me
PE371Chemical Cleaning in Refineries & Petrochemic5Add for me
PE372Clean Fuel Technology & Standards5Add for me
PE374Refinery Material Balance Calculations5Add for me
PE375(KP4)Process Heaters4Add for me
PE376(KJ1)Process Heaters (Operations, Control, Safety 3Add for me
PE378Heat and Material Balance5Add for me
PE379Heat Mass Balance5Add for me
PE380Fired Process Heaters (FPH)5Add for me
PE381(KJ1)Process Fired Heaters2Add for me
PE382Heat Exchangers & Fired Heaters Operation & T5Add for me
PE383(SM1)Operations Equipment Performance & Troublesho3Add for me
PE385Furnace Operations & Troubleshooting: Fired P5Add for me
PE389Fundamentals of Distillation for Engineers3Add for me
PE390Distillation-Column Operation, Control & Trou5Add for me
PE391(KP4)Distillation Operation and Troubleshooting4Add for me
PE400Crude Oil Storage & Management5Add for me
PE402Crude Stabilization Operations5Add for me
PE403Crude Oil Storage Facilities: Operations, Con5Add for me
PE410Troubleshooting Surface Production Operations5Add for me
PE420Amine Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery5Add for me
PE421Sulphur Plant Reliability5Add for me
PE425Amine & Gas Dehydration5Add for me
PE430Polymerization and Plastic Materials5Add for me
PE435PVC Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting5Add for me
PE436Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Manufacturing & 5Add for me
PE437Monomer Handling Safety5Add for me
PE440Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 5Add for me
PE445(KJ1)Field Handling of Natural Gas5Add for me
PE447(KP1)Introduction to Gas Production, Distribution,4Add for me
PE448(KP4)Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing5Add for me
PE450Plastic Additives Selection, Application & Tr5Add for me
PE455GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic Technology5Add for me
PE460The Science and Technology of PVC5Add for me
PE470Practical Sulfonation and Sulfation Technolog5Add for me
PE474Basic Painting & Coating Technology5Add for me
PE475Advanced Painting & Coating Technology5Add for me
PE476Advanced Powder Application (Powder Coating, 5Add for me
PE477Paints, Plastic and Powder Coating5Add for me
PE480Advanced Distillation Troubleshooting5Add for me
PE485(OR1)Process of Crude ATM & Vacuum Distillation Un5Add for me
PE490Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Technology5Add for me
PE492Diesel, Naphtha, Kerosene Hydrotreater Unit f5Add for me
PE495Gasoline Oxygenates Technology 5Add for me
PE500Fuel Quality (Gasoline)2Add for me
PE501CHE 113CE Fuel Quality Monitoring System Fund5Add for me
PE504Basic Operational Troubleshooting of Water & 5Add for me
PE505(SM1)Basic Operations Skills5Add for me
PE510Fuel Quality (Diesel)2Add for me
PE525Water Networks Operation5Add for me
PE526Water Handling Unit Operation5Add for me
PE528Flare Relief Systems RES10Add for me
PE529Operation of High Flow High Pressure (HFHP) W5Add for me
PE531Flare, Blowdown & Pressure Relief Systems5Add for me
PE531(KJ1)Plant Shutdown System & Flare Systems5Add for me
PE532(AD6)Flare & Over Pressure Protection Systems5Add for me
PE533Relief and Flare Systems5Add for me
PE534(KJ1)Flare System2Add for me
PE537(PD1)Flare and Relief System5Add for me
PE549Gasoline Blending for Refineries5Add for me
PE560Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks5Add for me
PE561Tank Mixer5Add for me
PE562(KJ1)Pre-Settling & Storage Tanks5Add for me
PE563Stock Management & Tank Dipping Calculation5Add for me
PE570Process Simulation5Add for me
PE572(AR1)PROMAX Simulation (CHE 308)5Add for me
PE580MTBE Production, Blending & Process Troublesh5Add for me
PE583Plastic Extrusion Technology: Design, Operati5Add for me
PE585Manufacturing Processes: Extrusion, Injection5Add for me
PE590Plastic & Rubber Manufacturing & Processes Tr5Add for me
PE595Corrosion of Plastics5Add for me
PE605Ammonia Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooti5Add for me
PE606Ammonia Storage & Loading Systems5Add for me
PE610Lube Oil Additives5Add for me
PE615TAME Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting5Add for me
PE620Polyethylene & Polypropylene Manufacturing & 5Add for me
PE621Petrochemical Manufacturing Process & Trouble5Add for me
PE623Ethylene Manufacturing5Add for me
PE624Petrochemical Manufacturing Monitoring & Trou5Add for me
PE625Introduction to Polypropylene Technology4Add for me
PE630Urea Manufacturing Process Technology5Add for me
PE635(AR1)UOP Meroxa5Add for me
PE636(SA1)Benfield Process2Add for me
PE639Basic Process Operation and Troubleshooting5Add for me
PE640Troubleshooting Process Operations5Add for me
PE642Troubleshooting Gas Processing5Add for me
PE650Advanced Operational & Troubleshooting Skills5Add for me
PE655Rules of Thumb in Process Design5Add for me
PE656(OR1)Process Design Fundamentals10Add for me
PE660Rules of Thumb in the Design of Process Equip5Add for me
PE663Process Equipment Design, Applications, Maint5Add for me
PE664A Working Guide to Process Equipment5Add for me
PE665Process Engineering for Non-Process Engineers5Add for me
PE670Aluminum Manufacturing & Process Troubleshoot5Add for me
PE672Aluminum Smelting5Add for me
PE673Aluminum Smelting Process5Add for me
PE674Modern Aluminum Production Processes5Add for me
PE675Thermal Desalination Process (MED, MSF, TVC, 5Add for me
PE680Petroleum Refinery Process5Add for me
PE681Petrol Filling Station Fire1Add for me
PE683Leak Investigation of Filling Stations3Add for me
PE700Introduction to PRO / II5Add for me
PE710Advanced PRO / II5Add for me
PE725(AD6)Surface Facilities5Add for me
PE726(AD6)Surface Facilities Basic - Equipment5Add for me
PE727Operation of Process Equipment in Oil/Gas Sur5Add for me
PE735(AD6) Advanced Surface Facilities 10Add for me
PE736Onshore Gas Gathering Systems - Facilities De5Add for me
PE737(KO3)Non-Confirming 12 kg Cylinder Process Control2Add for me
PE738Utility Management Module 2: Gas System Perfo5Add for me
PE739(KO3)LPG Storage Process (Level 1 & 2 Competencies2Add for me
PE740LPG Training Course5Add for me
PE741LPG Loading Stations5Add for me
PE742Vapour Recovery of Filling Stations3Add for me
PE743Audit & Inspection of Filling Station3Add for me
PE744(KO3)LPG Filling Verification Process (Level 1 & 22Add for me
PE745Cement Manufacturing Process Technology & Sta5Add for me
PE746Raw Material for Cement Industry5Add for me
PE747Novel Cement5Add for me
PE748Heat & Power Consumption in Cement Factories5Add for me
PE749Cement Kiln Process Chemistry, Operation & Tr5Add for me
PE750(SE2)Fuel Oil Treatment Plant (Centrifuges) Operat5Add for me
PE751Filling Station Design and Engineering3Add for me
PE752Management of Petrol Stations5Add for me
PE753(NW1)Operation of a Sewerage Network5Add for me
PE755Process Engineering Calculations5Add for me
PE757Tube Mill Charging and Calculation5Add for me
PE760Rules of Thumb of Process Plant Design5Add for me
PE764Control & Operations (Acid Gas Removal - UOP 5Add for me
PE765MEG (Monoethylene Glycol) Manufacturing Proce7Add for me
PE785Refinery Operational Economics, Planning & Pr5Add for me
PE786Principles of Operations Planning5Add for me
PE790Modern Petroleum Refining Processes: Module 5Add for me
PE791Alkylation5Add for me
PE792Aromatics Manufacturing Process Technology: B5Add for me
PE800Modern Petroleum Refining Processes: Module 5Add for me
PE801(AR1)Catalytic Reforming, Isomerization, Hydrotrea5Add for me
PE810Modern Petroleum Refining Processes: Module 5Add for me
PE811Troubleshooting, Start-up & Shutdown Hydro-Tr5Add for me
PE812Hydrocracker Process Unit Technology5Add for me
PE814Hydrocracking & Hydrotreating Process Technol5Add for me
PE815(KP4)Hydro-Cracking4Add for me
PE820Modern Petroleum Refining Processes: Module 5Add for me
PE830Modern Petroleum Refining Processes: Module 5Add for me
PE840Modern Petroleum Refining Processes: Module 5Add for me
PE847CRU Operation, Control & Safety5Add for me
PE848(KJ1)De-Ethanizer & Condensate Stabilizer at Gas P3Add for me
PE849Recycle Gas Compressor Principles and Applica5Add for me
PE850Modern Gas Production Operations5Add for me
PE851Condensate Stabilizer3Add for me
PE852Gas Compressor to Optimize Condensate and Gas5Add for me
PE853(KP4)CRU Advanced Operation3Add for me
PE854Gas Compression and Transportation5Add for me
PE855Monitor Gas Flaring & Effluent Water Disposal10Add for me
PE856(KP4)Gas Compression Intermediate3Add for me
PE857Gas Compression Intermediate3Add for me
PE858CRU Operation3Add for me
PE859Operate CRU ? TV Compressors etc. According t3Add for me
PE860Modern Oil Production Operations5Add for me
PE861Well Production and Management4Add for me
PE870Hydrocarbon Production Operations5Add for me
PE875Introduction to Hydrocarbon Processing for No5Add for me
PE876Chemical Engineering ? Accelerated Developmen20Add for me
PE880Refining Process and Petroleum Products Progr5Add for me
PE885(KP4)Hydro Processing Petroleum5Add for me
PE890Fluid Catalyst Cracker (FCC)5Add for me
PE892Fluidized Bed Reactor Startup, Operation & Tr5Add for me
PE895Rotating Equipment Operation and Troubleshoot4Add for me
PE899Refinery Optimization4Add for me
PE900Troubleshooting Refinery Operations5Add for me
PE901Troubleshooting Refinery Processes5Add for me
PE902Refinery Process Yields Optimization5Add for me
PE903(SR1)Furnace Safe Operation & Optimization2Add for me
PE905Operational Upsets and Root Cause Analysis fo3Add for me
PE905(KP4)Operational Upset and Root Cause Analysis for3Add for me
PE906(KP4) Operational Upset and Root Cause Analysis for5Add for me
PE907Perform Root Cause Analysis for Process Upset5Add for me
PE908Transportation and Distribution Foundations5Add for me
PE909(PE8)Pipeline Operation, Optimization & Problem So5Add for me
PE910Refinery Production Operations & Petroleum Pr5Add for me
PE911Train-The-Trainer: Refinery Operations10Add for me
PE913Basic Incident Root Cause Analysis, ESD Syste5Add for me
PE914Control & ESD System, Basic Operational Troub5Add for me
PE915(KJ1)Oil & Gas Field Operations (Upstream)5Add for me
PE916Power & Desalination Plant Chemistry5Add for me
PE917Basic Chemistry10Add for me
PE918Intermediate Chemistry10Add for me
PE920Oil & Gas Field Commissioning, Start-Up & Tro5Add for me
PE923(KJ1)Offshore Flow Stations (Start-up, Commissioni5Add for me
PE925 (KJ1)Introduction to Oil & Gas Field Operations: 5Add for me
PE926Oil/Gas Field Process Operator5Add for me
PE935Process Plants Shutdown and TurnArounds5Add for me
PE940Crude Oil Desalting Process: Mechanism and Li5Add for me
PE941(KJ1)Crude Oil Desalting Process5Add for me
PE943(KP4)Practical Course Crude Oil Testing & Equipmen5Add for me
PE944Production Control Systems, Well Commissionin5Add for me
PE945Modern Oil Production & Processing Facilities5Add for me
PE946Production Operations, Control & Well Commiss5Add for me
PE947(DP1)Oil Production & Processing Facilities5Add for me
PE948Production Control Systems & Alert Handling P5Add for me
PE949Well Production, Equipment Performance & CRU/5Add for me
PE950Cryogenic Pumping5Add for me
PE951Liquid/Cryogenic Gas Separation Using Membran5Add for me
PE952(OR1)Membrane Unit Operation and Troubleshooting3Add for me
PE953Control System Operation, Daily Production Re5Add for me
PE954RCA for Incidents & CRU/TV Compressor Operati5Add for me
PE955Ion Exchange & Its Industrial Applications (5Add for me
PE956Environmental Stress Cracking and Corrosion o5Add for me
PE965Polystyrene Manufacturing Process Technology5Add for me
PE966Cryogenic Air Separation Plants Operation and3Add for me
PE970Surface Production & Operations (Oil & Gas)5Add for me
PE980Safety in Process Design5Add for me
PE980(AD6)Safety in Process Design5Add for me
PE986Process Design Parameters for Gas Compressor/5Add for me
PE987Atmospheric Residue Desulfurization Unit for 5Add for me
PE990(KJ1)Surface Production & Operations5Add for me
PE991(SA1)Operators Technical Training Program Level-15Add for me
PE993(SA1)Operators Technical Training Program Level-25Add for me
PE994(SA1)Operators Technical Training Program Level-35Add for me
PE995(KP4)NVQ-Process Operators Program26WAdd for me
PE996(SA1)Operators Technical Training Program Level-45Add for me
PE997H-Oil Technology Upgraded Vacuum Bottom Resid3Add for me
PE998(KP4)Distillation Technology - Atmospheric and Vac4Add for me
PE999(OR1)Atmospheric & Vacuum Distillation3Add for me
IE001Micro-Net System EGT C/D Unit5Add for me
IE002Applications of Microprocessors5Add for me
IE003Microprocessors Lab3WAdd for me
IE004Microstation V8i5Add for me
IE005(KJ1)WiMAX Broadband Wireless System3Add for me
IE008Certified Fiber Optics Technology & Access Ne5Add for me
IE009(OT2)Fiber Optic Technology and FTTH/GPON Installa5Add for me
IE010Certified Fiber Optics Professional (CFOP): P5Add for me
IE011(KM1)Fiber Optic Applications in Protective Relayi5Add for me
IE012Certified Fiber Optics Professional (CFOP): F5Add for me
IE013Fiber Optics Access Network Planning5Add for me
IE014Networking Design and Configurations5Add for me
IE015 Process Control, Instrumentation, Safeguardi5Add for me
IE017(HW1)Communication Industrial Protocols5Add for me
IE018IEEE WCET: Wireless Communication Engineering5Add for me
IE020Practical Industrial Data Communications & Te5Add for me
IE021(KJ1)Industrial Data Communication Systems5Add for me
IE022MSCP Telecommunications5Add for me
IE023HP Data Protector5Add for me
IE024(KJ1)Basics of Instrumentation & Control3Add for me
IE025Advanced Instrumentation & Control5Add for me
IE026Practical Industrial Data Communications & Te2Add for me
IE027(KP4)Instrumentation & Control Program13WAdd for me
IE028(HW1)I&C8: General Instrumentation and Process Con3Add for me
IE029(AD6)General Instrumentation & Process Control fro5Add for me
IE030Process Control & Instrumentation 5Add for me
IE031(AD4)Practical Process Instrumentation & Automatic5Add for me
IE032Measurement Principles for Technicians5Add for me
IE033(AR1)Custody Liquid Measurement5Add for me
IE034Liquid & Gas Flowmetering & Custody Measureme5Add for me
IE035Liquid & Gas Flowmetering & Custody Measureme5Add for me
IE036Multiphase Flowmetering & Custody Measurement5Add for me
IE037Custody Measurement, Loss Control and Multiph5Add for me
IE038Process Control, Instrumentation, Troubleshoo5Add for me
IE039(SI7)Engineering Principles of Process Control and5Add for me
IE040Process Control & Instrumentation (Mechanical5Add for me
IE041Introduction to Process Control & RCA (DCS, P5Add for me
IE042Automatic Control & Instrumentation Systems5Add for me
IE043DCS & ESD System Architecture DCS (Maintenanc5Add for me
IE044(KP4)Tranportation and Distribution Intermediate5Add for me
IE045Fundamental Principles of DCS5Add for me
IE046(HW1)I&C3: Maintain DCS4Add for me
IE047Tank Gauging5Add for me
IE048MK Vle and DCS5Add for me
IE049(KJ1)Distributed Control System (DCS) 5Add for me
IE051(KP4)Control Systems Intermediate II5Add for me
IE052Designing Technical Specifications for Contro5Add for me
IE053Fiber IBDN Design & Deployment5Add for me
IE054System 1 Monitoring3Add for me
IE055(KJ1)Introduction to Distribution Control System (5Add for me
IE056CS 3000 DCS Fundamentals for Operations5Add for me
IE058(HW1)I&C43: Basic Rockwell PLC2Add for me
IE059(HW1)I&C44: Maintain Rockwell PLC3Add for me
IE060Introduction to DCS, SCADA & PLC5Add for me
IE061(KP4)Introduction to SCADA3Add for me
IE062(HW1)SCADA Operation, Trend Interpretation and Ana3Add for me
IE063(HW1)I&C5: Maintain SCADA3Add for me
IE064Proficiencies HMI/SCADA Complicity Programmin2Add for me
IE065Fundamentals of Instrumentation Calculations 5Add for me
IE066(KJ1)Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCA5Add for me
IE067Introduction to Telecoms5Add for me
IE070OLE for Process Control (OPC)5Add for me
IE071Matrikon OPC & DCS OPC5Add for me
IE072Introduction to Modern Telecoms5Add for me
IE074Effective Telecoms Strategies5Add for me
IE075Structured Cabling System (SCS)5Add for me
IE076Customer Focus in Telecoms5Add for me
IE077Finance in Telecoms5Add for me
IE078Basic Instrumentation and Control5Add for me
IE079Process Control & Mechanical Engineering5Add for me
IE080Fieldbus Engineering and Application5Add for me
IE090PLC for Process Control & Automation5Add for me
IE091ABB Drive, PLC & Automation Systems for Elect5Add for me
IE095(OR1)HIMA PLC Engineering & Maintenance5Add for me
IE100Practical Fieldbus Foundation Technology5Add for me
IE101(SM1)Calibration, Setup & Troubleshooting of Field5Add for me
IE110Boiler Control & Instrumentation5Add for me
IE110(KJ1)Boiler Control and Instrumentation3Add for me
IE111(KJ1)Boiler Control & Protections 3Add for me
IE112(KJ1)Boiler Control3Add for me
IE113(OR1)Process Operations Control Philosophy2Add for me
IE116Water Flow Meter Standards (OIML R49), Instal3Add for me
IE117Fuel Flow Meters Operation, Maintenance and C5Add for me
IE118Water Meter Calibration5Add for me
IE119Fiscal & Allocation Metering5Add for me
IE120Installation, Calibration and Maintenance of 5Add for me
IE121(KM1)Meters Calibration, Installation & Inspection5Add for me
IE122Display Process Meters Model LDS-6505Add for me
IE123(OM1)Safety, Calibration, Maintaining and Testing 5Add for me
IE124Dimensional and Pressure Calibration5Add for me
IE125(GM2)Maintenance & Calibration Electronic Equipmen20DAdd for me
IE126Test Calibration and Maintenance of Flow, Lev3Add for me
IE127(KJ1)Plant Simulators (Operations & Applications)5Add for me
IE128(KP4)Calibrating & Monitoring Control Systems Usin5Add for me
IE130Integrated Electro-Optic Devices & Systems5Add for me
IE131Understanding and Tuning Controllers and Cont3Add for me
IE132(SE2)Calibration & Tuning of Process Controllers5Add for me
IE133Calibrating and Monitoring Control Systems Us3Add for me
IE134PD (Positive Displacement) Meter2Add for me
IE138Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC): Principl5Add for me
IE139Advanced Process Control/Field Device Manager5Add for me
IE140Advanced Process Control (APC) Technology5Add for me
IE141(KJ1)Advanced Process Control Techniques5Add for me
IE142Process Control Advanced5Add for me
IE143(KJ1)Process Control and Loop Tuning5Add for me
IE145(SE2)Process Control Techniques & Troubleshooting5Add for me
IE146Advanced PID Controller Tuning5Add for me
IE149Distributed Control System (Foxboro - I/A Ser4Add for me
IE150Distributed Control System (DCS) Applications5Add for me
IE151(OR1)Distributed Control System (DCS)3Add for me
IE155Process Control Room Duty Supervisors5Add for me
IE156Instrumentation & Control Program (Level 2 NV13WAdd for me
IE159Introduction to IT Project Management5Add for me
IE160Modern Data Communications in Industry5Add for me
IE161Information Confidentiality/Data Confidential3Add for me
IE161(KP4)Information Confidentiality - Data Confidenti3Add for me
IE162Data Center Infrastructure Specialist5Add for me
IE163(KP4)Promoting IT Confidentiality and Security2Add for me
IE164Certified Information Security Manager5Add for me
IE165Database Management5Add for me
IE166Telecom, Datacom & Network5Add for me
IE167Telecom Security Risks3Add for me
IE168Configuration of Communication Protocols and 3Add for me
IE169Oracle Design3Add for me
IE170Electrical Tensional Speed Control System5Add for me
IE180Practical Electrical Network Automation & Com5Add for me
IE183.NET Visual Studio5Add for me
IE185(KJ1)Industrial Ethernet and Automation Networks5Add for me
IE186DeviceNet & RSNetWork Configuration and Troub5Add for me
IE187(DU1)EtherNet Maintenance and Troubleshooting5Add for me
IE188(DU1)DeviceNet & RSNetWorx Configuration5Add for me
IE189Vijeo Citect SCADA System Configuration & Tro5Add for me
IE190PLC & SCADA for Automation & Process Control5Add for me
IE191DCS, SCADA & Flow Computer5Add for me
IE192Advanced PLC & SCADA Systems5Add for me
IE193(AD4)PLC Overview, Maintenance and Troubleshooting5Add for me
IE194PLC-SIS Concepts5Add for me
IE195InTouch 10 HMI-Fundamentals of Application De5Add for me
IE196Operation of the Digital Control System DCS f13Add for me
IE198Electronic Document5Add for me
IE199Digital Electronics - Level I4Add for me
IE200Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) & Dense W5Add for me
IE202SDH Networks5Add for me
IE204MT5000 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter5Add for me
IE205(KJ1)Industrial Digital Communication5Add for me
IE206Effective E-Communication and Collaboration S2Add for me
IE207Effective E-Communication and Collaboration S3Add for me
IE211Tyco Simplex 4100 Fire Control Panels2Add for me
IE212Tyco MX Addressable Fire Control Panel2Add for me
IE213SIMPLEX Fire Detection Panels, Programming & 5Add for me
IE214GE EST3 Life Safety and Security Platform: Fi5Add for me
IE215Fire and Gas Detection System5Add for me
IE216Fire & Gas Systems Maintenance Instrumentatio5Add for me
IE217VESDA Smoke Detection System5Add for me
IE218Dragger Gas Detection Panel2Add for me
IE219Tyco Fast Compact and Fast 2000 Series FACP F3Add for me
IE220Triconex Maintenance5Add for me
IE221MSA Suprema Gas Detection System (Panel) and 5Add for me
IE225VEGAPULS Level Management5Add for me
IE227Fisher/ABB5Add for me
IE230Field Instruments5Add for me
IE235475 Field Communicator 5Add for me
IE235B(KJ1)475 Field Communicator2Add for me
IE240Standards of Instrumentation5Add for me
IE241Creating Business Solution Standards4Add for me
IE245Basic Instrument Maintenance5Add for me
IE246Basic Instrumentation Controls2Add for me
IE247(OR1)Basics of Instrumentation Control System, DCS2Add for me
IE250Liquid & Gas Flowmetering & Meter Calibration5Add for me
IE251Liquid & Gas Flowmetering & Loss Control Proc5Add for me
IE252Flow Measurement Foundations for Gas Operator5Add for me
IE254(PD1)Flow Computer and Supervisory System5Add for me
IE255Process Control Measurement5Add for me
IE260(KP4)Process Measurement and Control Technology4Add for me
IE261(KJ1)Instrument Fundamentals, Metering System Oper5Add for me
IE264Introduction to Instrumentation & Measurement5Add for me
IE265Fundamentals of Instrumentation Measurement a4Add for me
IE266(HW1)I&C2: Basic Instrumentation Devices3Add for me
IE271Control Valve, Flowmetering & Custody Transfe10Add for me
IE272(KJ1)Control Valves, Actuators And Positioners5Add for me
IE273Process Controller, Control Loop & Valve Tuni5Add for me
IE274Motor Operated Valves Maintenance & Troublesh5Add for me
IE275DPU Operation, Control & Maintenance5Add for me
IE276(HW1)Maintain Motor Operated Valve (Rotork)3Add for me
IE280Multiphase Flowmetering5Add for me
IE285New LACT Meter5Add for me
IE292ALSTOM ALSPA P320 Control Systems5Add for me
IE300Flow Measurement Techniques5Add for me
IE301Water Flow Measurement & Control Techniques3Add for me
IE302(KM1)Flow Measurement: Electromagnetic Flow Meters3Add for me
IE305(KP4)Flow Management Foundations10Add for me
IE306(KO2)Flow Measurement Foundations5Add for me
IE310Process Controller Tuning5Add for me
IE330Practical Safety Instrumentation & Emergency 5Add for me
IE331(KJ1)Safety Instrumentation & Emergency Shutdown3Add for me
IE332(AD4)Safety Instrumented Systems and Emergency Shu5Add for me
IE333(KJ1)Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) on Oil & Gas 5Add for me
IE334(KJ1)Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)2Add for me
IE335Emergency Shutdown and Blowdown for Oil & Gas5Add for me
IE336(KJ1)Emergency Shutdown System5Add for me
IE337Oil Volumes Data and Consistencies5Add for me
IE340Custody Measurement, Fiscal Flow Metering, Me5Add for me
IE344Wet Gas Measurement5Add for me
IE345Petroleum Tank Measurement, Metering & Meter 5Add for me
IE348(QF2)Professional Training in SIL (Safety Integrit2Add for me
IE349(QF2)Professional Training in SIL (Safety Integrit5Add for me
IE350Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Determination an5Add for me
IE350(AD6)SIL (Safety Integrity Level) Determination an5Add for me
IE351Safety Integrity Level (SIL)1Add for me
IE352HAZOP & SIL (In Accordance with Relevant Inte5Add for me
IE353(KP4)Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Layers of Pr5Add for me
IE354Advanced Application of LOPA as a SIL Assessm5Add for me
IE355(AR1)Safety Integrity Level Assignment5Add for me
IE356(QV1)Safety Integrity Systems (SIS)5Add for me
IE360Certified SIL Professional: Safety Instrument5Add for me
IE361(QF2)Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) with Real Q5Add for me
IE362(AD6)Safety Instrumented System (SIS) & Emergency 5Add for me
IE363Functional Safety4Add for me
IE364(AL4)Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) & Emergency5Add for me
IE365(KP4)Control & ESD Systems5Add for me
IE370Gas Measurement & Flowmetering5Add for me
IE371(KJ1)Gas Measurement & Flow Metering Station3Add for me
IE375Programming and Troubleshooting of Ultrasonic5Add for me
IE377Introduction to System Analysis4Add for me
IE378(KJ1) Analytical Instrumentation in Gas & Oil Plan5Add for me
IE380Industrial Electronics Theory & Applications5Add for me
IE381Analyser (Gas Chromatograph) - ABB for Contro5Add for me
IE382Analyzer Communications2.5Add for me
IE383(HW1)I&C6: Maintain Analytical Systems3Add for me
IE384(OX1)Analytical Instrumentation 3Add for me
IE386(OX1)Analytical Instrumentation 5Add for me
IE387Different Instrument Analysis5Add for me
IE388Familiarization of Analytical Instruments5Add for me
IE389(BN1)Process Analyzer, Measurements & Maintenance5Add for me
IE390Electric & Control System Commissioning, Star5Add for me
IE392Maintenance Analyzer ? Ametek Model: 930.931S5Add for me
IE400Ultrasonic Flowmetering for Liquid Applicatio5Add for me
IE405(KJ1)Control Logix Fundamentals & Maintenance5Add for me
IE406(DU1)Control Logix 5000: Programming, Troubleshoot5Add for me
IE410Turbine & Compressor Controls5Add for me
IE413Gas Turbine Operations MK II & IV Speedtronic5Add for me
IE414Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) Control Syst5Add for me
IE415GE Mark V5Add for me
IE416(SE2)GE Mark V Control System5Add for me
IE417GE Mark VI: Advanced Control & Maintenance5Add for me
IE418(OR1)GE Control System Mark VI Engineering & Main5Add for me
IE419GE Mark V & VI Control Systems5Add for me
IE420Allen Bradley: SLC 55Add for me
IE421(OR1)Cogen Power Plant Control System MARK VI5Add for me
IE422(MA2)GE Mark-Vle Control System10Add for me
IE423Yokogawa Centum VP Distributed Control System10Add for me
IE424(HEM-16-9113) Yokogawa Centum VP Distributed 5Add for me
IE425Speedtronic Mark V (HMI) Operations of Gas Tu5Add for me
IE426(KJ1)Speedtronic Mark Vle {HMI} Operations of Gas 5Add for me
IE427(KJ1)SPEEDTRONIC MarkVle {HMI} Operation5Add for me
IE428GE Speed Tronic Mark V Gas Turbine Control Sy5Add for me
IE429(MA2)Mark V Training Needs5Add for me
IE430Allen Bradley: PLC 5 - RS Logic 5005Add for me
IE431Factory Talk ME5Add for me
IE432Basic PLC-5/SLC-500 and ControLogix5Add for me
IE433(QC2)Schneider MODICON Quantum PLC5Add for me
IE434PLC-5 and RSLogix 520Add for me
IE435Yokogawa Prosafe-RS PLC5Add for me
IE436Advanced DCS Yokogawa5Add for me
IE437Function Block Programming5Add for me
IE438(QO1)DCS Basic System in Emerson Delta V5Add for me
IE439Yokogawa CENTUM VP DCS5Add for me
IE440Allen Bradley: SLC 5 - RS Logic 5005Add for me
IE441Allen Bradley PLC5 with RSLogix 5004Add for me
IE442Allen Bradley SLC 500 with RSLogix 5004Add for me
IE443(MA2)(HEM-PR9115) Mitsubishi Q Series PLC5Add for me
IE445PanelView Plus 1000/1250 Application Developm5Add for me
IE446(HEM-PR9117) Siemens Simatic S7 PLC5Add for me
IE447(KM1)Cimplicity Training5Add for me
IE448Advanced Siemens PLC SIMATIC S7-300/S7-400 wi5Add for me
IE449SIEMENS PLC S7 300 and S7 4005Add for me
IE450Siemens PCS75Add for me
IE451Allen Bradley: Control Net RS Logic 5005Add for me
IE452(DU1)ControlNet Maintenance & Troubleshooting5Add for me
IE453Siemens PLC Simatic S7-400/S7-300/S7-2005Add for me
IE454Advanced Application for Siemens Step 7 Simat5Add for me
IE455(KJ1)Allen Bradley Controllogix Fundamentals & Mai5Add for me
IE456(DU1)Allen Bradley Motor Manager 825-P5Add for me
IE457Simatic S5 PLC ? 100U/115F/115U/115H5Add for me
IE460Allen Bradley: RS View5Add for me
IE466Siemens HiPath 4000 Telephone System Maintena5Add for me
IE467Advanced Siemens SIMATIC S7 Maintenance & Con5Add for me
IE468Siemens Power Plant Automation System SPPA-T35Add for me
IE469Siemens SIMATIC S7 Maintenance & Configuratio5Add for me
IE470SCADA Systems: Siemens SIMATIC & WinCC5Add for me
IE471Siemens WINCC5Add for me
IE472SICAM PAS CC Operator Station (SIEMENS)5Add for me
IE473SICAM PAS Parameterization (SIEMENS)5Add for me
IE474Siemens Sinamics5Add for me
IE475(QC2)Masterdrives Vector Control5Add for me
IE476Siemens Siprotech and DIGSI5Add for me
IE477ABB SCADA5Add for me
IE479SICAM PAS Substation Automation System5Add for me
IE480TB5000 Ruston Turbine Control System5Add for me
IE490Allen Bradley PLC (Basic)5Add for me
IE491Allen Bradley PLC Advanced5Add for me
IE492(OR1)Programming, Troubleshooting and Maintenance 5Add for me
IE493BSDG Controller Siemens PLC5Add for me
IE494Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100 with RSLogix 503Add for me
IE500Allen Bradley PLC (Intermediate)5Add for me
IE510Validation of PLC, SCADA & DCS Automated Proc5Add for me
IE520Principles of DCS Alarm Management5Add for me
IE521Gaitronics Public Address and General Alarm (5Add for me
IE530SERCEL Instrument & Software Quality Control 5Add for me
IE532(HW1)SKF Software Programs (Condition Monitoring)5Add for me
IE533(KP4)Process Systems Foundations5Add for me
IE540Power Plant Control & Instrumentation5Add for me
IE541(KJ1)Plant Control and Protection Systems3Add for me
IE549(OA1)SCADA Systems5Add for me
IE550Anti Surge Controller5Add for me
IE551Anti-Surge - CCC for Operations5Add for me
IE552CCC - Anti-Surge Series 3+ & Series 55Add for me
IE553CCC-S4 Control System5Add for me
IE554CCC - Vanguard-5 (Turbine Control System)5Add for me
IE555(KP4)Basics of Anti-Surge System3Add for me
IE556(SI6)SCADA5Add for me
IE557(KM1)SCADA & Telemetry for a Water Distribution Ne5Add for me
IE558Industrial Instrumentation & New Generation o5Add for me
IE559(HW1)Basic Siemens PLC2Add for me
IE560Practical SCADA & Telemetry Systems for Indus5Add for me
IE561Siemens PLC S75Add for me
IE562T-Box PLC Telemetry System5Add for me
IE563Triconex Tricon PLC5Add for me
IE564ICS Triplex ESD System5Add for me
IE565TRICONEX-Tristation ESD System 5Add for me
IE566Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Cont5Add for me
IE570Instrumentation for Non-Instrumentation Engin5Add for me
IE580Modern Distributed Control Systems (DCS) & Pr5Add for me
IE585Industrial Instrumentation & Modern Control S5Add for me
IE586The New Generation of Digital Process Control5Add for me
IE588Motor Operated Valves (MOV) and Industrial Da5Add for me
IE589(HW1)Auma MOV Service Training3Add for me
IE590Voice Over IP (VoIP)5Add for me
IE600Metering Pump Selection, Operation, Maintenan5Add for me
IE624GC Process Troubleshooting and Control System3Add for me
IE625Sequential Flow Chart (SFC)5Add for me
IE630Measurement of Process Variables5Add for me
IE631(KJ1)Practical Measurements of Process Variables5Add for me
IE632(KJ1)Practical Measurements5Add for me
IE633Certified Mechanical Measurement Tools & Inst5Add for me
IE634GC Processes Troubleshooting and Control Syst3Add for me
IE635GC Processes Troubleshooting & Control System5Add for me
IE636GC Processes Troubleshooting and Control Syst3Add for me
IE636(KP4)GC Processes Troubleshooting and Control Syst3Add for me
IE637(KP4)Advanced GC Process Troubleshooting5Add for me
IE638Advanced GC Processes Troubleshooting and Con3Add for me
IE638(KP4)Advanced GC Processes Troubleshooting and Con3Add for me
IE640Fiber Optics Fundamentals5Add for me
IE645Fiber Optic Termination Equipment Operation &5Add for me
IE649TETRA Radio Telecoms System5Add for me
IE650Designing Telecommunications Distribution Sys5Add for me
IE651Telecommunications Engineering Technology46WAdd for me
IE652Satellite Communication5Add for me
IE653Mobile Satellite Systems5Add for me
IE654Satellite Link Budget5Add for me
IE655IP Telephony Design (IPTD)5Add for me
IE656(KJ1)IP Telephony System3Add for me
IE657IP PABX5Add for me
IE658Telecommunication, WAN & Satellite Communicat5Add for me
IE659Practical Fundamentals of Telecommunications 5Add for me
IE660Power Electronics: Devices, Control Applicati5Add for me
IE661Electro-Pneumatics Control Actuators & Automa5Add for me
IE663Android Application Development5Add for me
IE665Power Electronics5Add for me
IE665(KJ1)Power Electronics2Add for me
IE666(OA1)Electronic Principles1Add for me
IE670Crude Metering System5Add for me
IE671(KJ1)Crude Metering System (Certification Training5Add for me
IE675(KJ1)Crude Metering & Measurement Systems5Add for me
IE678Process Instrumentation, Safeguarding & Asset5Add for me
IE679Instrumentation, Control & Electrical Systems5Add for me
IE680Process Control, Instrumentation and Safeguar5Add for me
IE681Surveillance & Process Monitoring5Add for me
IE682Instrumentation Engineering, Process Control 5Add for me
IE683(AD4)Process Control and Safety Systems3Add for me
IE684Train-The-Trainer: Instrumentation & Control 10Add for me
IE685Safe Guarding Memorandum Development and Pres5Add for me
IE686(DP1)Instrumentation Engineering Design5Add for me
IE690Frequency Management & Telecom Regulatory5Add for me
IE695(KJ1)Burner Management System (BMS)5Add for me
IE695A(KJ1)Burner Management System (BMS)2Add for me
IE698(QA1)Burner Management Systems (BMS)5Add for me
IE700Cyber Security of Industrial Control System (5Add for me
IE701SCADA Security Advanced Training5Add for me
IE702SCADA Security & Vulnerability5Add for me
IE703ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management1Add for me
IE704Security System Installation and Maintenance4Add for me
IE705DP Maintenance5Add for me
IE710(KJ1)Rosemount Transmitters Installation, Maintena5Add for me
IE713Maintenance & Operation of ABB Tele-Communica10Add for me
IE714(KJ1)Fieldbus/HART Communication and Device Calibr5Add for me
IE715Rosemount Field Instruments5Add for me
IE716(KR1)Gas Turbine Control System: ABB Advant Master5Add for me
IE717Engine Management System (KOC)5Add for me
IE718Gas Turbine Governed Controller3Add for me
IE719Woodward GTC 250 Governor (GAP)5Add for me
IE720Gas Turbine Control and Protection Systems5Add for me
IE721(KJ1)Gas Turbine Control and Protection Systems5Add for me
IE722ADVANT Control System for Gas Turbine (Equipm5Add for me
IE723Advant Open Control System (OCS) (ADVAN ABB)5Add for me
IE724(DU1)ABB ACS600 Drive Controller5Add for me
IE725ABB Advant - Egatrol 8 (GT13E2 Gas Turbine Co5Add for me
IE726Batch Management & Control (Including S88)5Add for me
IE727(KJ1)Turbine Control Devices & IGV of GE Gas Turbi2Add for me
IE728ABB Synchronous Machines Field Excitation Sys5Add for me
IE729ABB-DCS System5Add for me
IE730Principles & Trends in Modern Industrial Fiel5Add for me
IE731Field Instrumentation13Add for me
IE732Measurement (Flow, Temperature, Pressure) & C5Add for me
IE733Pressure Measurements5Add for me
IE736(MA1)Instrumentation Curriculum (E-Learning Module6MAdd for me
IE758Electronics Printed Circuit Boards (Phase 1)3Add for me
IE759Electronics Printed Circuit Boards (Phase 2)5Add for me
IE760Practical Troubleshooting and Repair of Elect4Add for me
IE761Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering T46WAdd for me
IE762Electronics I and II Labs3WAdd for me
IE765Modern Instrumentation & Industrial Control S5Add for me
IE770Electro-Hydraulic Control System EHC5Add for me
IE780Compressor Control & Protection5Add for me
IE784(KJ1)MasterLogic: Fundamentals-200R4.5Add for me
IE785Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Level - 2Add for me
IE786(HW1)ELEC13: Basics of PLC3Add for me
IE787Digital Logic and Digital Electronics Lab3WAdd for me
IE790Programmable Logic Control (PLC): Methods, Pr5Add for me
IE791(KJ1)PLC Programming, Troubleshooting & Maintenanc5Add for me
IE792(KJ1)Programmable Logic Controller PLC Architectur5Add for me
IE793Woodward easYgen (1000-3000 Series) ATS Contr5Add for me
IE794DeepSea (3xx & 7xxx series) ATS Controller5Add for me
IE795Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Level - 25Add for me
IE798(MA2)PLC for Fuel Gas Treatment Plant5Add for me
IE799Gas Turbine Basic & Programmable Logic Contro5Add for me
IE800Compressor Control Technology5Add for me
IE810Instrumentation & Electrical Reliability Engi5Add for me
IE830(KJ1)Process Control for Operators5Add for me
IE831GE Multilin MM2 Motor Manager 25Add for me
IE831(KJ1)Process Control for Productions Operators5Add for me
IE831B(KJ1)Process Control for Production Operators5Add for me
IE840Process Control for Technicians5Add for me
IE841Internet2Add for me
IE843Medical Equipment Network Lab3WAdd for me
IE844(HW1)Cyber-Security5Add for me
IE845Web Application Security3Add for me
IE847(KM1)Network Security Admin5Add for me
IE848Server Admin Foundation I5Add for me
IE849IT Service Management5Add for me
IE850Automatic Corrosion Control System (ACCS)5Add for me
IE851Physical Security Introductory Application of4Add for me
IE852Advanced Excel2Add for me
IE853Advanced MS Access5Add for me
IE854Excel5Add for me
IE855Cisco Level 2 Certified Training18Add for me
IE856Cisco Level 2 CCNA Certified Training10Add for me
IE857Cisco Level 2 CCNP Route Certified Training6Add for me
IE858Cisco Level 2 CCNP Switch Certified Training6Add for me
IE859Understanding and Contributing to Company's I2Add for me
IE860CCR Nuclear Level Instrument Program5Add for me
IE861LTE Technology (WiMax)5Add for me
IE862WiMax Technology5Add for me
IE863IT Business Case Fundamentals3Add for me
IE864(HW1)Rausch CCTV Equipment Operation and Correspon3Add for me
IE865(NW1)Sewer Survey Techniques (Use for CCTV)3Add for me
IE866Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)1Add for me
IE867Web Technologies (JS, Flash, CSS)3Add for me
IE868CCTV Operating System4Add for me
IE869IT Change Management3Add for me
IE870DCVG CIPS Inspection Instrument for Failure A5Add for me
IE871IT Security and Connectivity5Add for me
IE875IT Business Case Fundamentals3Add for me
IE879IT Application Security and Compliance3Add for me
IE880Alarm Management in Process Control5Add for me
IE881IPT Avaya Network Advance5Add for me
IE882AVEVA Instrumentation Designer (P&ID and E&I 5Add for me
IE883Avaya Aura? Communication, Messaging & Sessio5Add for me
IE884Developing Enterprise IM Skills5Add for me
IE885Alarm Trips & Turbine Protection5Add for me
IE885(SE2)Alarm Trips & Turbine Protection5Add for me
IE886Troubleshoot Alarm, Trip System & SIS5Add for me
IE890Smart Instrumentation Technology5Add for me
IE895Process Analyzer System Engineering5Add for me
IE896Process Analyzer Systems5Add for me
IE897WWTP11 - On Line Analyzers in Wastewater Trea3Add for me
IE900FANUC Robotics Application, Operation & Monit5Add for me
IE910DGPS Device Type SR205Add for me
IE921Honeywell Building Management System4Add for me
IE922Safety Manager: Fundamentals, Implementation 4Add for me
IE923(KJ1)DCS System (Honeywell), Distributed Control S5Add for me
IE924(KJ1)Honeywell EPKS, ESD (SM)5Add for me
IE925(KJ1)Honeywell EPKS, ESD (FSC)4Add for me
IE926(KJ1)FSC-4505 Fail Safe Controller: Fundamentals- 4Add for me
IE927(KJ1)SM-4550 Safety Manager: Fundamentals-Maintena4.5Add for me
IE928Honeywell Safety Manager PLC5Add for me
IE929C300 Honeywell System5Add for me
IE930(KJ1)Experion PKS Operator4Add for me
IE931FSC Implementation & Maintenance5Add for me
IE932Experion PKS: Fundamentals - Control Executio5Add for me
IE933(KJ1)EXP-6000 Experion PKS: Fundamentals-System Ov2Add for me
IE934DCS Experion System Basic & Customized 5Add for me
IE935DCS Siemens Telepherm XP3Add for me
IE936(KJ1)EXP-02 Experion PKS: Fundamentals-Server Engi5Add for me
IE937(KJ1)EXP-05 Experion PKS: Fundamentals-Controller/8Add for me
IE938(KJ1)EXP-25 Experion PKS: Advanced-System Level Tr10Add for me
IE942Silica Analyzer Application, Operation, Calib5Add for me
IE943Silica Analyzer5Add for me
IE944Siemens SITRANS CV Gas Chromatograph Process 5Add for me
IE945(OR1)Siemens Gas Chromatograph?Gas Inlet Balance o5Add for me
IE946Chromatography Theory & Best Practices5Add for me
IE948Flame Detectors5Add for me
IE949Certified Information System Security5Add for me
IE950Building Management System5Add for me
IE951Plant Information Management System5Add for me
IE952Information Security Risk Management5Add for me
IE953Application Architecture5Add for me
IE954IT Risk Management Concepts3Add for me
IE956LS2100 Basic5Add for me
IE957LS21005Add for me
IE958LS2100 Advanced5Add for me
IE960Cloud5Add for me
IE961Vmware vCloud5Add for me
IE962Cloud Computing5Add for me
IE963DCAF/ALARP/DEP-DEM-1/25Add for me
IE964Flow Computer Operation & Maintenance (Krohne5Add for me
IE965Managing Sharepoint 2010 Application3Add for me
IE966Configuring and Managing MS Sharepoint Server3Add for me
IE967Administering SQL Server 2012 Databases3Add for me
IE968Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2013Add for me
IE969Administering Windows Server 20123Add for me
IE970(KJ1)Private Branch Exchange (PBX)5Add for me
IE971Active Directory & Windows Infrastructure5Add for me
IE972Windows 104HAdd for me
IE973MS Power Point - Basic2Add for me
IE974Soldering for Technical3Add for me
IE976Windows 7 Advanced Troubleshooting & Technica5Add for me
IE977PowerPoint (Advanced)5Add for me
IE978Microsoft Office Visio 2007 (Advanced)5Add for me
IE979Computer Course (ICDL, MS Office and Excel)20Add for me
IE980Microsoft Office Package (Word, Excel, Outloo4Add for me
IE981MS Windows & Exchange Server5Add for me
IE981(SE2)Smart Transmitters5Add for me
IE982Developing the Excel Basic Skills (Arabic)3Add for me
IE983An Advanced Excel Course (Arabic)3Add for me
IE984Developing the Basic Skills of (MS Word & Out3Add for me
IE985Office 2010 Advanced Troubleshooting & Techni5Add for me
IE986Flow Computer5Add for me
IE987Office Organization Using MS Outlook5Add for me
IE988Basic MS Office (Excel, Word & Outlook) (Engl4Add for me
IE989MS Outlook2Add for me
IE990GE FANUC - Series 5 PLC5Add for me
IE991PLC GE Fanuc Series (90-30)5Add for me
IE992(KJ1)Compressor Control3Add for me
IE993Microsoft (Server 2008, Exchange 2008) Hyper-21Add for me
IE994Instrument Calibration5Add for me
IE995Advanced Certificate in Instrumentation Calib5Add for me
IE996(OX1)Calibration Techniques3Add for me
IE997Metrology & Calibration of Instruments5Add for me
IE998(KJ1)Bench Instrument Calibration (BEAMEX)5Add for me
IE999(AD4)Advanced Microsoft Project Planning5Add for me
ME001(KJ1)Fans, Filters, Strainers & Steam Traps3Add for me
ME002Blower and Fan Technology5Add for me
ME003(KJ1)Fans & Application in Power Plant2Add for me
ME004Troubleshooting Piping & Pipe Support Systems5Add for me
ME005Process Troubleshooting (Mechanical Vapor Com5Add for me
ME006(HW1)MECH19: Compressor/Blower Operation, Maintena4Add for me
ME007Vapor Recovery Unit System5Add for me
ME008(HW1)Blower - Module 1 & 25Add for me
ME009(HW1)Blower ? Module 3 & 45Add for me
ME011Basics of Railway: Understand Different Syste5Add for me
ME012Principles of Power Plant Operation2Add for me
ME013(HW1)Pump: Module 1 & 25Add for me
ME014(HW1)Pump: Module 3 & 45Add for me
ME015Centrifugal Compressor & Steam Turbine Design5Add for me
ME016(KJ1)Centrifugal Pumps3Add for me
ME020Certified Boiler Operation, Control, Maintena5Add for me
ME021Certified Boiler Operation, Maintenance, Fail5Add for me
ME022Gas Turbine Technology: Design, Operation, Co5Add for me
ME023(AD6)Control & Operations of Industrial Gas Turbin5Add for me
ME024Inspection of Utility Boilers, Waste Heat Boi5Add for me
ME025(SE2)Heating Systems Maintenance & Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME026Centrifugal Pumps and Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME027Centrifugal Pump Selection, Construction, Ope5Add for me
ME028(QC2)Centrifugal Pump: Maintenance & Troubleshooti5Add for me
ME029(AD4)Centrifugal Pump Operation and Maintenance5Add for me
ME030Gas Turbines: Selection, Applications, Operat5Add for me
ME031Thermal Power Plant Technology for Non Operat5Add for me
ME032(SE2)Thermal Power Plant Management10Add for me
ME033Power Plant Performance, Efficiency & Optimiz5Add for me
ME035Analytical Troubleshooting of Process Machine5Add for me
ME036(HW1)Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Drum Screen,5Add for me
ME037Sundyne Pump Overhaul5Add for me
ME038Thermal Power Plant Operation and Maintenance8WAdd for me
ME040 Gas Turbine Operations5Add for me
ME041Granulators5Add for me
ME042Rolls Royce Avon Gas Turbine Familiarization5Add for me
ME043Rolls Royce Avon Gas Turbine 5Add for me
ME045ASME VIII Pressure Vessel Design, Fabrication5Add for me
ME046Design, Analysis, and Fabrication of Pressure5Add for me
ME047Pressure Vessel Design, Fabrication, Inspecti5Add for me
ME048(SA1)Pressure Vessels - Section VIII with PV-ELITE5Add for me
ME049Pressure Vessels, Piping and Heat Exchangers5Add for me
ME051ASME B&PV Design by Analysis5Add for me
ME052Design of Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchanger4Add for me
ME053Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers & Pumps5Add for me
ME054Heat Exchanger & Cooling Towers5Add for me
ME055Pipeline Rules of Thumb5Add for me
ME056(KJ1)Cooling Water & Compressed Air Systems in Pow3Add for me
ME058SolidWorks Essentials & Routing: Piping & Tub5Add for me
ME059(KJ1)Heat Exchangers: Mechanical Design & Installa5Add for me
ME060Dry Gas Seal Maintenance5Add for me
ME061(SE2)Heat Exchangers Operation, Maintenance & Insp3Add for me
ME061B(SE2)Heat Exchangers Operation, Maintenance & Insp5Add for me
ME062Heat Exchanger Design, Operation, Performance5Add for me
ME063(KJ1)Heat Exchangers & Cooling Water System in Pow3Add for me
ME064(KJ1)Heat Exchangers, Operation, Maintenance & Con3Add for me
ME065Humidification & Water Cooling5Add for me
ME066(KJ1)Heat Exchangers2Add for me
ME067(SA1)Heat Exchangers Design, Selection, TEMA, ASME5Add for me
ME068Cooling Towers5Add for me
ME069Heat Exchangers & Boilers: Maintenance & Repa5Add for me
ME071Boilers, Process Fired Heaters & Heat Exchang5Add for me
ME072Fin Fan Coolers5Add for me
ME073(KJ1)Process Fired Heater Troubleshooting & Mainte3Add for me
ME074(KJ1)Valve Troubleshooting & Maintenance3Add for me
ME074A(KJ1)Valve Troubleshooting & Maintenance5Add for me
ME075Control Valves & Actuators 5Add for me
ME076(KJ1)Oil Well ?Safety Valves? (SSV & SSSV)5Add for me
ME077(KJ1)Control Valves, Actuators and Positioners5Add for me
ME078(AD6)Control Valve Maintenance and Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME079(KJ1)Control Valves Sizing, Selecting & Maintenanc3Add for me
ME080Hydraulic System Operation, Maintenance & Tro5Add for me
ME081Hydraulics Level 13Add for me
ME082Hydraulics Level 23Add for me
ME083Hydraulics Level 33Add for me
ME084Hydraulics II & III (Basic & Advanced)5Add for me
ME086(HW1)NT2: Hydraulic Analysis of Gravity and Pressu5Add for me
ME087Boiler, Steam Turbine & Steam System Operatio5Add for me
ME088TE-03 Boiler & Steam Turbine3Add for me
ME089Certified Boiler Operation, Instrumentation &5Add for me
ME090Steam Boilers Operation, Maintenance and Con5Add for me
ME091(HW1)MECH10: Maintain Valves3Add for me
ME092(AD6)Water Boilers Advanced Control5Add for me
ME093(KJ1)Pumps Troubleshooting & Maintenance5Add for me
ME094(HW1)N8: Pump Set - Technician3Add for me
ME095Advanced Pump Technology & Maintenance5Add for me
ME096Sulphur Pumps5Add for me
ME097(KJ1)Pumps3Add for me
ME097B(KJ1)Pumps5Add for me
ME098Pump Technology2Add for me
ME098(KP4)Pump Technology4Add for me
ME099(KJ1)Valves Types & Technology5Add for me
ME100Modern Valve Technology: Selection, Installat5Add for me
ME101Valve Technology - Advanced4Add for me
ME101(KP4)Valve Technology-Advanced5Add for me
ME102(HW1)Training on Pressurized Network Components fo3Add for me
ME103Valve Technology2Add for me
ME103(KP4)Valve Technology4Add for me
ME104(HW1)Training on Pressurized Network Components fo5Add for me
ME105(OL1)Lubrication Workshop5Add for me
ME106(KJ1)Lubrication5Add for me
ME107KJ1)Bearings & Lubrication5Add for me
ME108 Practical Pump and Valves & Lubrication4Add for me
ME109Advanced Machinery Dynamics5Add for me
ME110Machinery Lubrication Technology5Add for me
ME111(KJ1)Machinery Bearings & Lubrication3Add for me
ME112(AD4)The Tribology of Machine5Add for me
ME113(QC2)Bearing Analysis5Add for me
ME114(AD4)Bearing and Bearing Failure Analysis5Add for me
ME115Bolted Flange Design & Stress Analysis5Add for me
ME116(KJ1)Machinery Bearings, Lubrication & Greasing3Add for me
ME117Bearing in Rotating Machinery Applications4Add for me
ME119(NW1)PRVs and Pressure Management Methods3Add for me
ME120Safety Relief Valve Sizing, Selection, Operat5Add for me
ME121Safety Relief Valve Design, Installation, Ins5Add for me
ME122Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Strainers & Ste5Add for me
ME123Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Strainers & Ste5Add for me
ME124Surge Relief Valves5Add for me
ME125PSV Calibration5Add for me
ME126(MA2)Valve Types, Disassembling, Reassembling, Tro5Add for me
ME127(KJ1)Safety and Relief Valves2Add for me
ME128Basic Mechanics10Add for me
ME129PV Elite & Fracture Mechanics5Add for me
ME130Auxiliary Steam Turbines: Mechanical Maintena5Add for me
ME131(KJ1)Plant Auxiliary & Utility Systems5Add for me
ME133(HW1)MECH15: How to Use Power/Mechanical Tools2Add for me
ME134Operation, Diagnostics and Maintenance of Equ5Add for me
ME135Optimum Design and Effective Maintenance of P5Add for me
ME136Atmospheric Storage Tanks5Add for me
ME137Tank Design, Construction, Inspection & Maint5Add for me
ME138Application of Standards in Boiler, Pressure 5Add for me
ME140Mechanical Seal & Packing Selection, Installa5Add for me
ME141Mechanical Seals: Maintenance & Troubleshooti3Add for me
ME143(QC2)Pump Mechanical Seals3Add for me
ME144(AD4)Mechanical Seal5Add for me
ME145ASME B31.1 Power Piping5Add for me
ME146(OX1)Mechanical Seals: Designs, Application, Selec5Add for me
ME147District Cooling Technologies5Add for me
ME148Electro-Hydraulic Valves5Add for me
ME150Advanced Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditi5Add for me
ME151Air Balancing of HVAC System5Add for me
ME153VAV Control & Air Balancing5Add for me
ME154Heat Exchanger Repair & Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME156Control Valve Engineering II5Add for me
ME158HRSG Life Cycle Management5Add for me
ME159Maintaining Process Gas Compressors10Add for me
ME160Modern Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning5Add for me
ME161(SA7)Air-Conditioning and Cooling Systems5Add for me
ME162Dual Effect MVC Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME163Fundamentals of Heating, Ventilation and Cool5Add for me
ME164MTU Emergency DG Set Maintenance and PLC Logi5Add for me
ME165Technical Maintenance for Mechanical Compress5Add for me
ME166(KP4)Practical Class Maintaining Diesel Engines5Add for me
ME167(KP4)Practical Class Maintaining Gas Engines5Add for me
ME168(KP4)Practical Class Maintaining Process Gas Compr5Add for me
ME169(KP4)Maintenance of Gas Compressors3Add for me
ME171AMS Machinery Manager5Add for me
ME173Pumps, Compressors, Fans & Steam Turbines (Pr5Add for me
ME174Compressor & Steam Turbine5Add for me
ME175Bran + Luebbe Pumps Maintenance (High Pressur5Add for me
ME176Crude Oil Pumps Maintenance21Add for me
ME177(QF2)HP Cleaning Using High Pressure Water (Tubes 2Add for me
ME178Heat Balance in Steam Generating Plants5Add for me
ME179(KJ1)Boilers3Add for me
ME180Boiler & Steam System Management: Performance5Add for me
ME181(OR1)HRSG & Auxilliary Boiler (Mechanical)5Add for me
ME182Heat Recovery Steam Generating (HRSG) Equipme10Add for me
ME183(KP4)Boiler & Steam Generation System4Add for me
ME184Best Practices for Combined Cycle Power Plant10Add for me
ME185Pumps and Valves Overhaul5Add for me
ME186Pump and Valve Selection for Optimum System P5Add for me
ME187(KM1)Pumps & Valves Troubleshooting and Diagnostic2Add for me
ME188(HW1)Identify & Characterize the Main Mechanical E5Add for me
ME189Mechanical Equipment: Compressors, Pumps, Sea3Add for me
ME190Mechanical Equipment5Add for me
ME191(OA1)Mechanical Equipment Maintenance5Add for me
ME192Mechanical Engineering Design5Add for me
ME193(KM1)Mechanical Engineering 5Add for me
ME194(KJ1)Oil Systems of GE Gas Turbine Units 3Add for me
ME195Major Maintenance for Gas Turbine Units5Add for me
ME196(KJ1)Routine Maintenance for Gas Turbine Units5Add for me
ME197(KJ1)Air Systems of GE Gas Turbine Units3Add for me
ME198(KJ1)GE Gas Turbine Unit Startup & Shutdown2Add for me
ME199(KJ1)Fuel Systems of GE Gas Turbine Units5Add for me
ME200Bearing Lubrication, Installation, Inspection5Add for me
ME201(KM1)Bearing Installation, Maintenance & Troublesh5Add for me
ME203Pump, Valves, Piping System, Tank, Vessel, Bo5Add for me
ME204(KJ1)Journal Bearing Maintenance5Add for me
ME205Bearing Know-How5Add for me
ME206(KJ1)Compressed Air System in Power Plant2Add for me
ME207(MU1)Mechanical Engineering: Level 1 ? Awareness a2Add for me
ME208(MU1)Mechanical Engineering: Level 2 ? Skill and M2Add for me
ME209Train-The-Trainer: Mechanical (General)10Add for me
ME210Mechanical Engineering for Non-Mechanical Eng5Add for me
ME212Turbine Bypass/Quick-trak-CCI Valves4Add for me
ME213Pump, Valves, Piping System, Tank, Vessel, Bo5Add for me
ME214Mechanical Valves and Bearings (Types and Sel5Add for me
ME215(KJ1)Water Tube Boiler Technology and Cycles (Air,5Add for me
ME216(KJ1)Water Tube Boiler Construction & Support Syst5Add for me
ME217Turbine Overhauling 5Add for me
ME219High Pressure Equipment Repair & Maintenance 3Add for me
ME220Practical Pneumatic Systems: Design, Operatio5Add for me
ME221High Pressures System Engineering5Add for me
ME222High Speed Centrifugal Compressors5Add for me
ME225(KJ1)Operation of Gas Turbine Power Plant5Add for me
ME226(KJ1)Gearing, Gear Trains & Cams2Add for me
ME227(KJ1)Pumps, Bearings and Seals5Add for me
ME228GTG Start Up5Add for me
ME229(OR1)GTG (Mechanical)5Add for me
ME230Gearboxes: Selection, Inspection, Maintenance5Add for me
ME231(HW1)Gearboxes: Inspection, Maintenance Troublesho5Add for me
ME232Bearings, Lubrication, Mechanical Seals & Pac5Add for me
ME233(AD4)Gear Boxes, Bearings & Lubrication & Mechanic5Add for me
ME235Advanced Water Injection Pumps5Add for me
ME236(HW1)Basic Bearings (SKF)3Add for me
ME238(SI7)Turbomachinery Monitoring and Problem Analysi5Add for me
ME239Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) for Turboma5Add for me
ME240Advanced Valve Technology: Design, Selection,5Add for me
ME241Hyper Compressor Packing, Repair & Central Va5Add for me
ME242Packing/Packaging Plant Operation & Maintenan5Add for me
ME244Fuel Gas Compressors5Add for me
ME245Solar Gas Compressors5Add for me
ME246(KJ1)Fuel Gas Conditioning and Control2Add for me
ME247Pumps, Compressors (including Dry Seal), Stea5Add for me
ME249HRSG/Boiler Operation5Add for me
ME250Turbocharger Technology5Add for me
ME251Turbocharger Overhauling5Add for me
ME254FANS-Rotating Equipment Maintenance5Add for me
ME256Thermal and Mechanical Design of Boiler5Add for me
ME259Mechanical Governors5Add for me
ME263Use of Grinding Discs and Wheels5Add for me
ME264Various Types of Pumps, Its Applications & Pr5Add for me
ME265Workshop Tools: Lathe, Cutting, Grinding, Mil5Add for me
ME266(KJ1)Bench Work5Add for me
ME267(KJ1)Jigs & Fixtures5Add for me
ME268Compressor and Turbine Operations4Add for me
ME271Cooling Water & Fire Water Systems, Waste Wat5Add for me
ME272Roll Pass Design and Mill Operation5Add for me
ME273Mill Configuration5Add for me
ME284FRP Pipe Maintenance & Repair5Add for me
ME285(KP4)Techniques in Maintaining and Repairing RTRP,5Add for me
ME286RTRP Pipe Repair & Maintenance5Add for me
ME289Basic of HVAC Maintenance5Add for me
ME290Design Ventilation Systems5Add for me
ME291TRANE 80/120T HVAC System Operation and Maint5Add for me
ME295Structural Finite Element Modeling5Add for me
ME296Finite Element Analysis5Add for me
ME301Tolerance, Allowance & Limits, Keys, Coupling5Add for me
ME302Pump Glanding & Coupling with Different Capac5Add for me
ME303(KJ1)Coupling, Clutches & Gears3Add for me
ME310Steam Turbine Maintenance5Add for me
ME312Steam Turbine Maintenance & Troubleshooting3Add for me
ME313Steam Turbine Operation & Maintenance5Add for me
ME315Steam Turbine Operation5Add for me
ME315ASteam Turbine Operation2Add for me
ME315(SE2)Steam Turbine Operation5Add for me
ME320Advanced Steam Turbine Maintenance for Engine5Add for me
ME325Heat Exchangers: Shell and Tube Heat Exchange5Add for me
ME328(KP4)Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (Maintenance & 4Add for me
ME329Gas Compressors & Gas Turbines5Add for me
ME330Gas & Steam Turbines5Add for me
ME330(AD4)Gas and Steam Turbine5Add for me
ME330A(AD4)Gas and Steam Turbine5Add for me
ME333(KJ1)Gas Compressor (Operations, Controlling & Tro5Add for me
ME334(QA1)Steam Turbines & Centrifugal Compressors: Ope3Add for me
ME335Gas Turbines Performance, Maintenance & Testi5Add for me
ME345(SE2)Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance GE5Add for me
ME346GT Operations7Add for me
ME347GT Maintenance12Add for me
ME350GE Turbine Operations & Inspection5Add for me
ME351(OR1)Turbine Operations3Add for me
ME355Support Systems of Gas Turbine Power Plant5Add for me
ME360 Gas Turbine Auxiliary System5Add for me
ME362Excellence of Operations and Maintenance: LM23Add for me
ME363The Design Review of Water and Sewage Utiliti5Add for me
ME365Plant Utility Piping System5Add for me
ME364Utility Management for Gas Sector5Add for me
ME367Utility Systems in Process Plants & Oil/Gas P5Add for me
ME368Utilities in Process Plants5Add for me
ME369(US3)Utility Management5Add for me
ME370Practical Boiler Plant Operation & Management5Add for me
ME371Pumps + Surge Protection System & Surge Tank12Add for me
ME372Multistage Pumps Repair10Add for me
ME373(OA1)Pumps Overhauling5Add for me
ME374(OA1)Pump Selection, Operation and Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME375Pump Selection, Installation, Operation, Perf5Add for me
ME376Overhauling of AC Motors 5Add for me
ME377Multistage Pump Overhauling5Add for me
ME378(OR1)Overhauling of Multi-Stage Pump5Add for me
ME379Voith Coupling Overhaul5Add for me
ME386(KP4)Piping Vibration4Add for me
ME387Pump Vibration Testing & Analysis5Add for me
ME392(QA1)Pumps Technology: Operations & Troubleshootin3Add for me
ME393Troubleshooting Piping & Pipe Support Systems5Add for me
ME394Pumps, Compressors, Fans & Gas Turbines5Add for me
ME395Applied Heat Transfer Engineering5Add for me
ME396Selection, Installation and Use of Compressed5Add for me
ME397Practical Pump & Valve Technology: Selection,5Add for me
ME398Pumps, Compressors, Turbines & Troubleshootin5Add for me
ME401Utilities & Energy Systems Design & Performan5Add for me
ME402(KJ1)Heat Transfer Equipment5Add for me
ME403Utilities Engineer Development Program5Add for me
ME410MS Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP)5Add for me
ME415Hot Tapping & Plugging System5Add for me
ME420Turbo Expander Operation, Performance, Mainte5Add for me
ME421Compressor & Turbo Expander Operation & Troub1Add for me
ME422API 617: Axial and Centrifugal Compressors & 5Add for me
ME424Compressor Analysis and Piping Vibration5Add for me
ME426(HW1)First Line Maintenance Plan for a Wastewater 5Add for me
ME427(HW1)First Line Maintenance Plan for a Wastewater 10Add for me
ME428(KM1)Pipeline Maintenance / Field Connection5Add for me
ME434(OR1)Pressure/Safety Relief Valves4Add for me
ME435Pressure Relief System Design for ASME Sectio5Add for me
ME436(SA1)Pressure Relief Devices5Add for me
ME437Hydraulic Plants5Add for me
ME438Basic Unsteady State Hydraulics5Add for me
ME439Advanced Unsteady State Hydraulics5Add for me
ME440Hydraulic & Pneumatic Maintenance, Troublesho5Add for me
ME441Hydraulic Troubleshooting for Technical3Add for me
ME442Unsteady State Hydraulics (Basic & Advanced)5Add for me
ME443(KM1)Hydraulic Control Valves: Selecting, Sizing, 3Add for me
ME444Rotating Equipment Operation and Maintenance5Add for me
ME446(KJ1)Training & Certification of Rotating Equipmen5Add for me
ME447Rotating Equipment Selection, Operation, Main5Add for me
ME448(SM1)Rotating Equipment Performance & Troubleshoot5Add for me
ME449Advanced Rotating Equipment for Process Indus5Add for me
ME450Practical Pump Technology5Add for me
ME452Train-The-Trainer: Rotating Equipment (Mechan10Add for me
ME453(KJ1)Pump Engineering5Add for me
ME454Rotating Equipment Design, Selection and Trou5Add for me
ME455Elements of Applied Mechanical Engineering5Add for me
ME457Operation of Rotating Machinery2Add for me
ME458(KJ1)Mechanical Testing of Materials2Add for me
ME459Mechanical Engineering Technology46WAdd for me
ME461Mechanical Codes5Add for me
ME463Oil Mist System Training5Add for me
ME465Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)5Add for me
ME470ASME B31.4-B31.8: Oil & Gas Pipeline Code: 5Add for me
ME472Pipe Work Design & Fabrication5Add for me
ME473Pipe Fabrication, Assembly and Installation4Add for me
ME475Operation of GE Designed Heavy-Duty Gas Turbi5Add for me
ME476(KP4)Practical Course Class Room: Field Maintenanc5Add for me
ME479Heavy Section Mills5Add for me
ME485(SE2)Gas Turbine Operation, Maintenance & Protecti5Add for me
ME486(SE2)Gas Turbine Maintenance5Add for me
ME500Advanced Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Tec5Add for me
ME501(NP4)Air Conditioning System: Practical & Theoreti3Add for me
ME503A/C & Refrigeration5Add for me
ME505Refrigeration Engineering & Technology5Add for me
ME507Centrifugal Chiller Maintenance5Add for me
ME508Chiller and Cooling Tower5Add for me
ME509Advanced Technology in Design, Installation a3Add for me
ME510Maintenance & Fault Finding of Central Air Co5Add for me
ME511Chiller Design, Installation, Maintenance & T5Add for me
ME512Fault Finding Techniques5Add for me
ME513Chiller Plants5Add for me
ME520Pipe Support Design & Piping Stress Analysis5Add for me
ME525Utilities & Energy Systems Design & Performan5Add for me
ME526Energy Conservation Optimization for Fired He4Add for me
ME530HVAC Direct Digital Control (DDC)5Add for me
ME531Train-The-Trainer: HVAC10Add for me
ME532(OA1)HVAC and BMS Controls Training5Add for me
ME535(KP4)Introduction to Pipephase Simulation System5Add for me
ME536Pipe Bending4Add for me
ME537Pipe Testing4Add for me
ME550Heat Treatment5Add for me
ME554Vehicle Chassis5Add for me
ME556Heat and Temperature5Add for me
ME557(KM1)Diesel Engine Generator Operation & Maintenan5Add for me
ME559(HW1)MECH13: Cummins Diesel Engine Maintenance, OJ4Add for me
ME560Pumps, Valves & Diesel Engine Maintenance5Add for me
ME561(HW1)Pump Selection, Installation & Control4Add for me
ME562Pump Selection, Installation, Performance & C5Add for me
ME563Positive Displacement Pump Maintenance5Add for me
ME564(KM1)Pumps and Pump Maintenance5Add for me
ME565PD Compressor and Gas Engine Operation & Trou5Add for me
ME567Pump & Machinery Troubleshooting3Add for me
ME568Maintaining Gas Engines (KOC)3Add for me
ME570Advanced Pressure Vessel Design5Add for me
ME571Positive Displacement Meter Maintenance & Cal10Add for me
ME575Cold & Hot Vulcanizing of Conveyor Belt5Add for me
ME576(MA2)Flue Gas Treatment Plant, Electrostatic Preci5Add for me
ME578(OA1)Conveyor Systems Operation & Maintenance5Add for me
ME579Stackers & Reclaimers5Add for me
ME580Fluid Mechanics5Add for me
ME581Fluid Flow and Heat Flow5Add for me
ME582(KP4)Simple Fluid Mechanics5Add for me
ME583CATERPILLAR Emergency DG Set Maintenance and 5Add for me
ME584Certified Inspectors for Vehicle and Equipmen5Add for me
ME585(OA1)How to Deal with All Heavy Equipment and Oper5Add for me
ME585 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Measurement, Analysi5Add for me
ME586Car Electronic Fuel Injection10Add for me
ME587Hilux and Land Cruiser Engines and Diagnostic10Add for me
ME588Advanced Auto Mechanic for Heavy and Light Ve5Add for me
ME589Auto Mechanic and Auto Electrician for Heavy 5Add for me
ME590Diesel Engine Maintenance & Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME591Caterpillar Engine5Add for me
ME592Diesel Engine & Crane Maintenance5Add for me
ME593CAT Engine OH5Add for me
ME594Superior Engine OH5Add for me
ME595Tank & Tank Farms: Design, Installation, Ope5Add for me
ME596Tank Inspection & Maintenance5Add for me
ME597Detroit Engines5Add for me
ME600ASME B31.1 Power Piping Design, Analysis and 5Add for me
ME603Maintenance of Gas Compressors (KOC)3Add for me
ME606Gas Compression and Transportation5Add for me
ME607(KP4)Transportation and Distribution Foundations5Add for me
ME608(OA1)Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Excelle5Add for me
ME609(SI7)Compressors Systems - Mechanical Design and S5Add for me
ME610Preventive Maintenance & Troubleshooting of P5Add for me
ME611(QC2)Pumps & Compressors: Maintenance & Troublesho3Add for me
ME612Triplex Pump (MUD Pumps)5Add for me
ME613Compressor Operation, Control, Protection, Ma5Add for me
ME614(AD4)Compressors & Turbines: Operation, Maintenanc5Add for me
ME615Pumps & Compressors: Operation, Maintenance &5Add for me
ME616Compressor Operation, Maintenance & Troublesh5Add for me
ME617(SA1)Pumps and Compressors5Add for me
ME618(KJ1)Pumps and Compressors in Oil & Gas Facilities4Add for me
ME619(HW1)Pumps and Compressors Operation, Maintenance 5Add for me
ME620Heat Exchanger Inspection, Maintenance and O5Add for me
ME621(KJ1)Heat Exchanger Troubleshooting & Maintenance2Add for me
ME622(QC2)Heat Exchanger: Basic Design, Performance, In4Add for me
ME623(KJ1)Heat Exchanger Operation, Troubleshooting & M5Add for me
ME624Pumps & Compressors Predictive Maintenance & 5Add for me
ME625Technologies & Maintenance of Plate Heat Exch5Add for me
ME626Maintaining Process Gas Compressors3Add for me
ME630The Layout of Piping Systems & Process Equipm5Add for me
ME630(GA2)The Layout of Piping Systems and Process Equi5Add for me
ME631Pipe Layout4Add for me
ME632Pipe Measurement4Add for me
ME633Piping System Repair & Maintenance4Add for me
ME640Lubrication, Wear and Friction5Add for me
ME641Base Oil and Finished Lubricants5Add for me
ME642(AD4)Lube Oil System, Design & Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME643(QC2)Lubrication Technology2Add for me
ME644(KJ1)Lubrication Technology & Bearing Servicing2Add for me
ME648(NW1)Sewer Cleaner and Pumping of Pipes and WWN Sp3Add for me
ME649Maintaining Instrument Air Compressors3Add for me
ME651Steel Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME652(ES2)EAF Steel Making5Add for me
ME653(KJ1)Alignment of Vertical Gould Centrifugal Pump5Add for me
ME654Basic Steel Making Process5Add for me
ME656Advanced Steelmaking Process5Add for me
ME657Advanced Centrifugal Pumps: Principle of Oper5Add for me
ME658EAF Process5Add for me
ME659(AD4)Basic Centrifugal Equipment Practical Trouble5Add for me
ME660Centrifugal Compressor & Pump Technology5Add for me
ME661Patterson Vertical Turbine Pump Operation & M5Add for me
ME662Flowserve Booster Pump Operation & Maintenanc5Add for me
ME663(KJ1)Air & Gas Compressors2Add for me
ME663B(KJ1)Air & Gas Compressors5Add for me
ME664ELTACON Air Compressor5Add for me
ME665Centrifugal & Reciprocating Compressors5Add for me
ME666SIEMENS Air Compressor & Air Dryer Operation,5Add for me
ME667(KJ1)Elliott Ebara Centrifugal Gas Compressors5Add for me
ME668(KJ1)Centrifugal Gas Compressors3Add for me
ME668A(KJ1)Centrifugal Gas Compressors3Add for me
ME669Centrifugal, Reciprocating & Screw Compressor3Add for me
ME669(QA1)Centrifugal, Reciprocating & Screw Compressor2Add for me
ME670Centrifugal Gas Compressor: Operation, Contro5Add for me
ME671(KJ1)Centrifugal Compressors Maintenance5Add for me
ME672(KJ1)Air Compressor ?Atlas Copco?5Add for me
ME673Compressor & Turbine Operation & Troubleshoot5Add for me
ME674Compressor Major Inspection & Overhaul5Add for me
ME675Centrifugal Compressor Operation5Add for me
ME676Elliot Compressor Overhaul5Add for me
ME677(KJ1)Reciprocating Gas Compressors3Add for me
ME678Booster Station Familiarization Intermediate5Add for me
ME680Operation & Maintenance of Hydraulically Oper5Add for me
ME681(AR1)Pipeline Hydraulic & Surge Analysis (MEE 307)5Add for me
ME682(OA1)Hydraulic System & Rotating Equipment Mainten10Add for me
ME683(SE2)Power System Hydraulics5Add for me
ME685(SE2)Boiler Operations & Performance5Add for me
ME686Boiler Failure Analysis & Prevention5Add for me
ME686(SE2)Boiler Maintenance5Add for me
ME687(OR1)Boiler Burner Management2Add for me
ME689Maintaining Instrument & Plant Air Compressor5Add for me
ME690Steam Generation / Boiler Operation & Mainten5Add for me
ME691Steam Generator Operation & Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME691(KJ1)Steam Generator Operation & Troubleshooting3Add for me
ME695Advanced Tank & Tank Farms: Design, Operation5Add for me
ME700Selection & Maintenance of Non-Metallic Pipe5Add for me
ME704Lift Design/Lift Technology5Add for me
ME705Elevator Maintenance, Inspection & Testing5Add for me
ME706(SA7)Elevator Systems5Add for me
ME708(KM1)Mechanical Hand & Measuring Tools5Add for me
ME710HVAC, Plumbing, Water Supply & Fire Protectio5Add for me
ME711Fire Suppression Designs5Add for me
ME715Duct Design in Central Air Conditioning Syste5Add for me
ME725Design of Bolted Flange Joints5Add for me
ME727Flange Joint Hydraulic Tensioning and Tighten5Add for me
ME730ASME Section 1 Power Boilers5Add for me
ME731ASME Section II: Boiler & Pressure Vessel Mat5Add for me
ME733Industrial Fluid Pipe Repair Maintenance & Tr5Add for me
ME734Water Pipe Repair, Maintenance & Troubleshoot5Add for me
ME735Plumbing Network System for Buildings5Add for me
ME750Practical Boiler Plant: Operations, Maintenan5Add for me
ME751(KJ1)Boiler Operation and Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME752(KJ1)Boiler Troubleshooting & Maintenance5Add for me
ME755(KM1)Insulating Oil Maintenance and Tests5Add for me
ME760Pump & Valve Operation, Control, Maintenance 5Add for me
ME761(KJ1)Loading Pump Operations5Add for me
ME765Pipeline Hydraulic Engineering: Liquid & Gas 5Add for me
ME766Gas Transmission Operations39WAdd for me
ME770Acoustics & Noise Control5Add for me
ME770(AR1)Acoustics and Noise Control (MEE 206)3Add for me
ME774Air Compressors Maintenance & Troubleshooting10Add for me
ME776(MA2)Air Compressor & Heat Exchanger Types, Troubl8Add for me
ME777(KJ1)Air Compressors3Add for me
ME778Construction, Maintenance and Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME779(KJ1)Reciprocating Air Compressors Maintenance5Add for me
ME780Reciprocating Compressors5Add for me
ME781Reciprocating Compressor Theory and Troublesh5Add for me
ME782Reciprocating Compressors Maintenance & Inspe5Add for me
ME783(OR1)Reciprocating Compressor Overhauling, Mainten5Add for me
ME784Hamworthy Air Reciprocating Compressors and I5Add for me
ME785Hydro Testing Course - Testing of Mechanical 5Add for me
ME790Flange Design in the Hydrocarbon Industry5Add for me
ME795Gas Turbine Operation, Applications, Performa5Add for me
ME796(KJ1)Basics of Gas Turbine5Add for me
ME797(AD6)Gas Turbine 3Add for me
ME797(BP2)Gas Turbine Operations, Maintenance, Inspecti12Add for me
ME798GE Frame-3 Gas Turbine5Add for me
ME800Certified Gas Turbines Professional5Add for me
ME801(AD4)Gas Turbine and Generator IOM5Add for me
ME803Turbine Heat Rate and Performance Calculation5Add for me
ME805CAESAR-II Advance Training on Piping Dynamic,5Add for me
ME815Performance Calculation for Rotating Equipmen5Add for me
ME816Mechanical Calculation & Asset Management5Add for me
ME817Power Plant Operator5Add for me
ME819Turbec-Turbine Technology5Add for me
ME821Gas Turbine and Siemens Centrifugal Compresso3Add for me
ME822Control Valve & Shutdown Valve Maintenance & 5Add for me
ME823(MA1)Mechanical Maintenance (E-Learning Module)6MAdd for me
ME824HVAC5Add for me
ME825(KJ1)Vacuum De-aerator Package5Add for me
ME826(OR1)Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump (LRVP)5Add for me
ME828Steam Generation, Air & Inert Systems for Eng5Add for me
ME829Centrifugal Pumps, Bearings, Couplings, Screw5Add for me
ME840Roll Pass Design and Mill Operation5Add for me
ME840(MS5)Roll Pass Design and Mill Operation5Add for me
ME841Slit Rolling in Steel Industry5Add for me
ME842Bearing Mounting/Dismounting3Add for me
ME850Machine Workshop Management5Add for me
ME851Machine Elements5Add for me
ME852(HW1)MECH5: Machine Shop Practice3Add for me
ME853(OM1)Practical Machining2Add for me
ME855Workshop Maintenance5Add for me
ME860Dry Gas Seal Operation, Maintenance, Removing5Add for me
ME861Siemens Centrifugal Compressors and Dry Gas S5Add for me
ME863(OM1)Pumps and Seal Operator3Add for me
ME865Piping and Equipment Sealing System5Add for me
ME866Train-The-Trainer: Piping & Pipeline (Mechani10Add for me
ME870Right-of-Way Workshop for Gas Pipeline5Add for me
ME874CCI Valve3Add for me
ME875Assessed Pilot Valve Maintenance5Add for me
ME876Assessed Pilot Valve Operation, Installation,5Add for me
ME877Isolation Valve 5Add for me
ME878(KJ1)Valve Maintenance5Add for me
ME879Valve Maintenance & Piping System Protection5Add for me
ME883(SE4)Pipeline Operation and Maintenance10Add for me
ME896API RP-1111: Design, Construction, Operation,5Add for me
ME897API 670: Machinery Protection Systems5Add for me
ME905CAESAR-II Pipe Stress Analysis5Add for me
ME910(QF2)Piping System Stress Analysis ? Static and Dy5Add for me
ME911Train-The-Trainer: Static Equipment (Mechanic10Add for me
ME912(OR1)Selection and Design Criteria of Static and R2Add for me
ME914(KJ1)Routine Maintenance of GE Gas Turbine Units5Add for me
ME915(KJ1)Gas Turbine Major Components Design & Constru5Add for me
ME916(KJ1)GE Gas Turbine (MS6001 B) Major Components, D3Add for me
ME917Ruston Gas Turbine Operation, Maintenance & T5Add for me
ME918Hitachi Turbine Troubleshooting, Knowledge/So5Add for me
ME919GE Gas Turbine MS 50015Add for me
ME922(KP4)Storage Tank, Design Construction and Mainten4Add for me
ME923Condensate Storage Tank 3Add for me
ME924(PI3)Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Management (Life Cyc2Add for me
ME925Boiler Failure Analysis, Troubleshooting, Mai5Add for me
ME930Fundamentals of Thermodynamics5Add for me
ME931Thermodynamics & Entropy5Add for me
ME932Hydraulic and Thermodynamics Calculation5Add for me
ME933Hydraulic Tools & Fitting Certification5Add for me
ME935(AR1)Thermoflow Software (MEE 306)5Add for me
ME936Hydraulic Systems Basic3Add for me
ME937Hydraulic Systems Advanced2Add for me
ME955Parker Compression Fittings3Add for me
ME959Furnace Maintenance4Add for me
ME960Combustion Techniques in Furnaces, Boilers & 5Add for me
ME961(KJ1)Combustion In Furnaces, Boiler and Unit Effic3Add for me
ME962Internal Combustion Engine Theory & Troublesh3Add for me
ME962(KJ1)Combustion in Boiler Furnaces2Add for me
ME965(KJ1)Fuels & Combustion5Add for me
ME966Aviation Fuel Filtration System & Sensors5Add for me
ME970Commissioning & Start-up of Boilers 5Add for me
ME975Ammonia Screw Compressor Practical Overhaulin5Add for me
ME976Screw Compressor Theory and Troubleshooting5Add for me
ME979Mechanical & Pipe Fitting Program (Level 2 NV13WAdd for me
ME980Detailed Engineering of Piping Systems5Add for me
ME981(OR1)Autonomous Maintenance: Equipment Care3Add for me
ME982(OR1)Autonomous Maintenance: Equipment Handling3Add for me
ME983(OR1)Autonomous Maintenance: Equipment Troubleshoo3Add for me
ME989(KM1)Buidling Potable Water Pipe Inspection5Add for me
ME990Bolted Flange & Gasket Design & Stress Analys5Add for me
ME991Pipe, Flange and Gasket Basics5Add for me
ME992(KP4)Mechanical & Pipe Fitting Program13WAdd for me
ME993(KM1)Pipe Fitting5Add for me
ME994Pipe Fitting in Wastewater Plant4Add for me
ME995Surge Analysis5Add for me
ME996Gasket1Add for me
ME997Introduction to Pipe Fitting4Add for me
ME998Mechanical Program13WAdd for me
ME999Interpretation and Drawing for the Aircraft D5Add for me
FE001Introduction to Piping System Maintenance Req5Add for me
FE010International Boiler Inspector -IBI {Trainin5Add for me
FE020Pressure Vessel Inspection, Maintenance, Repa5Add for me
FE025(AD4)Inspection of Pressure Relieving Devices5Add for me
FE026API 520: Sizing, Selection and Installation o5Add for me
FE027API 521: Pressure-Relieving and Depressuring 5Add for me
FE028API 598: Valve Inspection & Testing3Add for me
FE029API 576: Inspection of Pressure-Relieving Dev5Add for me
FE030API Standards for Machinery & Rotating Equipm5Add for me
FE039Pipeline Design, Construction, Operation & Ma5Add for me
FE040ASME B31 Piping & Pipeline Design, Constructi5Add for me
FE041Pipeline System Design, Construction, Mainten5Add for me
FE043Composite Repair Materials5Add for me
FE044Onshore Pipeline Repair Methods and Equipment5Add for me
FE050Super Alloy Gas Turbines5Add for me
FE060Diagnosis of Engineering Failures5Add for me
FE070ASME B31.3 Process Piping Design, Constructio5Add for me
FE075Process Piping & Piping Fundamentals5Add for me
FE078(OR2)Process Piping Design Fundamentals3Add for me
FE080Piping Vibration Analysis & Practical Enginee5Add for me
FE081Piping Vibration Analysis and Troubleshooting5Add for me
FE082Basic AUTOCAD Piping15Add for me
FE090Pipeline Defect Identification and Corrosion 5Add for me
FE100Advanced Technology of Pipeline Design, Const5Add for me
FE102Fundamentals of Onshore and Offshore Pipeline5Add for me
FE103Pipeline Design & Construction5Add for me
FE110Fitness-for-Service, Remaining Life Assessmen5Add for me
FE120ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code: Section I5Add for me
FE130Pressure Vessel and Pipework Troubleshooting,5Add for me
FE140Overview of API & ASME Standards Applicable t5Add for me
FE142(AD4)Industry & Company Codes & Standards5Add for me
FE145Introduction to ASME Codes & Standards for Pr5Add for me
FE150(OR1)Piping & Process Equipment Design, Inspection5Add for me
FE159(KN1)Piping Design5Add for me
FE160Pipeline and Piping Design, Installation, Ope5Add for me
FE161(PS2)Basic Pipeline Engineering5Add for me
FE162(HW1)Vacuum & Pressurized Pipeline System Operatio5Add for me
FE164Pipeline Operations and Maintenance5Add for me
FE164APipeline Operation & Maintenance5Add for me
FE165Piping Integrity Management5Add for me
FE167(PE8)Certified Pipeline Facilities & Project Estim5Add for me
FE169Asset Integrity Management5Add for me
FE180ASME B31 Design and Integrity Stress Analysis5Add for me
FE190Pipeline Inspection, Testing & Integrity Asse5Add for me
FE191Pipiline Integrity Management System (PIMS)5Add for me
FE193(CI2)Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and 5Add for me
FE195In-Line Inspection Data Analysis for Pipeline5Add for me
FE196(AD6)Asset Integrity Management (AIM) ? Standards 5Add for me
FE197(KJ1)Facilities & Pipeline Integrity Assessment5Add for me
FE198(KJ1)Pipeline Pigging & Intelligent-Pig Survey5Add for me
FE199(PI3)Pipeline Integrity Management & Risk Assessme3Add for me
FE200Pipeline Pigging - Technical & Operational As5Add for me
FE200(KJ1)Pipeline Pigging (Technical & Operation Aspec5Add for me
FE203(HW1)N15: Repair of Network Pipeline (GRP, HDPE, D1Add for me
FE205Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Assessment - Pra5Add for me
FE206Pipeline Pigging, In-Line Inspection & Integr5Add for me
FE207(CI2)Pipeline Pigging4Add for me
FE208Pigging Foundations5Add for me
FE208(KP4)Pigging Foundations5Add for me
FE210Pipelines, Vessels & Tanks: FAILURE PREVENTI5Add for me
FE211Non-Piggable Pipelines Inspection5Add for me
FE220Developing Mechanical Integrity Programs for 5Add for me
FE221Oxyfuel Gas Process4Add for me
FE230Corrosion Awareness & Monitoring5Add for me
FE239Corrosion Control & Prevention3Add for me
FE238Corrosion Chemistry5Add for me
FE240Basic Corrosion4Add for me
FE241Microbiological Mitigation5Add for me
FE242Corrosion16WAdd for me
FE243(KJ1)Introduction to Corrosion5Add for me
FE244Advanced Integrity Management for Corrosion &5Add for me
FE244AAdvanced Integrity Management for Corrosion &5Add for me
FE245Corrosion Management in Production/Processing4Add for me
FE246(KJ1)Corrosion & Control System5Add for me
FE247(KJ1)Corrosion at Oil Field & Plant Facilities2Add for me
FE248(AD4)Corrosion Prevention in Oil and Gas Industry5Add for me
FE249(AD6)Corrosion & Corrosion Control5Add for me
FE250Corrosion Management & Material Selection in 5Add for me
FE251(AR1)Corrosion Technology and Inspection 5Add for me
FE252(OR1)Advance Corrosion & Corrosion Control Program5Add for me
FE253(KP4)Corrosion Control in Gas, Oil and Water5Add for me
FE254(KP4)Inspection & Corrosion Control and Management5Add for me
FE255(KP1)Corrosion & Corrosion Control in Oil & Gas In5Add for me
FE256(ZA2)Structure Materials & Corrosion5Add for me
FE257(KJ1)Corrosion Control & Prevention5Add for me
FE259Design for Corrosion Control5Add for me
FE260(KP4)Internal Corrosion of Pipelines4Add for me
FE262Internal Corrosion of Pipelines: Pipeline Ins5Add for me
FE268Cathodic Protection System for Tanks and Pipe2Add for me
FE269Coatings in Conjunction with Cathodic Protect6Add for me
FE270Modern Cathodic Protection Systems: Design, I5Add for me
FE271Cathodic Protection Interference (CPI)6Add for me
FE271(PG2)Cathodic Protection Interference (CPI)5Add for me
FE272(AR1)Cathodic Protection5Add for me
FE280Refinery/Petrochemical Industry Materials/Cor5Add for me
FE281Advanced Refinery Inspection5Add for me
FE281(KP4)Advanced Refinery Inspection5Add for me
FE285(AR1)Chemical Cleaning for Upstream and Downstream5Add for me
FE290(KP4)Corrosion in Petrochemicals Industry (Corrosi4Add for me
FE300Material Selection & Corrosion Control5Add for me
FE301(SI7)Material Selection & Corossion Management5Add for me
FE305(KP4)Corrosion Control in Gas, Oil and Water3Add for me
FE310(KP4)Material Selection & Properties4Add for me
FE311(AR1)Material Selection and Failure Analysis5Add for me
FE312(KP4)Material & Inspection Foundation5Add for me
FE313(KP4)Materials and Testing Foundations5Add for me
FE320Metallurgy, Corrosion and Prevention of Failu5Add for me
FE325(PP4)Corrosion and Metallurgy5Add for me
FE326(OR1)Introduction to Metallurgy4Add for me
FE330Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist5Add for me
FE330(AD4)Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists (Strength an5Add for me
FE331(AD4)Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists (Advanced)5Add for me
FE332COE 211AE ? Non Metallic Materials in the Oil4Add for me
FE335Effect of Ferro-Alloys in Steel Properties5Add for me
FE336Microstructural Characterization & Inclusion 5Add for me
FE340Corrosion for Non-Corrosion Engineers5Add for me
FE350Super Alloys for Gas Turbines5Add for me
FE352(ES2)Physical Metallurgy of Steel5Add for me
FE355Steel Metallurgy12WAdd for me
FE358Welding Metrology4Add for me
FE359Welding Fundamentals4Add for me
FE360International Welding Codes5Add for me
FE362Symbols for Welding4Add for me
FE363Blueprint Reading for Welders - Level I4Add for me
FE364Brazing/Soldering for Technical Welders3Add for me
FE370Materials Selection for Process Plants & Faci5Add for me
FE375Fire Rated Insulation Materials5Add for me
FE380Introduction to Welding Engineering, Fabricat5Add for me
FE389(KO3)Repair LPG Cylinders & Pallets (Level 1 & 2 C5Add for me
FE397Welding Techniques and Failure5Add for me
FE398Welding Theory2Add for me
FE399Welding of Pipelines & Related Facilities (AP5Add for me
FE400Practical Welding Technology5Add for me
FE401Welding Training Grade A5Add for me
FE402Welding Training Grade B10Add for me
FE403Welding Training Grade C10Add for me
FE405Pipeline Welding Practices5Add for me
FE404Welding Training Grade D15Add for me
FE406Certified Plastic Pipe Welding5Add for me
FE407(KM1)Welding Inspection Technology5Add for me
FE408Welding Inspection5Add for me
FE408(OH1)Welding Inspection1Add for me
FE409(OA1)Welding Techniques and Technologies5Add for me
FE410Practical Welder Training5Add for me
FE411(OM1)Practical Welding2Add for me
FE412Resistance Welding4Add for me
FE413Professional Welding4Add for me
FE414Welding Plastics Technology and Techniques5Add for me
FE420Post Weld Heat Treatment (HAZ)5Add for me
FE422Welding & Fabrication Program (Level 2 NVQ Di13WAdd for me
FE423Inspection of Welding Machines (Electric & Di5Add for me
FE424Maintenance Metal - Advance Fabrication4Add for me
FE425(KP4)Welding & Fabrication Program13WAdd for me
FE426(HW1)MECH11: Fabrication4Add for me
FE427Welding in Steam Systems5Add for me
FE428Welding & Machining4Add for me
FE429ASME Section IX, Welding and Brazing5Add for me
FE431(TM2)Welding Types and Applications1Add for me
FE432Welding Safety5Add for me
FE432AWelding Safety4Add for me
FE433Welding Defects Analysis5Add for me
FE434TIG and Arc Welding5Add for me
FE435Shielded Metal Arc Welding4Add for me
FE436Gas Tungsten and Gas Metal Arc Welding4Add for me
FE437Introduction to Welding Technology4Add for me
FE438Welding Problems4Add for me
FE439Advanced Thermography & Thermal Imaging Repor5Add for me
FE440Painting, Coating & Thermal Insulation5Add for me
FE443Introduction to Welding & Non-Destructive Tes5Add for me
FE444Protective Coating Systems (PCS) - Basic Prin3Add for me
FE445Protective Coating Technology5Add for me
FE446(AR1)Protective Coatings5Add for me
FE447SSPC Coating Specialist5Add for me
FE449Welding Procedure Specifications & Qualificat4Add for me
FE450Metallurgy, Welding Technology Testing & NDT 5Add for me
FE451Materials and Process for NDT Technology4Add for me
FE453Welding, Metallurgy & Corrosion Engineering5Add for me
FE455Metallurgical Furnace: Second Metallurgy/Ladl5Add for me
FE457Molten Slag Handling4Add for me
FE458Processing & Reusing Technologies for Steelma3Add for me
FE460Corrosion Inhibitors5Add for me
FE470Metallurgical Failure Analysis & Prevention5Add for me
FE471Failure Analysis Methodologies for Mechanical3Add for me
FE480(AR1)Materials Selection & Failure Analysis5Add for me
FE490(AR1)Engineering Aspects of Welding5Add for me
FE491Special Processes4Add for me
FE495Aluminum Welding5Add for me
FE496(SI7)Steel Structure Welding5Add for me
FE500Inspection & Coating of Steam & Gas Turbines5Add for me
FE510(SE2)Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC)5Add for me
FE511Arc Cutting4Add for me
FE520Determination of Corrosion Processes Through 5Add for me
FE530CP1 - Cathodic Protection Tester 15Add for me
FE531Cathodic Protection - Level 25Add for me
FE550Senior Certified Welding Inspector (CSWIP)5Add for me
FE551CSWIP 3.2 Senior Welding Inspector Training &5Add for me
FE560Mechanical Integrity & Reliability5Add for me
FE569API 687 Rotor Repair: Inspection & Repair of 5Add for me
FE570API 579-1/ASME FFS-1: Fitness-for-Service (FF5Add for me
FE571(AD4)API 579 - Fitness for Service5Add for me
FE572Fitness-for-Service/API 579 FFS (Basic)2Add for me
FE573API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 & API 11635Add for me
FE580API-579/580/581: Risk-Based-Inspection (RBI),5Add for me
FE581Failures, Failure Prevention & Repair of Pres5Add for me
FE584Gas Pipeline Emergency Response & Spill Leak 5Add for me
FE585Installation and Inspection of Gas Pipes & Va5Add for me
FE586ASME B31.8 Gas Transportation Piping Code5Add for me
FE587Tank Farm & Tank Terminal Safety & Integrity 5Add for me
FE590Failure Prevention and Repairs to Static Proc5Add for me
FE591Process Equipment & Piping Systems Failure Pr2Add for me
FE592Piping System & Prevention of Failures4Add for me
FE595Process Equipment Inspection, Evaluation & Re5Add for me
FE600Principles of Destruction Analysis5Add for me
FE605Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) (Britis5Add for me
FE610Non-Destructive Testing, ASME Section V5Add for me
FE620Assessment of Material Aging and Prediction o5Add for me
FE630Material Certification Management5Add for me
FE631Materials and Inspection5Add for me
FE635Positive Material Identification (PMI) for Pl5Add for me
FE640Developing Mechanical Integrity Programs5Add for me
FE650Ultrasonic Testing Levels I & II: Fundamental5Add for me
FE660Eddy Current Levels I & II5Add for me
FE671(PK1)API 510: Pressure Vessel Inspector4Add for me
FE672(PK1)API 510, 570 & 653: Inspection of Stationary 4Add for me
FE675Basic Pressure Vessel Inspection3Add for me
FE680Remnant Life Assessment of Pressure Vessels, 5Add for me
FE690Fundamental of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)5Add for me
FE692NDT Methods & Applications4Add for me
FE701(AD4)Piping API 5705Add for me
FE703(PK1)API 570: Piping Inspector4Add for me
FE711(PK1)API 653: Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector4Add for me
FE720ASNT Fundamentals of NDT3Add for me
FE721Nondestructive Testing (NDT)5Add for me
FE725ASNT NDT Level-I Program (PT,MT,UT & RT)13Add for me
FE726ASNT NDT Level-II Program (PT,MT,UT & RT)13Add for me
FE730Liquid Penetrant ASNT Level-I Training & Cert2Add for me
FE731Liquid Penetrant ASNT Level-II Training & Cer2Add for me
FE750Magnetic Particle Testing Method ASNT Level-I3Add for me
FE751Magnetic Particle Testing Method ASNT Level I2Add for me
FE770Ultrasonic Testing ASNT Level-I Training & Ce6Add for me
FE771Ultrasonic Testing ASNT Level-II Training & C6Add for me
FE772Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Level II Trai10Add for me
FE775Visual Testing ASNT Level I-II Training & Cer3Add for me
FE790Radiographic Testing ASNT Level-I Training & 6Add for me
FE791Radiographic Testing ASNT Level-II Training &6Add for me
FE810ASNT Radiographic Film Interpretation Trainin6Add for me
FE820ASNT Radiation Safety Training & Certificatio6Add for me
FE830API Standards (620, 650 & 653) Introductory T5Add for me
FE851(GA2)Design and Inspection of Refractory/Fireproof5Add for me
FE865Quality Control Systems, Practices and Standa3Add for me
FE880Refractory Material Design, Application, Inst5Add for me
FE885(EM1)Basic Refractory1Add for me
FE890Facility Integrity & Technical Audit5Add for me
FE900Coating Inspector I5Add for me
FE901Coating Inspector Level -II5Add for me
FE902Coating Inspector Level -III5Add for me
FE905Coating Inspector Peer Review5Add for me
FE910Scale Removal and Prevention Techniques5Add for me
FE922API 580: Risk Based Inspection (RBI) in the R5Add for me
FE923Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Failure Mode 5Add for me
FE924RBI (Risk Based Inspection) Basic1Add for me
FE933Inspection Techniques Training & Certificatio5Add for me
FE936(AD4)API 571: Deterioration Mechanisms5Add for me
FE939Rig Inspection (Covering both Technical & HSE5Add for me
FE940Risk Based Inspection (RBI) for Process Indus5Add for me
FE941(KP4)Rig Inspection (Covering both Technical & HSE5Add for me
FE942Rig Contracting, Inspection & Selection5Add for me
FE942(ND3)Offshore Rig Inspection5Add for me
FE943(KP4)Risk Based Inspection4Add for me
FE945Introduction to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)5Add for me
FE950Mechanical Integrity & Reliability in Process5Add for me
FE955Thermography (camera) Training5Add for me
FE960Thermograph Level II5Add for me
FE970API 1163: In-line Inspection Systems Qualific5Add for me
FE975Introduction to API 5105Add for me
FE980Stationary Equipment Inspection & Maintenance5Add for me
FE983Inspection Engineering & Project Execution5Add for me
FE985Thermal Infrared Testing ASNT Level-1 Trainin5Add for me
FE990Equipment, Materials, Production & Services C5Add for me
FE995Metals Metallography Technology3Add for me
FE996DOT HAZMAT Cylinder Testing (Visual Testing &3Add for me
FE997Metal Technology4Add for me
LE005(OR1)Thermo Scientific Equipment5Add for me
LE009pH Analysis & Water Conductivity5Add for me
LE010Solid Phase Extraction Technology and Techniq5Add for me
LE012(HW1)Analysis of Entrococcus in Ambient Waters5Add for me
LE013(HW1)WWTP13: Perform Analyses on Wastewater Sample5Add for me
LE014(HW1)Seawater Analysis of Heavy Metals in ICP10Add for me
LE015(KJ1)Water Analysis & Quality Control5Add for me
LE016(HW1)Perform Analyses on Wastewater Samples Correc5Add for me
LE017(HW1)Interpret Data and Laboratory Analyses Correc5Add for me
LE017A(HW1)WWTP15: Interpret Data and Laboratory Analysi3Add for me
LE018Standards Method for Water and Wastewater Ana5Add for me
LE019(HW1)Water and Wastewater Chemical Analysis5Add for me
LE020Effective Management of the Chemical Analysis5Add for me
LE021Advanced Interpretation-Analysis of Water Qua3Add for me
LE022Advanced Water Testing & Chemical Treatment5Add for me
LE025Quality Assurance of Chemical Measurements5Add for me
LE025(KM1)Quality Assurance of Chemical Measurements5Add for me
LE026(PA4)Introduce Quality Assurance in a Laboratory5Add for me
LE027Effective Way of Handling of Quality Non-Conf2Add for me
LE028Total Quality Management and Laboratory Opera5Add for me
LE030Practical Statistical Analysis of Lab Data5Add for me
LE031(HW1)Statistical Analysis of Data and Different Te5Add for me
LE048Certified Laboratory Safety Officers2Add for me
LE049Lab Safety1Add for me
LE050(KP4)Laboratory Safety (ISO 17025)5Add for me
LE051ISO 17025 Awareness Program5Add for me
LE052(KM1)Water Laboratory Safety2Add for me
LE053(HW1)Orientation on ISO 17025 and ISO 90012Add for me
LE060Practical Problem Solving in Chemical Analysi5Add for me
LE065Advanced Chemical Sampling Techniques5Add for me
LE065AAdvanced Chemical Sampling Techniques5Add for me
LE070Chemical Laboratory Operations, Equipment, In5Add for me
LE071Safety and Quality in Scientific Laboratory ?3Add for me
LE075Modern Chemical Laboratory: Analytical Instru5Add for me
LE076Quality Manual & Laboratory Organizational Ro2Add for me
LE080Basic Chemistry for Laboratory Technicians an5Add for me
LE090Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data5Add for me
LE095Introduction to Laboratory Automation 5Add for me
LE100Process Analyzers & Analytical Chemistry5Add for me
LE110Set Up and Run Experiments5Add for me
LE112Effective Strategies for Selecting the Right 2Add for me
LE114Planning/Budget of Lab Consumables, Materials5Add for me
LE115Modern Analytical Laboratory: Management, Ope5Add for me
LE116(TA1)Modern Analytical Laboratory5Add for me
LE117(HW1)Analytical Laboratory Quality Management Syst3Add for me
LE118Laboratory Consumables Management5Add for me
LE120CSI 2120 Machinery Analyzer5Add for me
LE121(NP4)Varian 450GC Piona+Analyzer5Add for me
LE122Varian Gas Chromatography - Operation and Mai4Add for me
LE125Modern Analytical Laboratory and Instrumentat5Add for me
LE129Laboratory Skills3Add for me
LE130Laboratory Equipments, Instruments and Safety5Add for me
LE135(OR1)Laboratory Training for Lab Equipments3Add for me
LE140Modern Laboratory Management: Effective Manag5Add for me
LE141(HW1)New Trends in Laboratory Management3Add for me
LE145Laboratory Information Management System (LIM2Add for me
LE146Food Lab Sampling & LIMS5Add for me
LE148Corrosion Control in Gas, Oil and Water: Best4Add for me
LE149(KJ1)Sampling of Crude Oil, Gas & Water4Add for me
LE150Effective Management of the Chemical Analysis5Add for me
LE151(PA4)Perform Basic Chemical Potable Water Analysis5Add for me
LE152Certified ISO 17025 Lead Auditor3Add for me
LE152(HW1)ISO 17025 Lead Auditor5Add for me
LE153(HW1)Performing Basic Chemical Analysis Part 3: On5Add for me
LE154Performing Basic Chemical Analysis Part 3: O5Add for me
LE155Agilent ChemStation Operation5Add for me
LE158Agilent GC Technologies & Chemstation Softwar5Add for me
LE159Agilent 789A GC with MSD 5975C Inert MSD5Add for me
LE160Gas Chromatography Operation, Application, T5Add for me
LE161Gas Chromatography Operation, Application, Tr5Add for me
LE162Practical Multidimensional Chromatography5Add for me
LE163Chromatography for the Oil and Gas Laboratory5Add for me
LE164Gas Chromatograph Process Analyzer5Add for me
LE165Agilent Chromatography Technology5Add for me
LE170GC Troubleshooting & User Maintenance GAS Chr5Add for me
LE180GC/MS Technology & Problem Solving5Add for me
LE182Advanced GC/MS Mass Spectra Interpretation & 5Add for me
LE183Mass Spectrometry5Add for me
LE190Laboratory Quality Management (ISO 17025): SO5Add for me
LE195Medical Laboratory Quality Management (ISO 155Add for me
LE200Process Analyzer Technology5Add for me
LE202Behavior of Gases5Add for me
LE203Mercury Analysis Technique for Gas3Add for me
LE204Mercury (Hg) Analyzer5Add for me
LE205(NW1)Calibration and Control of Online Analyzers3Add for me
LE210Advanced Gas Chromatography Techniques & Trou5Add for me
LE215Advanced Gas Chromatography: GC/MS Technology5Add for me
LE220Data & Method Validation in Analytical Labora5Add for me
LE230Safety in Analytical Laboratories 5Add for me
LE235(OR1)Laboratory Safety & Basic GC Training for Ref3Add for me
LE240Laboratory Auditing5Add for me
LE245(HW1)Laboratory Microbiological On-the-Job Trainin15Add for me
LE246(HW1)Microbiological Indoor Air Quality5Add for me
LE247(HW1)Microbiology of Wetlands5Add for me
LE248(HW1)Planktology of Ambient Environment5Add for me
LE249(HW1)Advanced Helminth Ova Analysis and Microscopi3Add for me
LE250(SA1)Experimental Design Program5Add for me
LE252(HW1)Pseudomonas and Aeromonas5Add for me
LE253(HW1)Sulfate Reducing Bacteria5Add for me
LE254(HW1)Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy5Add for me
LE255Public Health & Microbiology5Add for me
LE256Medical Microbiology5Add for me
LE257(HW1)Advanced Activated Sludge Microscopy5Add for me
LE258(HW1)Advanced Microbiology and Microscopy Manageme10Add for me
LE259Laboratory Technology46WAdd for me
LE260Good Laboratory Practice5Add for me
LE260(QF2)Good Laboratory Practice1Add for me
LE261(AP1)Combined Laboratory Management4Add for me
LE262(AP1)Laboratory Management: Roles of the Quality M3Add for me
LE263(AP1)Lead Assessor 2Add for me
LE264(PA4)Use Standard Laboratory Techniques Correctly5Add for me
LE265(HW1)Using Standard Laboratory Techniques2Add for me
LE266Water Sampling Techniques3Add for me
LE267(HW1)Sampling Collection and Quality in Sampling o3Add for me
LE268Basic and Advanced Sampling Techniques and Pr5Add for me
LE269(HW1)Seawater Sampling3Add for me
LE270HPLC: High Performance Liquid Chromatography5Add for me
LE271(PA4)Water Sampling and Chemical Portable Water An3Add for me
LE272Method Validation for Chemical Testing3Add for me
LE273Gas Chromatography & HPLC5Add for me
LE274Gas Chromatography and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD5Add for me
LE275HPLC-ICP-MS/ICP-MS5Add for me
LE277ICP and GC Testing5Add for me
LE278IC & ICP5Add for me
LE280Samples Preparation5Add for me
LE281Sour Gas Sample Collection & Analysis5Add for me
LE290Advanced GLP: Uncertainty Measurement, Data V5Add for me
LE291(AP1)Uncertainty of Measurement - Calibration and 3Add for me
LE292(AP2)Assessor Training Course ISO:IEC 17025:20055Add for me
LE293Measurement of Uncertainty for Laboratory & L5Add for me
LE295(OL1)Advanced Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and U5Add for me
LE297(OR1)Varian ICP MS - Operation and Maintenance3Add for me
LE300(GP1)Analytical Chemistry & Precise Results Genera5Add for me
LE310Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) & Statistical 5Add for me
LE311Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)5Add for me
LE311(HW1)GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)3Add for me
LE312(PD1)Awareness of GLP2Add for me
LE313(PD1)Advanced GLP3Add for me
LE320Statistics, Validation, Uncertainty & Quality5Add for me
LE321Validation, Quality Control Charts & Uncertai5Add for me
LE330Online Analyzers Application and Troubleshoot5Add for me
LE331Best Industrial Practices Applied to Validate2Add for me
LE334Best Industrial Practices Applied to Validate2Add for me
LE340Best Practice of Measurement Uncertainty in C5Add for me
LE341(ZA2)Uncertainty Calculation in Chemical and Core 3Add for me
LE350Analytical Instrumentation for Laboratory5Add for me
LE359Train-The-Trainer: Analytical Laboratory10Add for me
LE360Sample Development & Preparation in Analytica5Add for me
LE361Process Sample System2.5Add for me
LE362(KN1)Refinery Laboratory: Analytical Methods, Proc5Add for me
LE363Certified Petroleum Laboratory Technician8WAdd for me
LE366Certified Petroleum Laboratory Technician Mo2WAdd for me
LE367Certified Petroleum Laboratory Technician Mod2WAdd for me
LE368Certified Petroleum Laboratory Technician Mo2WAdd for me
LE370Validation & Qualification in Analytical Labo5Add for me
LE371Writing SOP's5Add for me
LE380Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry5Add for me
LE381Basic Principals of Analytical Chemistry5Add for me
LE382Basic Principles of Sample Collection and Fie5Add for me
LE385(HW1)Chemical Solid & Liquid Waste Management, Che10Add for me
LE390Spectroscopic Methods in Analytical Chemistry5Add for me
LE395Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR5Add for me
LE396Atomic Absorption Instrument5Add for me
LE397Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Conce5Add for me
LE400Industrial Analytical Chemistry5Add for me
LE401Petroleum Product Testing5Add for me
LE405Principles of Forensic Evidence5Add for me
LE406Paint Analysis or Glass Analysis Techniques f5Add for me
LE410Method Validation & Uncertainty Calculation f5Add for me
LE411Method Validation and Uncertainty of Measurem5Add for me
LE412Measurement Traceability & Testing5Add for me
LE413Microbiological Identification & Enumeration 5Add for me
LE414Estimation and Identification of Salmonella a3Add for me
LE415Microbiological Testing for Helmith Ova and S2Add for me
LE416(HW1)Microbiological Aspects of Wastewater10Add for me
LE417Biological Testing for Potable Water5Add for me
LE420Trace Analysis: Applications, Methodologies, 5Add for me
LE430Modern Laboratory Safety & Health5Add for me
LE431(HW1)Risk Assessment in the Laboratory3Add for me
LE435(OR2)Safety in Laboratories 5Add for me
LE438(KJ1)Safety Procedure in Laboratories5Add for me
LE440(OW1)Laboratory Instrument Calibration5Add for me
LE441(HW1)Calibration5Add for me
LE443(KJ1)Laboratory Instruments Calibrations and Troub3Add for me
LE444(PA4)Maintenance and Calibration of Laboratory Equ5Add for me
LE445Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Laboratory5Add for me
LE446Advances & Routine Equipment Calibration & P2Add for me
LE447ISO/IEC17025: General Requirement for Compete5Add for me
LE450Laboratory Environmental Analysis: Air, Soils5Add for me
LE451Accreditation of Laboratory for Meeting Envir2Add for me
LE452Soil Analysis3Add for me
LE455Work Safely in a Laboratory Environment1.5Add for me
LE455(PA4)Work Safely in a Laboratory Environment5Add for me
LE456(HW1)Monitoring Environmental Quality in the Workp3Add for me
LE457Continuous Emissions Monitoring System5Add for me
LE458CEMS Operations and Maintenance (Advanced)5Add for me
LE460Separation Technology in Analytical Laborator5Add for me
LE480Environmental Laboratory Awareness for Non-La5Add for me
LE490Uncertainty of Measurement and Method Validat5Add for me
LE492(KM1)ISO 17025/9001 Lead Auditor5Add for me
LE498Advanced Crude Oil Testing & Chemical Spills5Add for me
LE500Advanced Laboratory Statistical Techniques5Add for me
LE509Advanced Crude Oil Testing, Specifications & 3Add for me
LE510Solid Hydrocarbon Analysis5Add for me
LE511Engine Oil Analysis5Add for me
LE512Lubricant Oil & Grease Testing & Analysis5Add for me
LE513Water Analysis, Problem Solving, Statistical 5Add for me
LE514(TE2)Water Analysis & Reporfting (DR3900)5Add for me
LE515Water Analysis in Petroleum Industry5Add for me
LE516(KP4)Lab Analysis of Crude Oil, Natural Gas & Petr5Add for me
LE517Natural Gas Testing & Analysis5Add for me
LE518(KP4)Crude and Petroleum Product Specification and4Add for me
LE519(KP4)Gas Testing: Natural and Refinery Gases3Add for me
LE520Drinking Water Analysis for Biologists5Add for me
LE521Water Quality Laboratory5Add for me
LE522(KM1) Drinking Water Analysis & Quality Control3Add for me
LE523Hydraulic Oil Analysis5Add for me
LE524Laser Moisture Analysers Operation & Maintena5Add for me
LE525(KM1)Water Quality Testing: Uncertainty Measuremen5Add for me
LE528Water and Equipment Testing3Add for me
LE529Testing of Bromate, Ions and Cations in Drink5Add for me
LE530Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP): Practices, 5Add for me
LE531Metal Testing Using AAS (Atomic Absorption Sp5Add for me
LE540Ion Chromatography5Add for me
LE550ISO 17025:2005 Internal Auditor5Add for me
LE555Internal Quality Control for Microbiologists5Add for me
LE560Advanced Statistical Analysis of Laboratory D5Add for me
LE561Practical Workshop on Statistical Analysis of3Add for me
LE564Laboratory Improvement & Data Analysis Using 5Add for me
LE565(QF2)Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data and M5Add for me
LE566(PA4)Method Validation5Add for me
LE600Chemist Development Program12WAdd for me
LE601Polymer Viscosity Stability Tests5Add for me
LE610(KP4)Water Quality Specification5Add for me
LE650TOC & TC Analysis ??? ??????? TC & TOC ( ????5Add for me
LE655Laboratory Safety and Infection Control5Add for me
LE700Lab Leadership, Instrument Management, Basic 5Add for me
LE720ISO 17020 Inspection Bodies Operation & Evalu5Add for me
LE725Metallurgical Lab5Add for me
LE800NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance5Add for me
LE805(HW1)BOD Skalar5Add for me
LE900DNA5Add for me
LE905Seawater Analysis of Organic & Physical Aggre5Add for me
LE906Seawater Analysis Using Segment Flow (San++Sk5Add for me
LE915Advanced Test on Elastomeric Joint Sealants5Add for me
TE001(HW1)WWTP14: Run and Troubleshoot Different Types 5Add for me
TE002(KJ1)Boiler Water Treatment3Add for me
TE003(AS3)Inspection Skills in Sewerage Stations (Arabi5Add for me
TE004(HW1)Laboratory Control of a Wastewater Treatment 4Add for me
TE005Best Practice in Sewage & Industrial Waste Wa5Add for me
TE006(DU2)Waste Water Treatment5Add for me
TE006(KP4)Waste Water Treatment5Add for me
TE007(HW1)Work Safely on a Wastewater Treatment Plant -5Add for me
TE008Best Practice in Sewage, Oily Water & Industr5Add for me
TE009Supervising and Monitoring Sewage Works5Add for me
TE010Boiler Water Treatment Technology5Add for me
TE011(HW1)N14B: Sewer Cleaning and Flushing of Sewer Pi1Add for me
TE012(NW1)Advanced Waste Water Treatment Operation and 10Add for me
TE013(HW1)WWTP6: Control the Running of WWTP: Process C3Add for me
TE014(HW1)Operation/Maintenance Optimization and Troubl3Add for me
TE015Chlorination System5Add for me
TE016(HW1)Control the Running of WWTP: Troubleshooting 5Add for me
TE018(KJ1)Scale and Corrosion Theory5Add for me
TE019(KJ1)Chlorination System Operation3Add for me
TE020Control of Scale & Corrosion in Desalination 5Add for me
TE021Operation and Control of Biological Wastewate5Add for me
TE022(HW1)Testing & Commissioning Techniques3Add for me
TE023(HW1)Advanced STP Process in Relation to the Lab 5Add for me
TE024Waste Water Collection Operator5Add for me
TE025Desalination Water Re-Mineralization for Drin5Add for me
TE026Remineralization & Electrolyzer Plant Operati3Add for me
TE027Sludge Treatment3Add for me
TE028(HW1)Basic Principles of Vacuum Sewer Collection S5Add for me
TE029Sewerage Treatment, Collection and TE Distrib5Add for me
TE030DPU Water Treatment/Distillation5Add for me
TE033Mobile Unit Wastewater Treatment3Add for me
TE035Heat Balance in MSF Plant5Add for me
TE035(KJ1)Heat Balance in Multi Stage Flash (MSF) Plant5Add for me
TE040Industrial Membranes Separations5Add for me
TE045Limestone Water Treatment5Add for me
TE046(KJ1)Limestone Water Treatment System Operation2Add for me
TE047Fresh & Brackish Water Treatment Concepts, U5Add for me
TE050Mechanism of Salt Removal5Add for me
TE055MED Water Desalination (Multiple Effect Disti5Add for me
TE056(KJ1)Water Desalination Methods5Add for me
TE057(RA6)Desalination System Operation1Add for me
TE060Membranes Desalination Technologies5Add for me
TE061(KJ1)MED, MSF & RO Desalination Technology5Add for me
TE062(KJ1)Multi Stage Flash (MSF) Desalination Plant Sh2Add for me
TE063Chemical Handling, Dosages in Water Desalinat5Add for me
TE064Improving Desalination Efficiency and Reducin5Add for me
TE065Water Desalination Technologies & New Develop5Add for me
TE066(AD6)Water Desalination (RO Units) & Water Treatme5Add for me
TE067Train-The-Trainer: Water Desalination & Treat10Add for me
TE068(KJ1)Multi Stage Flash (MSF) Desalination Plant Te5Add for me
TE069MSF Plant Startup & Shutdown 5Add for me
TE070MSF Desalination Plants: Operation, Heat Bala5Add for me
TE071Water Plant Distiller Operation - MSF & MED5Add for me
TE072(TA1)Multistage Flash Desalination Plant Simulator5Add for me
TE074MSF Technology & Desalination Plant1Add for me
TE075Oily Water Treatment Technology5Add for me
TE076(KJ1)Oily Water Treatment Plant (Fundamentals)5Add for me
TE077(KJ1)Compressed Air System in Water Plant2Add for me
TE078(KJ1)Oily Water Settling Process & CPI Operations5Add for me
TE079Test, Analysis and Reporting Required to Diag5Add for me
TE080Optimization & Rehabilitation of Water Treatm5Add for me
TE081Water Production & Treatment5Add for me
TE082(HW1)Operation/Maintenance Optimization and Troubl3Add for me
TE083Scale, Erosion & Corrosion in RO Plants5Add for me
TE084Test Analysis and Reporting to Diagnose and O5Add for me
TE085RO Water Desalination5Add for me
TE086Advanced RO Desalination Technology5Add for me
TE095Salt Water & Sea Water Chlorination5Add for me
TE100(KJ1)Treating & Handling Oily Water5Add for me
TE102Oil Field Operations & Water Treatment5Add for me
TE103(KP4)Oilfield Water Treatment Programme5Add for me
TE104(KJ1)Treating & Handling of Oilfield Water3Add for me
TE105Water Chemistry5Add for me
TE107(EM1)Water Chemistry for Power Plant2Add for me
TE108Principles and Chemistry of Instrumental Anal5Add for me
TE109Wastewater Treatment, Management and Recyclin5Add for me
TE110Water Desalination Plant: Operations, Mainten5Add for me
TE111(KJ1)Thermal Desalination Plant Management & Econo5Add for me
TE112Advanced Water Plant Chemistry5Add for me
TE114(KJ1)Water Quality in Desalination Plant5Add for me
TE115Water Quality Monitoring Network Design5Add for me
TE116(PA4)Network Technical Performance: Assessment and5Add for me
TE117(KM1)Water Network Control5Add for me
TE118(HW1)SBR Process and Monitoring5Add for me
TE119(HW1)N9B: Network Components (Supervisor)5Add for me
TE120Water Scale Corrosion5Add for me
TE122Water Pollution Control5Add for me
TE122(KP4)Water Pollution Control5Add for me
TE123(KJ1)Water Scale Corrosion in Multi Stage Flash (M2Add for me
TE128(AS3)Sewage Water Biological Treatment & Odour Con5Add for me
TE129(KM1)Water Distribution Network System: Design Ope3Add for me
TE130Water Distribution Systems & Pumping Stations5Add for me
TE130(KM1)Water Distribution Systems & Pumping Stations3Add for me
TE131Water & Waste Water Treatment, Distribution &6Add for me
TE132Water Distribution Operator (Certification)5Add for me
TE133(KJ1)Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilization (Disinfection)5Add for me
TE134 (KJ1)Chemical Injection Systems5Add for me
TE135Water Injection Treatment Technology5Add for me
TE136(HW1)Understand Wastewater Treatment Plant Operati5Add for me
TE137(HW1)Understand Wastewater Treatment Plant Operati5Add for me
TE138(OX1)Produced Water Treatment for Steam Injection 5Add for me
TE139(HW1)WWTP11 - On Line Analyzers in Wastewater Trea3Add for me
TE140Oily Water Treatment and Well Injection5Add for me
TE141Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plant5Add for me
TE142Effluent Treatment & Slurry Handling3Add for me
TE143Economic Dispatch of Water Production Plants 5Add for me
TE144Engineering Management: Engineering for Non-E2Add for me
TE145Water Treatment for Plant Utilities, Offsites5Add for me
TE146(KJ1)Fundamentals of Water Treatment Plant5Add for me
TE147(KM1)Water Audit & Leak Detection 3Add for me
TE148(NW1)Management of DMAs and their Integration into5Add for me
TE150Industrial Water Treatment in Refineries & Pe5Add for me
TE151(KM1)Emergency Planning, Management and Response P5Add for me
TE152(VW1)Water Treatment in Steel Making5Add for me
TE153Permitting & Enforcing Drilling for Groundwat5Add for me
TE154(PA4)Potable Water - Operation and Maintenance Pri5Add for me
TE155(SE2)Water Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenan5Add for me
TE156(KJ1)Basics of Water Treatment3Add for me
TE157(EM1)Reverse Osmosis Treatment and Technology2Add for me
TE158(KP4)Practical Course Water Testing- ICP and Ion C5Add for me
TE159(NW1)Reverse Osmosis Plant Operation5Add for me
TE161(KJ1)MSF Plant Operation and Troubleshooting5Add for me
TE162(KJ1)MSF Desalination Plant Problems & Troubleshoo3Add for me
TE163(OXI)Reverse Osmosis: Operation & Maintenance, Mon5Add for me
TE164(KJ1)Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nano-Filtration (NF)5Add for me
TE165(KJ1)Start-up & Shutdown of MSF Plant and Troubles5Add for me
TE166(KJ1)Start-Up & Shutdown of MSF Plant5Add for me
TE167(KJ1)(MSF) Desalination Plant Shutdown3Add for me
TE168Nanotechnology: Application of Nanotechnology3Add for me
TE169Understanding Valves Functions, Dosing Pumps 5Add for me
TE170Acid & Ball Cleaning System in MSF Plant5Add for me
TE170(KJ1)Acid & Ball Cleaning System in MSF Plant3Add for me
TE180Hydraulic Modelling for Water Network Design5Add for me
TE182Water Resources Hydraulic Engineering5Add for me
TE183Preparing Wastewater Network Drawings with GP5Add for me
TE185(NW1)Hydraulic Modelling for W and WW Network10Add for me
TE186Surge Hydraulic Studies & Analysis in Water N5Add for me
TE190Non Revenue Water Management (Basic)5Add for me
TE191Non Revenue Water Management (Medium)5Add for me
TE192Non Revenue Water Management (Advanced)5Add for me
TE195(KP4)Advanced Water Handling Operations Management3Add for me
TE196Water Handling Operations Management: Operati3Add for me
TE196(KP4)Water Handling Operations Management: Operati3Add for me
TE200Basic Principle of Design & Installation of S5Add for me
TE201(HW1)NT9: Advanced5Add for me
TE202(HW1)NT10: Supervise Daily Operation in Sewer and 2Add for me
TE203Operation & Maintenance of Sewage Networks5Add for me
TE204(HW1)Monitoring, Reporting and Maintenance of Sewe5Add for me
TE205(HW1)NT8: Safe Working Practices for Sewerage Netw5Add for me
TE206(HW1)Monitoring, Reporting, Operation and Maintena5Add for me
TE210(HW1)WWTP6- Operate and Adjust Dewatering Units fo5Add for me
TE215(HW1)WWTP12: Operation Principle, Troubleshooting 5Add for me
TE217Cylindrical Grinding Machine in Sewage Treatm5Add for me
TE218Total Productive Maintenance in Sewage Treatm5Add for me
TE219 Operation & Maintenance of Sewage Pumping Sta5Add for me
TE220(HW1)WWTP13: Operation Principle, Troubleshooting 3Add for me
TE221Safety Operations of Water Pumps5Add for me
TE224Water Treatment Plant Equipment Design5Add for me
TE225(HW1)WWTP14: Advanced Facility and Process Manage5Add for me
TE226Waste Water Treatment Plant for Operators5Add for me
TE227Water Treatment Plant for Operators (Certific5Add for me
TE228Operation & Maintenance of Waste Water Treatm5Add for me
TE229Waste Water System Design (Planning & Design)5Add for me
TE230(KJ1)Water Filtration Systems & Oil Recovery Syste5Add for me
TE235(KM1)Water Network System Design10Add for me
HE001Drinking Water Safety Plan2Add for me
HE002HAZOP/PHA Leader: Advanced Process Hazard Ana5Add for me
HE003PHA Awareness for Team Members3Add for me
HE005(OX1)PRM (Process Risk Management) & PHR (Process 5Add for me
HE006PHA Leadership and Certification2Add for me
HE006(QF2)Level-1: HAZOP Leadership2Add for me
HE007(AD6)PHSER (Project Health, Safety & Environmental5Add for me
HE008Project HSE Review (PHSER)5Add for me
HE009(ZA2)Corporate HSE Induction Training5Add for me
HE010Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus/ Airline P5Add for me
HE011(KP4)Use of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparat3Add for me
HE012(OA1)Runway Incursion Awarenes and Prevention3Add for me
HE013(KJ1)Materials Handling3Add for me
HE014(KJ1)Train-The-Trainer: Chemical Awareness5Add for me
HE015(QP1)Storage, Handling & Safe Use of Chemicals and5Add for me
HE016Safe Handling of Propylene Oxide and Ethylene5Add for me
HE017Safe Handling of Propylene Oxide and Ethylene5Add for me
HE018Chemical Risk Assessment3Add for me
HE019(OA1)Manual Handling2Add for me
HE020Pollution Control in Process Industry5Add for me
HE021Lab Chemicals Handling & Storage3Add for me
HE022(AH5)Introduction to HSE and the ADNOC Golden Rule3Add for me
HE023(KJ1)Power Plant Safety5Add for me
HE024Certified Trainer on Fall Arrester3Add for me
HE025Fall Protection5Add for me
HE027Filling Station Safety4Add for me
HE028(KJ1)Gas Plant Safety5Add for me
HE029(KM1)Certified Site Safety4Add for me
HE030Safety in Process Plants 5Add for me
HE030(BN1)Safety in Industrial Plants5Add for me
HE031(KJ1)Industrial Safety in Oil and Gas Industries f5Add for me
HE032Incident Investigation Advanced & HSE Reporti5Add for me
HE034(QV1)Incident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis3Add for me
HE035(ND3)Safety Management3Add for me
HE035(SM4)Safety Management3Add for me
HE037Excellence in Safety Management5Add for me
HE038AMAN Systems5Add for me
HE038(OA1)Apron Management5Add for me
HE039UN NSC Safety Inspections5Add for me
HE040Major Emergency Management Control5Add for me
HE041Safe Scaffolding & High Rise Operations 5Add for me
HE043(KP4)Emergency Planning for Crisis4Add for me
HE044Security & Safety (Oil & Gas)5Add for me
HE045Handling Emergencies in Plant & Industries5Add for me
HE046Accident/Incident Investigation, Root Cause A3Add for me
HE046AAccident/Incident Investigation, Root Cause A3Add for me
HE047(KO3)Emergency Procedures (Level 1 & 2 Competencie2Add for me
HE048Green House Gas Accounting5Add for me
HE049(OA1)Office Safety2Add for me
HE050Asset Integrity & Engineered Safety in Proces5Add for me
HE051(SI7)Process Safety -Technical Integrity in Surfac5Add for me
HE052Maintenance of Overhead Cranes and Troublesho5Add for me
HE053Occupational Health Care5Add for me
HE054Workplace Violence Threat Response Management2Add for me
HE055Industrial Hygiene Certification Program (ABI9WAdd for me
HE056(KJ1)Workplace Housekeeping5Add for me
HE057Certified Ergonomics Essentials5Add for me
HE058(KP4)Display Screen Equiptment User Training Ergon1Add for me
HE059(KP4)Ergonomics/Office Safety5Add for me
HE060Occupational Health, Safety & Environment (HS5Add for me
HE061Occupational Health Management (Introduction)2Add for me
HE062Associate Ergonomics Professional5Add for me
HE063How to Avoid Shortcut in Occupational Health2Add for me
HE064(ZA2)Advanced Chemical Management5Add for me
HE065Risk & Hazard Analysis in Plastics Industry6Add for me
HE066(KP4)Safety and Risk Management of Hazardous Chemi3Add for me
HE067(KP4)Advanced Management of Hazardous Chemicals4Add for me
HE068(KP4)Hazardous Waste Management 4Add for me
HE069Hazardous Material Transportation Certificati3Add for me
HE070Hazardous Waste Management & Pollution Preven5Add for me
HE071(DE5)Waste & Environmental Management2Add for me
HE072Environmental & Waste Management5Add for me
HE072(KP4)Environmental & Waste Management5Add for me
HE074(SM4)Occupational Safety3Add for me
HE075(KP4)Occupational Safety Training (English)2Add for me
HE075(KP4)Occupational Safety Training (Arabic)2Add for me
HE076Occupational Safety for Food Inspector5Add for me
HE077ACDM/ABIME Impairment and Disability Course U3Add for me
HE078(SE2)Occupational Safety Health Management (OSHA)5Add for me
HE079Safe Transfer Retrieval5Add for me
HE080Occupational Health Doctor Program (OHD)5Add for me
HE081Train-The-Trainer: Process Safety Management 10Add for me
HE082(OR1)Process Safety and Abnormal Situation Managem3Add for me
HE083(OR1)Process Safety and Abnormal Situation Managem3Add for me
HE084(OR1)Process Safety and Abnormal Situation Managem3Add for me
HE085(KJ1)Industrial Safety in Oil Industries5Add for me
HE086Industrial Safety46WAdd for me
HE086(KJ1)Industrial Safety5Add for me
HE087(KJ1)Industrial Safety and Housekeeping3Add for me
HE088(OX1)Technical Safety5Add for me
HE089(KJ1)Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment (FERA)2Add for me
HE090Certified Process Safety Management (PSM) - B5Add for me
HE091Certified Process Safety Management (PSM)5Add for me
HE091(GA2)Certified Process Safety Management (PSM) - 5Add for me
HE092(OA1)Airport Safety Management System (SMS)5Add for me
HE093General Process Safety5Add for me
HE094(AD6)Process Safety5Add for me
HE095Process Safety in Hydrocarbon Industry5Add for me
HE096(KJ1)Process Safety Engineering3Add for me
HE096(QC2)Process Safety Engineering5Add for me
HE097Certified Process Safety Management (PSM): Au5Add for me
HE098(PE7)Fundamentals of Process Safety Systems: An In5Add for me
HE099Basic Safety in Power Industry5Add for me
HE099(AD2)Basic Safety in Power Industry5Add for me
HE101Hazardous Materials, Medical Waste & Emergenc5Add for me
HE102Certificate in Environmental Management5Add for me
HE103(SM4)Environment Management5Add for me
HE104(KP4)Exposure Assessment Control & Interpretation:4Add for me
HE105Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)1Add for me
HE106Dust Explosion Hazards5Add for me
HE106(QA1)Dust Explosion Hazards2Add for me
HE107Optimum Use of Explosive5Add for me
HE108(KP4)Gas Vapour & Dust Explosion Hazards Foundatio2Add for me
HE109Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)5Add for me
HE110HAZMAT & HAZCOM: Hazardous Materials & Chemic5Add for me
HE111Handling and Rigging Hazardous Materials by W5Add for me
HE112(DO3)Handling, Lifting & Rigging Hazardous Materia2Add for me
HE113(RA6)Hazards of Chemical Handling2Add for me
HE114(OA1)Hazardous Material Awareness and Operation5Add for me
HE115Hazardous Materials & Chemicals Emergency Spi5Add for me
HE116Chlorine Handling & Emergency Preparedness (O5Add for me
HE117(NW1)Safety in the Use and Handling of Chlorine3Add for me
HE118(KP4)Chemical Spills, Safety Precautions & Respons5Add for me
HE119(KJ1)Working in Extreme Heat Environment2Add for me
HE120Fire Fighter and Fire Rescue5Add for me
HE120BFire Fighter and Fire Rescue5Add for me
HE121Hazardous Materials & Chemical Emergency Spil5Add for me
HE123(KP4)Senior Fireman Promoting & Qualifying Program5Add for me
HE124HSE Emergency Planning & Crisis Management4Add for me
HE125(KJ1)Fire Truck Operation5Add for me
HE126Industrial Hygiene Certification Program: Mod5Add for me
HE127Industrial Hygiene Certification Pogram: Modu5Add for me
HE128Industrial Hygiene Certification Program: Mod5Add for me
HE129Handling & Inspection of Hazardous Scrap Mate2Add for me
HE130Handling Hazardous Materials & Chemicals5Add for me
HE131HAZCOM5Add for me
HE132(KJ1)Hazardous Chemicals3Add for me
HE133(KP4)Handling Hazardous Chemicals (Chemical Spill5Add for me
HE135Housekeeping & Dangers of Falling Objects5Add for me
HE136(KJ1)Safe Use and Handling of Chemicals2Add for me
HE137(AH5)Hazardous Materials Management5Add for me
HE138Pesticides Application in Farms5Add for me
HE139(PP3)Risk Assessment and Prevention5Add for me
HE140Certified Risk Assessment within Production O4Add for me
HE141(AD6)Risk Assessment within Production Operations5Add for me
HE141(KP4)Risk Assessment within Production Operations4Add for me
HE142(AD6)Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) in Product5Add for me
HE142B(AD6)Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for the Oi3Add for me
HE143(KP4)Risk Assessment & Root Cause Analysis2Add for me
HE144Train-The-Trainer: Hazardous Material Traspor5Add for me
HE145Train-The-Trainer: Marine Risk Assessment5Add for me
HE146Facilitate Risk Assessment, Propose Recommend10Add for me
HE147Risk-Based Management of Contaminated Land5Add for me
HE148(KP4)Safety Observations & Conversations (SOC)1Add for me
HE149(DM1)Safety Testing and Evaluation of Rides and En5Add for me
HE150Safety Engineering & Risk Management 5Add for me
HE151Certified Training in Respiratory Equipment f2Add for me
HE151(KN1)Certified Training in Respiratory Equipment f2Add for me
HE152Advanced Fire Watcher3Add for me
HE153Safety in Desert5Add for me
HE154(KP4)Fire Risk Assessment3Add for me
HE155Train-The-Trainer: Work Permit Procedures5Add for me
HE157(KJ1)Permit to Work (PTW)2Add for me
HE159Task Risk Assessment5Add for me
HE162(OA1)Hazard Identification & Risk Management Train3Add for me
HE163(OC2)Advanced Safety Audit and Plant Inspection5Add for me
HE164(KJ1)Safety Compliance & Site Inspection3Add for me
HE165Air Quality Management System5Add for me
HE166(OA1)Airport Emergency Planning & Crisis Managemen5Add for me
HE167(OA1)Basic Airside Operation5Add for me
HE168(OA1)Advanced Airside Operation5Add for me
HE169(OA1)Airside Inspection3Add for me
HE170Workplace Emergency Action Plan5Add for me
HE171CCPS Certified Process Safety Professional (E5Add for me
HE171(OR1)CCPS Risk Based Process Safety4Add for me
HE172New Technologies and Methods for Waste Minimi5Add for me
HE173(QF2)Integrated Management System (IMS) ? Awarenes5Add for me
HE174Defensive Driving (DDC)3Add for me
HE175EHS - Defensive Driving Program5Add for me
HE176(KP4)Defensive Driving Skills DDL21Add for me
HE177(KP4)Defensive Driving Skills DDL32Add for me
HE178Train-The-Trainer: Defensive Driving (DDC)3Add for me
HE179Drivers and Transportation Safety Awareness4Add for me
HE179(KO3)Transportation and Logistics Security (Level 2Add for me
HE180Environmental Management & Technology (EMT): 5Add for me
HE180BEnvironmental Management & Technology (EMT): 21Add for me
HE181Environmental Monitoring and Modelling5Add for me
HE182(KP4)Monitoring and Auditing of Environmental Perf5Add for me
HE183Maintain and Improve the Effectiveness of Qua2Add for me
HE184Stack & Noise Monitoring2Add for me
HE185Environmental Awareness in Industrial Plant5Add for me
HE186(SI4)Responsible Care & Environmental Regulations3Add for me
HE187Industrial Hygiene Certification Program: Mod5Add for me
HE188(KP4)Environmental Awareness Course (English)-(Cer2Add for me
HE189(KP4)Environment Standards, Policies and Ethics Fo5Add for me
HE191(AH5)Envinronment Awareness2Add for me
HE192Environmental Management3Add for me
HE194Environmental Pollution and Control in Oil In5Add for me
HE195HAZOP Leadership for Offshore Oil/Gas Constru5Add for me
HE196Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS5Add for me
HE197Certified HAZOP Leader4Add for me
HE198HSSE Auditor Certified Program4Add for me
HE199(OG1)HAZOP3Add for me
HE199(OR1)HAZOP3Add for me
HE199(OR1)AHAZOP2Add for me
HE200Offshore Safety, Risk & Reliability5Add for me
HE201(KJ1)Offshore Reliability, HAZOP, Risk and Safety3Add for me
HE202Hazard Identification & Operability (HAZOP) (2Add for me
HE203(GA2)Advanced Hazard & Operability (HAZOP) Study f3Add for me
HE204(GA2)Certified Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) ? HAZ5Add for me
HE205Basic HAZOP Study5Add for me
HE206(AD6)HAZOP Study5Add for me
HE207(KP4)HAZOPS Expert Certification5Add for me
HE208e-Tagging for HSE and Asset Management5Add for me
HE209HSE Standards Monitoring & Improvement Proced5Add for me
HE210Best Understanding & Implementation of Modern5Add for me
HE211General Onsite HSE3WAdd for me
HE212Developing and Using the HSSE Case5Add for me
HE214HSEIA4Add for me
HE215Marine Safety: Risk Assessment & Evaluation, 5Add for me
HE216(KJ1)HSE Safety Training Program8Add for me
HE217HSE Induction2Add for me
HE218Human Factors in Medicine5Add for me
HE219(KJ1)Detection and Control of Toxic and Flammable 2Add for me
HE220Risk Analysis & Preventing Human Errors5Add for me
HE221Human Factors Engineering5Add for me
HE222(HC1)EHS Risk Assessment & Mangement5Add for me
HE223Essentials of Toxicology5Add for me
HE224(SI4)Risk Assessment and Risk Management5Add for me
HE225Train-The-Trainer: Risk Assessment, Emergency5Add for me
HE226Train-The-Trainer: Fire Fighting5Add for me
HE227Preventing Human Error5Add for me
HE228Fire Warden & Basic First Aid4Add for me
HE230Job Safety & Hazard Analysis (JSA/JHA): Asses5Add for me
HE230(KP4)Job Safety Analysis 5Add for me
HE230(KJ1)Job Safety Analysis (JSA)3Add for me
HE231(KJ1)Workplace Health Hazard2Add for me
HE232Hazard Recognition & Job Safety Analysis5Add for me
HE233Risk Assessment & Job Safety Analysis5Add for me
HE234Level 2 Award in Risk Assessment (Accredited 5Add for me
HE235Train-The-Trainer: Incident Investigation & S5Add for me
HE237Marine Pollution Prevention & Environmental P5Add for me
HE238(AL1)Arc Flash & Shock Hazard Safety5Add for me
HE239(KP4)Safety Audit and Inspection4Add for me
HE240Certified Safety Auditing, Hazard Identificat5Add for me
HE241B(AD6)Safety Audit and Site Inspection3Add for me
HE242Safety Audit & Hazards Identification5Add for me
HE242(KJ1)Safety Audit & Hazard Identifications5Add for me
HE243 Complied Container Inspector5Add for me
HE244 IICL Container Inspector Certification (Exam5Add for me
HE245Firefighter Level I5Add for me
HE246Cryogenic Liquids & Risk Management5Add for me
HE247Risk Management3Add for me
HE247(KP4)Risk Management3Add for me
HE248(KP4)Advanced Risk Management3Add for me
HE249Advanced Risk Management: Quantitative Risk A5Add for me
HE250Managing Risk, Reliability & Loss Prevention 5Add for me
HE251(KJ1)Risk Management and Control3Add for me
HE252(SA1)Managing Risk Training to Supervisors1Add for me
HE253(KO3)Managing Hazard & Risk (Level 1 & 2 Competenc2Add for me
HE254Industrial Hygiene Certification Program: Mod5Add for me
HE255Environmental Risk Assessment in Process Indu5Add for me
HE256Environmental Management in Water Desalinatio5Add for me
HE257Carry out Audit on HAZID and HAZOP Study - Re3Add for me
HE258Accident, Incident and Condition Reporting4Add for me
HE259(AR1)Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecosystems (ENV 3Add for me
HE260Environmental Impact & Life Cycle Assessments5Add for me
HE261(QF2)Certified Environment Impact Assessment Profe3Add for me
HE262(KP4)Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)4Add for me
HE263Bucket Truck Operators Safety5Add for me
HE264Big Pumper Truck (Truck Operator/Shift Captai5Add for me
HE265What-If Techniques5Add for me
HE266(OR1)HAZMAT Awareness and Fire Fighter 14WAdd for me
HE267Environmental Assessment & Planning5Add for me
HE268(NW1)Train-The-Trainer: Conducting Safe Isolation3Add for me
HE269Overhead Gantry Crane Operator3Add for me
HE270 Safe Isolation of Plant & Equipment5Add for me
HE273Safe Isolation of Process Plant & Equipment (5Add for me
HE274(KJ1)Lockout and Tag-out (LOTO)2Add for me
HE275Process Plant Disaster Prevention: Case Stud5Add for me
HE276Developing Program for Technical Controllers10WAdd for me
HE277Developing the HSE Case5Add for me
HE278(KO3)HSE Audits (Level 1 & 2 Competencies)2Add for me
HE279(KP4)Internal HSE Auditor4Add for me
HE280Petroleum Products Handling & Transportation 5Add for me
HE281Petrol Station Safety2Add for me
HE283Emergency Response Plans for Petrol Station5Add for me
HE284Hazards in Petrol Filling Stations3Add for me
HE285Process Hazard Analysis for Supervisors5Add for me
HE286(GA2)Certified Radiation Protection Officer (RPO)5Add for me
HE286(ZA2)Radiation Protection Officer (RPO)5Add for me
HE287(KO3)Physical Security Technology, Tools & Equipme2Add for me
HE288Security Screening Qualified X-Ray Operator a2Add for me
HE289RPO Responsibilities for Dental X-ray Operato3Add for me
HE290Radiation Protection in Industry5Add for me
HE291Radiation Protection Officer (Medical Diagnos5Add for me
HE292(OR1)Radiation2Add for me
HE293Radiation Safety4Add for me
HE293(OR1)Radiation Safety5Add for me
HE294Radiation Safety Officer (Nuclear Medicine)5Add for me
HE295Certified Radiation Safety Officer/Supervisor5Add for me
HE296Nucleonic Gauges: Radiation Safety & Emergenc3Add for me
HE297Radiography5Add for me
HE298Hot Work-Safety in Cutting/Welding/Ionization2Add for me
HE299(AR1)Non-Ionizing Radiation (ENV 108)5Add for me
HE301Dental Radiation5Add for me
HE302Radiation Protection Officer: Radiation Prote5Add for me
HE303Radiation Protection Awareness5Add for me
HE304Facility Response Planning (FRP)5Add for me
HE305Hazardous Area & Intrinsic Safety 5Add for me
HE306(BN1)Hazardous Area Installation5Add for me
HE310Advanced HSEM Training for HSE Professionals5Add for me
HE312(KJ1)Fire Fighting Principles2Add for me
HE313(KP4)Warehouse HSE Procedures & Practices (English5Add for me
HE313(KP4)Warehouse HSE Procedures & Practices (Arabic-5Add for me
HE314(SM4)Fire Vocational5Add for me
HE315(ND3)Basic Fire Fighting5Add for me
HE316(KP4)Fire Protection4Add for me
HE317(KP4)Fire Extinguisher1Add for me
HE318(OA1)Fire Extinguisher Service & Maintenance5Add for me
HE319Rescue Level I5Add for me
HE320Management Awareness of HSEM Training5Add for me
HE321Rescue Level II5Add for me
HE322(KP4)H2S Emergency2Add for me
HE323H2S & SCBA Competency (ANSI 390.1/490.1)2Add for me
HE324(KJ1)H2S Certification3Add for me
HE325H2S Hazard Awareness5Add for me
HE326BA Wearer5Add for me
HE327(KJ1)Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Certification2Add for me
HE329(KJ1)Fire and Explosion2Add for me
HE330Contractor HSEM Awareness5Add for me
HE331Managing the Risks of Fire & Explosion in Fil5Add for me
HE333Technical Rescuer5Add for me
HE335Emergency Handling Program5Add for me
HE336Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC)5Add for me
HE337Integrated Coastal Zone Management3Add for me
HE338How to be a Certified Lead Auditor5Add for me
HE339Chemical Spills Safety Precaution and Respons3Add for me
HE340Internal Auditing of Health, Safety & Envir5Add for me
HE342Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS5Add for me
HE343Basic Auditing Techniques5Add for me
HE345Firefighter Level II5Add for me
HE346Oil & Gas Firefighting Tactics3Add for me
HE347Leading HSSE Principles and Practices2Add for me
HE348Use of Diggers4Add for me
HE349Public Health & Healthcare Administration5Add for me
HE350HSE Risk Management and Staff Auditing5Add for me
HE351(KJ1)HSE Risk Assessment2Add for me
HE352(AH5)HSE Risk Management5Add for me
HE353Fire Crew Command (Arabic)3Add for me
HE354Health & Safety of Dispensing Fuel2Add for me
HE355Advance Health & Safety Management3Add for me
HE356(KO3)Organizing Health & Safety (Level 1 & 2 Compe2Add for me
HE357(KO3)Health & Safety Policy & Procedure (Level 1 &2Add for me
HE358(DM1)Health & Safety Training5Add for me
HE359H&S Management (Module 2)2Add for me
HE360Divisional Gap Analysis for HSEM5Add for me
HE361(KP4)HSE Gap Analysis4Add for me
HE362Manlift Safety Operation2Add for me
HE363Process Safety Engineering PS-45Add for me
HE364Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)2Add for me
HE365Hand & Power Tool Safety 5Add for me
HE366Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality 5Add for me
HE367Behavioral Based Safety Leadership and Root C5Add for me
HE368(NW1)Trenching and Excavation Safety2Add for me
HE369Process Safety Implementation5Add for me
HE370Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NOR5Add for me
HE370(KJ1)Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NO5Add for me
HE371(OR1)Safety Leadership for Function Heads ? Leadin4Add for me
HE372NORM5Add for me
HE373NORM & Radiation Awareness2Add for me
HE374(OR1)Safety Leadership for Managers ? Leading the 1Add for me
HE375Machine Guards Safety5Add for me
HE376Machinery Safety5Add for me
HE377Safety Leadership for Team Leaders ? Leading 2Add for me
HE378Train the Trainer: Safety Leadership ? Managi2Add for me
HE379Advanced Heavy Lifting & Transportation Techn5Add for me
HE380Electrical Safety 1Add for me
HE381(KM1)Electrical Safety for Electricians Working at5Add for me
HE382Electrical Safety4Add for me
HE382(NP4)Electrical Safety2Add for me
HE383Food Quality and Labelling3Add for me
HE384Hazards from Electrical Installation4Add for me
HE384(AD4)Electrical Safety5Add for me
HE385(OR1)High Voltage Authorization - Refresher Course5Add for me
HE389Refresher Training for Gas Inspectors5Add for me
HE390COSHH Training (Control of Substances Hazardo5Add for me
HE392Effective Safety Talk3Add for me
HE393 Refrigerant Anti-Counterfeiting & Ozone Deple3Add for me
HE394(KM1)Effective Safety Culture3Add for me
HE395Developing an Effective Safety Culture5Add for me
HE395(KJ1)Developing an Effective Safety Culture5Add for me
HE395(KP4)Developing an Effective Safety Culture4Add for me
HE396Barrier Thinking5Add for me
HE397(KJ1)Safe Work Practices2Add for me
HE398Work Permit Issuer5Add for me
HE399Work Permit Receiver5Add for me
HE400Loss Prevention and Safe Working Procedures5Add for me
HE401(HW1)Behave Safely when Working on WWTP2Add for me
HE402(AD7)Safety & Loss Prevention5Add for me
HE402(AD8)Safety and Loss Prevention3Add for me
HE403Basic Safety and Loss Prevention4Add for me
HE403(KP4)Basic Safety & Loss Prevention4Add for me
HE404(OA1)Wildlife Hazard and Prevention Management3Add for me
HE405HAZOP & Risk Assessment Masterclass5Add for me
HE407Effective Risk Assessment and HAZOP Studies10Add for me
HE408(SA1)Total Safety Culture (Intermediate)5Add for me
HE409Safe System of Work Planner Initial5Add for me
HE410Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA)5Add for me
HE411HSE Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)4Add for me
HE412Basic Safety and Loss Prevention4Add for me
HE413Environmental Regulations, Exposure Assessmen5Add for me
HE415Risk Assessment: Safety Auditing, Hazard Iden5Add for me
HE416Pesticide Risk Assessment & Incident Control5Add for me
HE418Risk Assessment & Accident Investigation10Add for me
HE419Lead Auditor ISO 500015Add for me
HE420Understanding the ISO 14001 Specification5Add for me
HE421Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 5Add for me
HE422Internal Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and 5Add for me
HE423(KP4)Introduction to ISO 14001:20041Add for me
HE424(KP4)Internal Auditor (ISO 14001 ? OHSAS 18001)4Add for me
HE425 (AD6)ISO 14001 - Environment Management Systems - 5Add for me
HE426(KO2)Internal Auditor (14001&18001) -Certified5Add for me
HE427Certified Internal Auditor (ISO 9001, ISO 1405Add for me
HE428ISO 14001 (2004) Lead Auditor5Add for me
HE429Transition Course on ISO 14001 and RC 140012Add for me
HE431(KM1)Certified Heavy Equipment Safety Operator5Add for me
HE432(CG1)Drivers of Heavy Equipment (Operator): Loader5Add for me
HE433Visual Inspection of Lifting Gear5Add for me
HE434Certified Forklift Operations5Add for me
HE435Certified Forklift Operation & Inspection5Add for me
HE436Advanced Forklift Operations and Maintenance5Add for me
HE437(OR1)Forklift Program3Add for me
HE438LPG and Battery Operated Forklift2Add for me
HE439Train-The-Trainer: Crane/Forklift/Tractor Ope5Add for me
HE440Certified Lifting & Rigging Equipment: Liftin5Add for me
HE441(OR1)Rigging Certification5Add for me
HE442(NW1)Fork Lift Operation5Add for me
HE443Train-The-Trainer: Lifting & Rigging Equipmen10Add for me
HE444(OM1)Safe Rigging and LiftingTools4Add for me
HE445Marine Risk Assessment5Add for me
HE446Microbiological Risk Assessment5Add for me
HE447Biosafety5Add for me
HE448Rigger - New Permit3Add for me
HE449Rigger2Add for me
HE450OHSAS 18001: Fundamentals, Auditing, Implemen5Add for me
HE451OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001: Occupational Health,5Add for me
HE452(AD6)Certified OHSAS 180013Add for me
HE453(KP4)OHSAS 18001/Middle Management/Auditors Traini2Add for me
HE454(KP4)Train-The-Trainer: OHSAS 180012Add for me
HE455OHSAS 18001: 2007 Management System Transitio5Add for me
HE456(KP4)OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety4Add for me
HE457(QF2)Train-The-Trainer (OHSA)3Add for me
HE458ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Syste4Add for me
HE460Advanced Lifting Management 5Add for me
HE461Forklift Operation Refresher for Renewal3Add for me
HE462Lifting Equipment, Tools and Tackles4Add for me
HE463Scaffolding, Rigging & Lifting5Add for me
HE464OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Saf4Add for me
HE465OHSAS 18001 : ISO 140015Add for me
HE466Lifting Gears Inspection 2Add for me
HE470Fire Service Casualty Rescue Techniques in Pe5Add for me
HE471Chemical Fire Fighting for Chemical Engineers5Add for me
HE475LNG & Liquified Hydrocarbon Fire Protection &5Add for me
HE480Handling Air Supplied System Respirators5Add for me
HE482Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager (ACAC Ex5Add for me
HE485Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites5Add for me
HE489(SR1)Safety in Refinery & Petrochemical Plant Oper4Add for me
HE490(TA1)Safety Process in Refinery5Add for me
HE491Hazard & Effect Management Process (HEMP) and5Add for me
HE492(GA2)Hazard and Effects Management Process (HEMP)5Add for me
HE493Road Safety Traffic Management3Add for me
HE493(KO3)Traffic Management (Level 1 & 2 Competencies)2Add for me
HE494(KP4)Safety Hazards Handling Management5Add for me
HE495Hazard Identification and Assessment5Add for me
HE496Hazard Identification & Safety Hazard Reporti5Add for me
HE498(ND3)Hazard Identification & Risk Management3Add for me
HE498Hazard Identification and Risk Management5Add for me
HE499Working at Heights5Add for me
HE500Personal Protective Equipment Course1Add for me
HE501(KP4)PPE Selection Criteria2Add for me
HE503(KP4)Industrial Fire & Accident Prevention4Add for me
HE504Fire Instructor Level II5Add for me
HE505Fire Leader5Add for me
HE506Industrial Fire Brigade Member "Incipient"5Add for me
HE507Fire Instructor III5Add for me
HE508Road Traffic Rescue5Add for me
HE508(KP4)Industrial Gas Fires Intermediate I3Add for me
HE509Traffic Procedures in Oil Companies5Add for me
HE510Safe Lifting & Materials Handling5Add for me
HE511(AD6)Safe Lifting & Materials Handling5Add for me
HE512(AD6)Safe Lifting & Materials Handling2Add for me
HE513(AD6)Crane/Hoist Operation/Lifting and Rigging/Mat5Add for me
HE514Train-The-Trainer: Crane/Forklift/Tractor Ope10Add for me
HE515Dangerous Gas Monitoring5Add for me
HE51610 Ton Hoist3Add for me
HE520Lifting & Slinging5Add for me
HE521Fire Fighting Team Work5Add for me
HE525Slinging & Safe Working Loads5Add for me
HE526Front End Loader5Add for me
HE527Safety of Slinging, Lifting & Working at Heig2Add for me
HE530(AD6)Safe Lifting Practices5Add for me
HE532Lifting Plan Development & Implementation5Add for me
HE533Banksman2Add for me
HE535Rigging and Slinging + Banksman5Add for me
HE536Pre-Hospital Emergency Obstetric Emergencies 5Add for me
HE537Pre-Hospital Pediatric Life Support5Add for me
HE538The Hospital Response in Major Incidents5Add for me
HE539Major Incident Medical Management & Support (5Add for me
HE540Safety in Chemical Laboratory5Add for me
HE541Major Incident Medical Management & Support i5Add for me
HE543Medical Surveillance5Add for me
HE544(CG1)Basic Security Officer5Add for me
HE544(KO3)Security Planning and Design (Level 1 & 2 Com5Add for me
HE545(AD8)Basic Security5Add for me
HE545(KO3)Operational Security & Communications Securit2Add for me
HE546Fire Fighting & Rescue5Add for me
HE546(KO3)Access Control (Level 1 & 2 Competencies)2Add for me
HE547(KP4)Technical Fundamentals for Security investiga5Add for me
HE548(KP4)Security Threat identification, Risk Analysis5Add for me
HE550Fire Alarm Mock-Up Drill 5Add for me
HE554(KP4)Introduction to Hazard Studies Intermediate I3Add for me
HE555Hazard Identification & HAZOP Study5Add for me
HE556(AD6)HAZOP Study5Add for me
HE558(KP4)Hazard & Operability Studies - HAZOP/HAZAN4Add for me
HE558B(KP4)Hazard and Operability Studies - HAZOP/HAZAN4Add for me
HE560Hazard of Ammonia Handling, Storage & Shippin5Add for me
HE565Ammonia Plant Safety5Add for me
HE570Electrical Safety Management and Troubleshoot5Add for me
HE575(KJ1)Waste Management & Environmental Protection5Add for me
HE576AERMOD Modeling (American Meteorological Soci4Add for me
HE580Radiation Hazard5Add for me
HE581Certified Radiation Protection Officer (RPO):5Add for me
HE585Train-The-Trainer: Behavioral Based Safety 5Add for me
HE590(AD6)OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor5Add for me
HE590(KP4)OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor5Add for me
HE590(KP4)OHSAS Lead Auditor Course5Add for me
HE591Technical Rescuer - Rope Rescue Level I & II5Add for me
HE592Crane Wire Rope (For Junior Employees)3Add for me
HE593(FE2)Rope Rescue5Add for me
HE594FSIA: Fire System Integrity Assurance (OGP Re4Add for me
HE594(KP4)Fire System Integrity Assurance Workshop Prog4Add for me
HE597Fire Fighter Level III5Add for me
HE595Certified Fire Fighter Rescue Missions5Add for me
HE596(NW1)Firefighting-Certifying TTT4Add for me
HE599Food & Cargo Examination in the Border5Add for me
HE600Supervising Safety/Unsafe Act Workshop5Add for me
HE601Competency Development for Supervisory Excell5Add for me
HE602The Foundation and the Principles of Food Saf5Add for me
HE603Fire Team Member5Add for me
HE605Fire Risk Insurance5Add for me
HE610Oil Spill Response Level 25Add for me
HE613Basic HAZMAT5Add for me
HE614Train-The-Trainer: HAZMAT/HAZCOM10Add for me
HE614ATrain-The-Trainer: HAZMAT/HAZCOM3Add for me
HE616(QF2)QRA and HAC (Quantitative & Qualitative Risk 5Add for me
HE618COMAH Fundamentals ? HAZID + COMAH Fundamenta5Add for me
HE619Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Analysis5Add for me
HE620Industrial Waste Recycling5Add for me
HE621Advanced (ISO 22000) Food Safety Management S5Add for me
HE622(ZA2)Food Safety Management & HACCP (Accredited by5Add for me
HE623Food & Beverage5Add for me
HE625Food Safety Management (ISO 22000:2005): Poli5Add for me
HE626(KP4)Food Safety (Level 2 in Catering) (Accredited2Add for me
HE627Food Facilities Design, Construction & Equipm3Add for me
HE628 Food Handler Certification for Food Service5Add for me
HE629 Food Safety Certification for Managers, Che5Add for me
HE630Lifting Tackle & Crane Inspection5Add for me
HE631LOLER Competent Person (Lifting Operations & 3Add for me
HE632Certified HAZID Leader: Hazard Identification5Add for me
HE633Certified Crane Lift Supervisor (CLS): Crane 5Add for me
HE634Tailing and Tandem Lift5Add for me
HE635Crane Inspection & Operations5Add for me
HE636Certified Crane Lift Supervisor (CLS): Crane 5Add for me
HE637Certification in 220 Ton Grove Crane5Add for me
HE638(GP1)Certified Crane Lift Supervisor5Add for me
HE639Overhead Cranes Operation, Inspection & Main5Add for me
HE640Advanced Process Risk Assessment & Management5Add for me
HE641(KP4)Technical Safety, Risk Assessment & Managemen4WAdd for me
HE642PHA with LOPA3Add for me
HE643(QV1)LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) - The Sem2Add for me
HE644Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)5Add for me
HE644(GA2)Layer of Protection Analysis5Add for me
HE645Advanced Risk Assessment5Add for me
HE646(OR1)Risk Assessment Program2Add for me
HE647SHEM 2.0 SAFER Risk Assessment2Add for me
HE648OHRA5Add for me
HE649NFPA - 101 Life Safety Code5Add for me
HE650 Advanced HSE Leadership5Add for me
HE651(KP4)HSE Interpersonal Skills Intermediate II3Add for me
HE652(KP4)Awareness Session by HSE Group3Add for me
HE653(AD6)HSE Management3Add for me
HE654Process Safety Boot Camp4Add for me
HE655Creating Positive Safety Culture: Behavioral 5Add for me
HE656(MU1)HSE Engineering: Level 1 ? Awareness and Know2Add for me
HE657(MU1)HSE Engineering: Level 2 ? Skill and Mastery2Add for me
HE658Train-The-Trainer: HSE (General)10Add for me
HE659Emergency Response Procedure + Oil Spill Mana4Add for me
HE660Emergency Response Plan3Add for me
HE661Oil Spill Combating Operations for First Resp2Add for me
HE662Crisis Management10Add for me
HE663NFPA 1021 Fire Officer Level I (Supervisory)5Add for me
HE664NFPA 1021 Fire Officer Level II (Supervisory 5Add for me
HE666Emergency Response2Add for me
HE666(KO3)Emergency Readiness, Response & Recovery (ERR2Add for me
HE667(AD8)Emergency Management & Leadership3Add for me
HE668Incident Command System2Add for me
HE668(GA2)Incident Command System2Add for me
HE669Field Incident Command System (ICS)5Add for me
HE669(OA1)Accident & Incident Investigation for Airport3Add for me
HE670Incident Controller5Add for me
HE671Incident Commanding System (Incident Commande5Add for me
HE672Incident Commanding System (Duties & Roles)5Add for me
HE673(KP4)Safety Management and Emergency Response (HSE5Add for me
HE674(AD8)Emergency Response and Incident Management3Add for me
HE675Emergency Response, Crisis Management & Risk 5Add for me
HE676(KP4)Emergency Response and Incident Investigation5Add for me
HE677Emergency Response3Add for me
HE678(KP4)Emergency Management & Risk Analysis Intermed2Add for me
HE679(KP4)Safety Risk Assessment Intermediate I3Add for me
HE680Behavioral Safety Management - Expert5Add for me
HE681Supervisor Training (Confined Space, Work At 3Add for me
HE682(AL4)Supervisory Safety Development Program5Add for me
HE683(KP4)Behavioral Based Safety (Certified) 5Add for me
HE684(TA1)Developmental & Implementation of Behavior Ba5Add for me
HE685Behavioral Safety Audit5Add for me
HE685(AD6)Behavioural Safety Audits2Add for me
HE686Emergency Response & Crisis Management5Add for me
HE687Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) for Observers 2Add for me
HE688The Safety Champions - Making Sense of the Be5Add for me
HE689(CI2)Process Safety Awareness2Add for me
HE690Problem Solving Techniques in Safety5Add for me
HE691Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan5Add for me
HE692(KP4)PSM Auditors3Add for me
HE693(KP4)Fundamentals of KPC/KNPC PSM for Technical Fu4Add for me
HE694(KP4)Fundamentals of KPC/KNPC PSM for Technical Ma2Add for me
HE695Auditing Process Safety Management (PSM) Syst5Add for me
HE696(KP4)Process Safety Management5Add for me
HE696B(KP4)Process Safety Management1Add for me
HE696C(KP4)Process Safety Management4Add for me
HE697(KP4)Process Safety Management for Implementers4Add for me
HE698(KP4)Process Safety Management for Auditors5Add for me
HE699(KP4)Process Safety Management (Certified)4Add for me
HE700Confined Space Safety5Add for me
HE701(KO2)Confined Space Entry & Gas Testing - Certifie5Add for me
HE702Confined Space Entry, Fall Protection, Work P5Add for me
HE703Confined Space and Rescue from Height5Add for me
HE704(AH5)Authorized Gas Tester2Add for me
HE704(KP4)Authorized Gas Tester (AGT)5Add for me
HE705Office & Home Safety5Add for me
HE705AOffice & Home Safety2Add for me
HE706(KJ1)Confined Space Entry2Add for me
HE706(ZA2)Confined Space Entry (CSE)2Add for me
HE707Emergency Preparedness, Response & Crisis Man5Add for me
HE708Safety Management from Fire5Add for me
HE709Risk-Based Inspection of Imported Food3Add for me
HE710Risk Analysis In Food5Add for me
HE711Food Poisoning3Add for me
HE712Food Poisoning Outbreak Investigation3Add for me
HE714Food Processing and Food Preservation3Add for me
HE715HSE Root Cause Failure Analysis5Add for me
HE716(AH5)HSE Leadership3Add for me
HE717(GA2)Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA)3Add for me
HE718Root Cause Analysis & Incident/Accident Inves5Add for me
HE719Basic Incident Root Cause Analysis & ESD Syst10Add for me
HE720Integrated Pollution Control5Add for me
HE721(SR1)Root Cause Analysis (Member)3Add for me
HE722(SR1)Root Cause Analysis (Leader)5Add for me
HE723(KF4)Effective Food Hygiene & Food Safety3Add for me
HE724BTSF - Food Hygiene & Controls5Add for me
HE725Food Hygiene and HACCP: Principles & Applicat5Add for me
HE726Food Additives: Function & Effect3Add for me
HE727Certified HACCP Professional (CHP): Food Hygi5Add for me
HE728(AF1)Essential Food Safety Training & Certificatio1Add for me
HE729Food Sampling Principles and Specific Applica3Add for me
HE730Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air & Se5Add for me
HE731(OA1)Advanced Airport Aviation5Add for me
HE732(OA1)Basic Airport Operation 5Add for me
HE733Air Traffic Services Safety Management and In5Add for me
HE734(OA1)Advanced Airport Operation5Add for me
HE735Dangerous Goods Regulation Program5Add for me
HE736Dangerous Good Regulations (DGR-IATA)5Add for me
HE737Traffic Hazards Control2Add for me
HE738(OA1)Aircraft Marshalling3Add for me
HE739Workplace Safety Based on OSHA Standard3Add for me
HE740OSHA General Certificate in Health & Safety (5Add for me
HE741OSHA General Industry Safety & Health (10 Hou2Add for me
HE742(AR1)Train-The-Trainer: Occupational Safety and He4Add for me
HE743OSHA Accident Investigation2Add for me
HE744Security, Fire & Loss Prevention and Emergenc5Add for me
HE745Industrial Security & Asset Protection5Add for me
HE745(KO3)Countermeasures (Level 1 & 2 Competencies)2Add for me
HE746Assets Protection, Security Risk Assessment a5Add for me
HE746(KO3)Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA) (Lev2Add for me
HE748(OA1)ICAO Annex 14 (International Civil Aviation)4Add for me
HE748(KO3)Critical Infrastructure Security Force (CISF)2Add for me
HE749API-780: Security Risk Assessment Methodology5Add for me
HE750Radioactive Protective Supervisor (RPS)5Add for me
HE751Workplace Safety Based on OSHA Standard3Add for me
HE752OSHA General Requirements2Add for me
HE755Certified Professional Food Manager (CPFM)5Add for me
HE756Rescue Operations in Hazardous Locations5Add for me
HE757(OA1)Aircraft Ground Equipment3Add for me
HE758(KN1)Certified Confined Space & Rope Rescue in Acc5Add for me
HE759Risk Based Process Safety Management5Add for me
HE761Storage Tank Fire Hazard Management5Add for me
HE762(KJ1)Electrical Hazard and Fire Fighting2Add for me
HE763Advanced Storage Tank Fire5Add for me
HE764(GA2)Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HA3Add for me
HE765HACCP 5Add for me
HE766Certified Health & Safety Supervisor/Officer 5Add for me
HE767Certified Environmental Manager (Accredited b5Add for me
HE768Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety in Cate5Add for me
HE769(CG1)Safety Supervisor5Add for me
HE770Electrical Safety5Add for me
HE771(KM1)Electrical Safety for Inspector5Add for me
HE772Incident Command System (ICS) & Crisis Manage5Add for me
HE772(R01)Incident Command System (ICS) & Crisis Manage5Add for me
HE773Filling Station Safety, Hazards & Emergency R5Add for me
HE775HACCP Internal Audit Training5Add for me
HE776 HACCP 1 (Pre Intermediate)5Add for me
HE777 HACCP 2 (Intermediate)5Add for me
HE778 HACCP 3 (Advanced)5Add for me
HE779Certified HSE Trainer: Train-the-Trainer for 5Add for me
HE780Practical Safe Lifting Practice and Maintenan5Add for me
HE781Food Additives & Packaging Materials10Add for me
HE782Brokk 2603Add for me
HE783(KP4)Lifting Equipment, Tools and Tackles3Add for me
HE784Bobcat3Add for me
HE785Oil Spill Response Communication to the Media5Add for me
HE786Oil Boom Practical Training2Add for me
HE787Oil Skimmer Practical Training3Add for me
HE788(KP4)Oil Spill & Emergency Response for Operation4Add for me
HE789Spill Causes and Prevention5Add for me
HE790Oil Spill Management & Response (IMO Certific5Add for me
HE791(KP4)Oil Spill Management5Add for me
HE792Oil Spill Prevention & Control5Add for me
HE793Oil Spill Management & Response (IMO OPRC Lev5Add for me
HE794Oil Spill Management & Response (IMO OPRC Lev5Add for me
HE795Crisis Management During Oil Spill5Add for me
HE796Oil Spill Training for On Scene Commander/Man4Add for me
HE797(KP4)Incident & Accident Investigation (Advanced)4Add for me
HE799Oil Spill Combating Operations (Supervision-I5Add for me
HE800Safety Passport5Add for me
HE801(SM5)Generic HSE Induction/Fire Fighting3Add for me
HE802Certified Generic Instructors Course (GIC)5Add for me
HE803Certificate in Applied Fire Risk Assessment5Add for me
HE804Train-The-Trainer: SHEM Instructor3Add for me
HE805SHEM: Safety, Health & Environmental Manageme5Add for me
HE806Advanced PHA, LOPA & SIL5Add for me
HE807Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR)5Add for me
HE808(KP4)Advanced KOC HSEMS Procedures5Add for me
HE809Food Safety & HACCP for Oil & Gas Industries 5Add for me
HE810Scaffold Appreciation & Inspection Course5Add for me
HE811Certified Scaffold Erector2Add for me
HE812Scissors Lift Operation3Add for me
HE813Food Fraud & Food Defense5Add for me
HE814Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Pro3Add for me
HE815(SA1)SH&E Management Commitment, Accountability & 5Add for me
HE817Incident Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Investiga5Add for me
HE819(OR1)Scaffolding3Add for me
HE820Risk Assessment Facilitation HAZID, HAZOP, FM5Add for me
HE821(UG1)Basic Scaffolding3Add for me
HE823(OR1)Scaffolding Course (OR1)5Add for me
HE824(OR1)Scaffolding Program3Add for me
HE825Scaffolding Principles and Safety1Add for me
HE826(KJ1)Near Miss Reporting Best Practices2Add for me
HE827Accident/Incident Investigation & Root Cause 5Add for me
HE828Mast & Pylon Climbing3Add for me
HE829Vehicle Accident Investigation3Add for me
HE830Accident Investigation and Reporting5Add for me
HE831(KP4)HSE Near Miss Reporting5Add for me
HE832Accident & Incident Investigation & Preventio5Add for me
HE833Detailed Accident Investigation5Add for me
HE834(SS2)Incident Investigation Course2Add for me
HE835(SP2)Accident & Incident Investigation5Add for me
HE835(AD6)Incident/Accident Investigation3Add for me
HE835(KP4)Incident and Accident Investigation5Add for me
HE835(KJ1)Incident & Accident Investigations3Add for me
HE836(AD6)Advanced Accident Investigation/CTA5Add for me
HE837Incident Reporting and Investigation5Add for me
HE837(KP4)Incident Reporting and Investigation (4 day C4Add for me
HE838Incident Investigation & Analysis5Add for me
HE839(OL1)HSE Incident Investigation (Tripod Method)5Add for me
HE840Supervisory Safety Awareness (Course for Blue5Add for me
HE841(AD6)Accident Investigation/CTA3Add for me
HE842Patrol Accident5Add for me
HE843(KO3)Patrol (Level 1 & 2 Competencies)2Add for me
HE844(OM1)Safety Awareness in Petrochemical & Fertilize2Add for me
HE845Multiple Casualty Management5Add for me
HE846Infection Control5Add for me
HE847Certified Infection Control Remediator (ACAC 5Add for me
HE848Management of Communicable Diseases of Occupa3Add for me
HE849Certified Environmental Infection Control Con5Add for me
HE851Certified Incident Investigation and Reportin5Add for me
HE852Safety in Gas Plants and Facilities Foundatio4Add for me
HE852(KP4)Safety in Gas Plant and Facilities Foundation3Add for me
HE853(KO3)Accident Investigation (Level 1 & 2 Competenc2Add for me
HE854Road Tankers Loading Hazards & Risk Control1Add for me
HE855Principle of Life Safety5Add for me
HE856Evaluating Your Safety Culture2Add for me
HE857Emergency Preparedness and Response2Add for me
HE858Industrial Hygiene Certification Program: Mod5Add for me
HE860Solid Waste Recycling5Add for me
HE861(OR1)First Aid (AHA) Training2Add for me
HE862Certified Mobile Crane Inspector by Crane Ins6Add for me
HE863First Aid and Firefighting3Add for me
HE864Mobile Equipment Operation & Inspection3Add for me
HE865Scaffolding & Ladder Safety5Add for me
HE866(KJ1)Ladders, Scaffold and Walkways Safety2Add for me
HE867Sustainability and Green Building5Add for me
HE868Standard Principles of Resuscitation and Trau5Add for me
HE869(PA4)Emergency Response Plan Management5Add for me
HE870Emergency Response Planning 5Add for me
HE870AEmergency Response Planning in Power Plants5Add for me
HE871Basic Life Support (Defibrillator)3Add for me
HE872Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)5Add for me
HE873Cardiac Management/ICU Management5Add for me
HE874Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)5Add for me
HE875Paramedic Training5Add for me
HE876(KP4)ECG Pharmacology 2Add for me
HE877(KP4)Vascular Access and Safe Injection (Practical1Add for me
HE878Physical Fitness Focus in Cardio & Endurance5Add for me
HE880Overview of OSHA Regulations for Process Indu5Add for me
HE881(SS6)IOSH Managing Safely3Add for me
HE882Adverse Reactions (Anaphylaxis) & Medical Eme5Add for me
HE883(OA1)IOSH Managing Safety5Add for me
HE884HSSE Principles & Practices - Advanced3Add for me
HE885Emergency Preparedness5Add for me
HE885(AD6)Emergency Preparedness 2Add for me
HE886A(AD6)Management of Major Emergencies5Add for me
HE886B(AD6)Management of Major Emergencies5Add for me
HE886C(AD6)Management of Major Emergencies4Add for me
HE888Best Safe Response During Emergency in Gas Pl5Add for me
HE889(AD8)Dealing with Gas Emergencies Gas Escape2Add for me
HE890Mobile & Overhead Crane Operation & Troublesh5Add for me
HE891MAPE Crane Operations (API RP 2D 6th Edition)5Add for me
HE892Overhead Crane License Authority5Add for me
HE893(NW1)Crane Operation5Add for me
HE8945 Ton Overhead Crane3Add for me
HE895(AD6)Pressure Hose Safety5Add for me
HE896Carry Deck Crane Operation - New Operators3Add for me
HE898Crane Operator3Add for me
HE899Sustainability & Environmental Awareness Fund4Add for me
HE900The Energy Industries & Environmental Challen5Add for me
HE901Carbon Foot Print and Energy Efficiency5Add for me
HE903Certified Sustainability Reporting3Add for me
HE904Basic Principles of Industrial Hygiene (Certi5Add for me
HE906Auditing RC 14001:2008 "Responsible Care" Sta1Add for me
HE908(HC1)EHS Audits & Inspections5Add for me
HE909(AF1)Milk Hygiene Controls5Add for me
HE910Managing HSE in the Business5Add for me
HE911(KP4)HSE Policies and Regulations on Warehousing A5Add for me
HE912Industrial Hygiene: Anticipation, Recognition5Add for me
HE912(DE5)Industrial Hygiene2Add for me
HE912(OR1)Industrial Hygiene5Add for me
HE913Certified Occupational Health, Safety & Indus5Add for me
HE914(KP4)Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Ma5Add for me
HE915SHEMS Documentation & Implementation Program5Add for me
HE916Meat Hygiene Controls5Add for me
HE917(KP4)Occupational Health and Hygiene5Add for me
HE918Industrial Hygiene Certification Program: Mod5Add for me
HE919Industrial Hygiene Certification Program: Mod5Add for me
HE920Construction Safety (STOP)5Add for me
HE921Contractor Safety Management5Add for me
HE922Safety Management for Contractors in Construc5Add for me
HE923Applying HSSE Practices4Add for me
HE925Food Sampling5Add for me
HE927Practical Sampling Techniques for Food Supply5Add for me
HE935Train-The-Trainer: Marine Incident Investigat5Add for me
HE936Command & Operation5Add for me
HE937(KP4)Crew Command (Advanced)2Add for me
HE938On Scene Commander (OSC) & Incident Commander5Add for me
HE939On Scene Commander (OSC)2Add for me
HE940ISO 14001 & EMS Lead/Internal Auditor5Add for me
HE943(KP4)HSE Policies and Regulations on Warehousing F3Add for me
HE944(KP4)CSR and Sustainability Principles - Advanced2Add for me
HE945(KJ1)Environmental Auditing in Petroleum Industrie5Add for me
HE947Internal Auditor ISO 14001:20155Add for me
HE948(AD8)ADNOC HSE Management - Codes of Practice2Add for me
HE949(KP4)Warehouse Safety Practices4Add for me
HE950General Safety in Process Industry5Add for me
HE953ISO 14064 (Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting, Va5Add for me
HE954Certified Instructor: Scaffolding Safety & In5Add for me
HE955Tower and Scaffold Inspection Training Course5Add for me
HE956(ZA2)Hearing Conservation2Add for me
HE958ECG & Pharmacology5Add for me
HE959Scaffolding Erection & Dismantling2Add for me
HE960Scaffolding Inspection5Add for me
HE960(KP4)Scaffolding Inspection2Add for me
HE961(SM4)Certification for Scaffolding Inspection2Add for me
HE962(KJ1)Fire Fighting Equipment2Add for me
HE963(KP4)First Aid - Males (Certified) 3Add for me
HE964Musculoskeletal (MSK) Injuries & Wound Manage5Add for me
HE965Certified Scaffolding & Aerial Work Platforms5Add for me
HE966Scaffolders Training5Add for me
HE967Fire Safety & Evacuation2Add for me
HE968(AD6)Hand Injury Prevention5Add for me
HE969Customized First Aider & Rescuers Certified T5Add for me
HE970First Aid & CPR5Add for me
HE971Advanced First Aid3Add for me
HE971(SM4)Advanced First Aid3Add for me
HE972(OA1)Heart Saver & First Aid2Add for me
HE973(GO3)First Aid (English)2Add for me
HE974(OA1)Fire Warden2Add for me
HE975(ND3)Basic First Aid5Add for me
HE976(KP4)First Aid (Females) - Certified3Add for me
HE977(KP4)First Aid (Male) - Certified3Add for me
HE978First Aid and Fire Safety5Add for me
HE979(NW1)First Aid-Certifying TTT4Add for me
HE980National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)5Add for me
HE981Preventive Maintenance for Fire Protection Sy5Add for me
HE982Inspection of Fire Fighting Equipment, Tools,5Add for me
HE983Fire Fighting Course5Add for me
HE984(KO2)Temporary Mobile Equipment5Add for me
HE985Fire Fighting in Onshore Oil/Gas Fields5Add for me
HE986(AD8)Fire Fighting & Operational Training for ADNO3Add for me
HE987(GA2)Fire Fighting Techniques in Gas Plants5Add for me
HE988(KM1)Advanced Techniques in Safety & Fire5Add for me
HE990Fire Fighting & Rescue in Power Plants5Add for me
HE991Fire & Emergency Response for Team Leader5Add for me
HE992Fire & Emergency Response for Team Member3Add for me
HE993Pulmonary Function2Add for me
HE994Occupational Hearing Conservation3Add for me
HE995Firefighting and Fire Rescue in the Process I5Add for me
HE996Fire Investigation5Add for me
HE997(KM1)Fire Fighting System Inspection5Add for me
HE998Understanding Red Tides: Causes, Effects, Tre3Add for me
HE999(KJ1)Warehouse Safety2Add for me
HE1000Oil Spill Combating Operations for Senior Man2Add for me
HE1005Manlifting3Add for me
HE1010Training & Certification of NPCC Scaffolding 3Add for me
HE1020Associate Safety Professional? (ASP?) (Exam P5Add for me
NE010Mechanical Properties of PWR Reactor Plant Sy5Add for me
NE020Nuclear Steam Supply Systems and Functions5Add for me
NE040Heat Transfer Mechanisms5Add for me
NE050Instrumentation & Controls5Add for me
NE060Electric Power Distribution5Add for me
NE070Civil & Structural Design Requirement 5Add for me
NE080Seismic Design Basis & Qualifications5Add for me
NE090Reactor Protection Systems5Add for me
NE100Accident Analysis Methods5Add for me
NE110Operating License Requirements5Add for me
NE195Introduction to ASME Nuclear Codes and Standa5Add for me
NE196ASME Section III: Rules for Contruction of Nu5Add for me
NE200Nuclear Power Plants - A Comparison of Curren2Add for me
NE210Uranium Industry Overview: Mining, Ore Proces2Add for me
NE220Reprocessing Spent Fuel and Handling High-Lev2Add for me
NE221Waste to Energy5Add for me
NE230Reliability Engineering and Probabilistic Ris2Add for me
NE240Instrumentation Measurement Uncertainties and2Add for me
NE250Digital I&C Systems and Software Quality Assu2Add for me
NE260Control Room HVAC Systems2Add for me
NE270Lightning and Lightning Protection Systems2Add for me
NE280Renewable Energy: Biomass & Biogas Power Plan5Add for me
NE281(TA1)Certified Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind & Bio3Add for me
NE285Renewable Energy: Solar PV & Thermal Solar5Add for me
NE290Renewable Energy: Thermal Solar System5Add for me
NE292(AR1)Basic Solar Energy System (ELE 110)5Add for me
NE299ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management System Awar1Add for me
NE300ISO 50001: Energy Management System5Add for me
NE301ISO 50004 ? Energy Management Systems5Add for me
NE302ISO 50006 ? Energy Management (Requirements a5Add for me
NE303IPMVP & ISO 50015 ? Energy Management Systems5Add for me
NE310Manufacturing Quality Surveillance Inspection5Add for me
NE304ISO 50002 ? Energy Lead Auditor5Add for me
NE305Renewable Energy: Economics & Finance5Add for me
GE001Data Analysis Techniques for Engineers, Techn5Add for me
GE005(TA6)Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry2Add for me
GE007Advanced Design Techniques5Add for me
GE008Basic CAD Design Philosophy3WAdd for me
GE010Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry3Add for me
GE010(KJ1)Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry5Add for me
GE011(KP4)Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry for 4Add for me
GE015Standards & Codes in Process Industry (API, 5Add for me
GE016(KP4)International Standards Awareness and Impleme5Add for me
GE030Developing and Revising Engineering Drawings5Add for me
GE033Analyzing of Technical Maps and Drawings1Add for me
GE034(HW1)N12: Analysing Maps & Drawings (Technician)1Add for me
GE035P&ID Reading, Interpretation & Developing4Add for me
GE035(AD4)P&ID Reading, Interpretation & Developing5Add for me
GE036(KJ1)P&ID Reading5Add for me
GE037(KJ1)P&ID2Add for me
GE038Read and Understand Piping, Instrumentation a5Add for me
GE050Blueprint Reading and Graphic Symbols5Add for me
GE051Blue Print Reading5Add for me
GE070IT for Non IT Managers / Engineers / Executiv5Add for me
GE073IT for Non IT5Add for me
GE075Probability and Statistics for Engineers and 5Add for me
GE095Basic Physics10Add for me
GE097Intermediate Physics10Add for me
GE105Basic Mathematics and Science for Wastewater 5Add for me
GE106Apply Mathematics and Science in Solving Wast5Add for me
GE110Basic Mathematics10Add for me
GE115Intermediate Mathematics10Add for me
GE117Advanced Mathematics10Add for me
GE150Effective Procurement Techniques for Engineer5Add for me
GE170Conceptual Estimating & Cost Technology for E5Add for me
GE190Production Operation Facilities5Add for me
GE198Detailed Engineering Design10Add for me
GE199Flow Diagram & Control System Fundamentals (P5Add for me
GE200Detailed Engineering Drawings, Codes & Standa5Add for me
GE200(BO1)Detailed Engineering Drawings, Codes and Stan5Add for me
GE201Draw and Interpret Mechanical Diagrams5Add for me
GE201(HW1)Detailed Engineering Drawing, Codes and Stand2Add for me
GE202(HW1)Draw and Interpret Electrical Diagrams5Add for me
GE203(AD4)Interpretation of Engineering Drawings5Add for me
GE204(AD6)Detailed Engineering?s Codes & Standards5Add for me
GE205(KM1)Operating, Maintenance Manuals & Spare Parts 5Add for me
GE206Reading Engineering Drawings for Different Di5Add for me
GE207PEFS Eng Reading5Add for me
GE210Cost Engineering5Add for me
GE250Spatial Analysis5Add for me
GE270Best Practice in Process, Electrical & Instru5Add for me
GE272(KP4)Process Diagrams Review3Add for me
GE275Application of Electrical and Instrumental5Add for me
GE280An Introduction to Outside Plant Engineering5Add for me
GE290Property Inspection5Add for me
GE300Advanced Property Inspection5Add for me
GE405(AD6)Valve Technology and Integrity Management5Add for me
GE406(AD4)Integrity Management5Add for me
GE500Practical Bulk Materials Handling5Add for me
GE517GPS & Data Capture5Add for me
GE518GIS for Water Utilities (Basic)5Add for me
GE519GIS for Water Utilities (Advanced)5Add for me
GE520Geographical Information System (GIS)5Add for me
GE521(HW1)Basic Principle of Pipe Commander CCTV Inspec5Add for me
GE522Applied GIS & Mapping in Water Sector3Add for me
GE523(KM1)Developing Applications with GIS5Add for me
GE524Designing Routes Using GIS Maps for Meter Col5Add for me
GE526(KM1)ArcGIS Data Management & Map Projections5Add for me
GE527Basic AutoCAD for GIS Support5Add for me
GE528ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS4Add for me
GE529ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows5Add for me
GE531Migrating to ArcGIS 10.2 for Server3Add for me
GE535Front-end Development I5Add for me
GE536Front-end Development II5Add for me
GE537Front-end Development I & II5Add for me
GE539Preparation of Technical Reports for the Main5Add for me
GE540Technical Report Writing5Add for me
GE540(OR1)Technical Report Writing3Add for me
GE540(AD9)Technical Report Writing2Add for me
GE540(AL4)Technical Report Writing3Add for me
GE540(QC2)Technical Report Writing3Add for me
GE540(QF5)Technical Report Writing2Add for me
GE541(AR1)Engineering Business and Technical Report Wri3Add for me
GE542(KP4)Writing Technical Specifications5Add for me
GE543Advanced Technical Writing5Add for me
GE544Advanced Report Writing5Add for me
GE545(KJ1)Advance Engineering Report Writing5Add for me
GE546Technical Report Writing4Add for me
GE560Practical Specification and Technical Writing5Add for me
GE561(NG3)Technical Writing Session Specific for EPC In2Add for me
GE570Product Packing, Packaging, Labeling & Handli5Add for me
GE573(OR1)Information Management, Analysis & Business R3Add for me
GE575(HW1)Technical Report Writing and Data Presentatio2Add for me
GE578(HW1)Review of Mathematical Principles for Laborat5Add for me
GE579(HW1)Mathematical Computation for Lab Analysts5Add for me
GE580Business Process Analysis and Project Managem5Add for me
GE581Business Analysis Fundamentals4Add for me
GE582(PP3)The Essentials of Applied Front End Project D5Add for me
GE585Introduction to Outside Plant Engineering5Add for me
GE590Tank Farm Operations5Add for me
GE600Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Profes5Add for me
GE605Geometric Tolerancing5Add for me
GE620Business Objects5Add for me
GE623(OA1)Auto Slid Doors5Add for me
GE624General Equipment & Facility Maintenance and 3WAdd for me
GE625Facility Layouts ? Maximizing Efficiency & Mi5Add for me
GE626Introduction to Facility Planning & Energy Ma5Add for me
GE627Facility Planning & Energy Management5Add for me
GE628Facility & Energy Management5Add for me
GE629Facility Management5Add for me
GE629(OA1)Facility Management5Add for me
GE630Information Technical Project Management5Add for me
GE645Energy Management in Plant Design5Add for me
GE646Energy Management in Plant Operations5Add for me
GE647Energy Management for Managers5Add for me
GE650Fundamentals of Engineering Drawings for Oil 10 weeksAdd for me
GE651Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) (Other Disci5Add for me
GE652Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) (Mechanical 5Add for me
GE653Gas Engineering for Non-Engineers5Add for me
GE655Electricity and Water Conservation5Add for me
GE680Forensic Engineering5Add for me
GE700Product Specifications & Coding5Add for me
GE710(KP4)Green Building2Add for me
GE750Data Analysis Techniques for Decision Makers5Add for me
GE754Data Analysis Techniques for Engineers and Te5Add for me
GE755Data Analysis Techniques5Add for me
GE756Data Analysis and Technical Report Writing4Add for me
GE757(HW1)Data Analysis2.5Add for me
GE758Survey Techniques (Advanced Level)5Add for me
GE759QHSE Statistics & Data Analysis5Add for me
GE800(ND3)Capability Assessment Programme for UAE Natio5Add for me
GE850Introduction to Renewable Energy5Add for me
GE900Plant Energy Efficiency Optimization5Add for me
GE905(KM1)Rational Use of Energy and Water in Residenti5Add for me
GE950Technical Terms & Vocabulary in Major Enginee5Add for me
GE955Preparatory Technical Training Program3MAdd for me
GE957(OX1)Oxy Graduate Foundation Program (OGFP)5WAdd for me
GE960Cost Analysis & Performance Measurement5Add for me
GE965Engineering Measurements5Add for me
GE970(HW1)Pipe Sewer Condition Classification Coding (A5Add for me
GE990(AR1)Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) Applications in 5Add for me
GE998Onsite Crude Oil Pump Station Operation3WAdd for me
SA004(OR1)Why Tree Facilitation1Add for me
SA005PRM Awareness Training1Add for me
SA006Machinery Safety1Add for me
SA007(NP4)Emergency Response1Add for me
SA008(OR1)Safety Data Sheet (SDS)1Add for me
SA009Behavior Safety Audit (BSA)1Add for me
SA010Safety Induction1Add for me
SA011(KP4)Leading Indicators for Improving Safety Perfo1Add for me
SA012ORPIC Safety Rules (OSR)4HAdd for me
SA015Hearing Conservation1Add for me
SA017(OA1)Noise Awareness and Hearing Protection1Add for me
SA018(AD6)Hand Injury Prevention1Add for me
SA019Prevention of Human Errors1Add for me
SA020Safe Journey Management1Add for me
SA021(QF2)Management Overview (Level 1)1Add for me
SA022(QF2)Awareness Training for Practitioners (Level 21Add for me
SA023(GA2)Incident Command System (ICS) Competency Veri1Add for me
SA024Incident Reporting and Investigation (KOC)1Add for me
SA025Fall Protection1Add for me
SA026Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedure1Add for me
SA027On Scene Commander (OSC)1Add for me
SA028(KJ1)Oil & Gas Industry Emergency Response1Add for me
SA030Incident Investigation & Reporting Awareness1Add for me
SA030(KP4)Incident Investigation1Add for me
SA031Overview of Incident Command System4HAdd for me
SA032(KP4)Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plan1Add for me
SA033Initial Emergency Response4HAdd for me
SA034Developing Dangerous Inspection Skill (Arabic1Add for me
SA735(KJ1)Safety Equipment1Add for me
SA037(AD8)Incident Investigation Techniques1Add for me
SA038(AR1)Train-The-Trainer: Accident Investigation1Add for me
SA039Dangerous Goods Awareness1Add for me
SA040HAZCOM/MSDS1Add for me
SA042COSHH & HAZCOM1Add for me
SA043(OR1)Dangerous Goods Regulations1Add for me
SA044Occupational Health and Safety in the Work En1Add for me
SA045(OA1)HSE Awareness (Induction)1Add for me
SA046(KP4)Contractor HSE Oversight (KOC)1Add for me
SA047HSE Near Miss Reporting1Add for me
SA050Ergonomics/Manual Handling1Add for me
SA051(AD6)Industrial Ergonomics1Add for me
SA052(OA1)Manual Handling1Add for me
SA053(AD8)Reporting of Process Release Events (ADNOC CO1Add for me
SA054Oman Occupation Health & Safety Law (MD)1Add for me
SA055(OA1)Office Health & Safety Awareness1Add for me
SA056(AR1)Recordkeeping Rule OSHA 7845 (SFE 120)3HAdd for me
SA057(KP4)Office and Home Safety1Add for me
SA058(AH5)Office Safety3HAdd for me
SA059(QF2)Fall Arresters1Add for me
SA060High Pressure Water Jetting1Add for me
SA065(AD6)Pressure Hose Safety1Add for me
SA070Waste Management Including Hazardous Waste1Add for me
SA075Handling, Using, Storing of Hazardous Substan1Add for me
SA080Sea Survival1Add for me
SA090(AD6)Chemicals Handling Awareness1Add for me
SA091(AR1)Safety in Gas Plants1Add for me
SA092Implementing Safety Measures for Senior Manag1Add for me
SA093(KP4)Handling of Harmful Chemicals Intermediate I1Add for me
SA094Engineering Safety1Add for me
SA095Safety Handling SF61Add for me
SA100Defensive Driving 1Add for me
SA100(OA1)Defensive Driving 1Add for me
SA101(CR1)Awareness Driving Safety Program1Add for me
SA102Safe Driving Skills1Add for me
SA105How to Use Gas Detector1Add for me
SA110Certified SCBA Maintenance Training1Add for me
SA120(KP4)Awareness Training on Process Safety Manageme1Add for me
SA121Workplace Violence, Response & Prevention Awa1Add for me
SA125(QV1)Module 1: Introduction to Process Safety Mana1Add for me
SA130Evacuation Safety1Add for me
SA131Emergency Evacuation Planning in Filling Stat1Add for me
SA170(AD8)Actively Caring for Safety1Add for me
SA176(KP4)Safety Observation and Conversation1Add for me
SA177Behavioral Based Safety (BBS)/Safety Observat1Add for me
SA178Developing an Effective Safety Culture1Add for me
SA179An Introduction to Behavioural Based Safety1Add for me
SA180Behavioural Safety Awareness (For Senior Empl1Add for me
SA181Safety Communication and Employee Engagement4HAdd for me
SA182(SR1)Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) Safety Awareness: Trai1Add for me
SA185Environmental Awareness Training1Add for me
SA187(AD8)Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)1Add for me
SA188(QF2)Environmental Aspect Impact Evaluation1Add for me
SA190Refresher Training for Existing HAZOP Leaders1Add for me
SA195(NO4)HAZOP1Add for me
SA198(KJ1)Hazards of Flammable Gases & Liquids1Add for me
SA199(FE2)Basic Safety for Housewives3HAdd for me
SA200Basic Fire Fighting1Add for me
SA201(OR1)Fire Fighting1Add for me
SA202Basic Safety Orientation1Add for me
SA203Basic Fire Safety Training for Filling Statio1Add for me
SA204Offshore Safety1Add for me
SA205Basic Live Fire Fighting1Add for me
SA206(NP4)Basic Offshore Safety1Add for me
SA210NFPA 3: Commissioning and Integrated Testing 1Add for me
SA220Fire Fighting Advanced1Add for me
SA230Fire Fighting Drill1Add for me
SA250Fire/Job Watcher1Add for me
SA255(KJ1)Fire Truck Operation1Add for me
SA270Lock, Tag & Try1Add for me
SA275(KJ1)Lockout and Tag-out (LOTO)1Add for me
SA279(GA2) H2S Competency Verification1Add for me
SA300 H2S Breathing Apparatus1Add for me
SA302(KJ1)H2S Certification Program1Add for me
SA304(GA2)H2S Competency1Add for me
SA304A(GA2)H2S Competency1Add for me
SA305(KJ1)Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness1Add for me
SA370Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NOR1Add for me
SA375Machine Guards Safety/Hand & Power Tools Safe1Add for me
SA376Hand and Power Tools Safety4HAdd for me
SA380(KJ1)Process Fired Heaters1Add for me
SA381Heat Stress4HAdd for me
SA400Safe Work Systems (PTW)1Add for me
SA401(AD8)Safe Work Permit Procedure1Add for me
SA405(KJ1)Permit to Work (PTW)1Add for me
SA406Lock Out/Tag Out Permit to Work Systems1Add for me
SA410(ND3)PTW & Gas Tester1Add for me
SA449(KP4)Authorized Gas Tester Awareness1Add for me
SA450Gas Tester1Add for me
SA455Authorized Gas Tester (H2S)1Add for me
SA460(AD8)Gas Detection Equipment Gas Surveyor/Certifie1Add for me
SA500Personal Protective Equipment 1Add for me
SA500(KJ1)Personal Protective Equipment1Add for me
SA501(KJ1)Safe Use of Tools and Equipment1Add for me
SA550Manlift Training & Certification Program1Add for me
SA600Asbestos1Add for me
SA605(AD6)Asbestos Awareness1Add for me
SA610Environmental (Spill) Incident Report1Add for me
SA650Elevated Work Platform Operator Training1Add for me
SA700Confined Space Entry1Add for me
SA725Confined Space for Waste Water1Add for me
SA730Confined Space Safety and Health Effect1Add for me
SA740(NW1)Job Safety Analysis (JSA)1Add for me
SA750Advanced Level Work at Height Training1Add for me
SA752Working at Heights1Add for me
SA752(OA1)Working at Height1Add for me
SA770Electrical Safety1Add for me
SA800Scaffolding Appreciation1Add for me
SA801Scaffolds & Ladders4HAdd for me
SA820Site Isolation1Add for me
SA821(HW1)N13: Isolation of Site (Technician)0.5Add for me
SA825Erecting Scaffolding1Add for me
SA850Compressed Gas Cylinder1Add for me
SA851(ZA2)Compressed Gas Cylinders Safety0.5Add for me
SA860Task Risk Assessment (TRM) & Job Hazard Analy1Add for me
SA864Hazard and Operability Study/Process1Add for me
SA866(KJ1)Hazard Identification1Add for me
SA867Dynamic Risk Assessment on Emergency Incident1Add for me
SA868(SI4)Risk Assessment and Management1Add for me
SA870Radiation Safety Awareness for Oil and Gas Op1Add for me
SA871Awareness on Health Education of Radiation Pr1Add for me
SA874(NW1)Chemical Handling1Add for me
SA875(OA1)Chemical Handling Awareness1Add for me
SA880(AD6)LSA/NORMS (Ionizing Radiation)1Add for me
SA885Hazard Recognition8HAdd for me
SA900Food Quality and Labelling1Add for me
SA902Food and Water Sampling Procedure and Techniq1Add for me
SA903Basic Food Safety1Add for me
SA905Food Microbiology1Add for me
SA915HS Passport - Advanced1Add for me
SA916HS Passport - Supervisor1Add for me
SA945Environmental Auditing1Add for me
SA950Certification in Tractor Operations1Add for me
SA955(ES3)Walkie - Talkie & Radio Communication During 1Add for me
SA963ACDM/ABIME Impairment and Disability Course U1Add for me
SA964(OR1)First Aid1Add for me
SA964(KP4)First Aid1Add for me
SA965Accidents at Service Stations, Cause & Preven1Add for me
SA970(AD8)Accident Prevention Techniques1Add for me
SA980First Aid and Ventilator ????????? ??????? ??1Add for me
SA981First Aid and Firefighting1Add for me
SA985(KP4)Applied Riggers1Add for me
SA986Lifting and Rigging4HAdd for me
SA987(OR1)Rigging Awareness4HAdd for me
SA989Rigging & Slinging1Add for me
SA990Oil Spill Awareness1Add for me
SA995Forklift Safety Operation for Renewal of Oper1Add for me
SA996Overhead Crane Operation - Refresher1Add for me
TM001Effective Investigations5Add for me
TM005Mining3Add for me
TM010Oilfield Manager (OFM)5Add for me
TM013Writing Statement of Work3Add for me
TM014Statistical Report Writing3Add for me
TM015Statistical Analysis Using SPSS5Add for me
TM016DAP Introduction to Survey Methodology3Add for me
TM017DAP Statistical Data Analysis3Add for me
TM018DAP Non-Sampling Errors and Non-Response3Add for me
TM019DAP Econometric Methods3Add for me
TM020Advanced Oil Field Manager 5Add for me
TM021DAP Time Series Analysis3Add for me
TM022Certified Data Analysis Professional3Add for me
TM024Construction Statistics3Add for me
TM025Statistical Methods5Add for me
TM026Tourism Statistics3Add for me
TM027DMP Statistical Databases Data Mining and Big3Add for me
TM028DMP Statistical Data Quality Management3Add for me
TM029DMP Business Intelligence Data Warehousing An3Add for me
TM031Database Management Systems5Add for me
TM035Learning Infographic Design and Data Visualiz5Add for me
TM050International Oil Supply, Transportation, Ref5Add for me
TM055(KJ1)Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis5Add for me
TM063Certified KPI Professional & Practitioner5Add for me
TM064Setting KPI's Tracking Progress & Providing P5Add for me
TM065KPI (Key Performance Indicator)3Add for me
TM066(QF2)Process Approach and Key Performance Indicato1Add for me
TM067Job Monitoring & KPIs3Add for me
TM068Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development2Add for me
TM068(GA2)Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development2Add for me
TM069KPI's & Benchmarking for Water Utilities - Se3Add for me
TM070Strategic Planning for the Marketing of Petro5Add for me
TM071Balance Scoreboard & KPI Strategy - Executive5Add for me
TM080Quantitative Decision Making in the Oil/Gas I5Add for me
TM090Managing Production Operations5Add for me
TM100Multishift Operations: Maximizing Productivit5Add for me
TM103Productivity Skills5Add for me
TM105Integration of Operation & Maintenance in Mul5Add for me
TM120The Critical Factors in IT Investment and the5Add for me
TM130Unlocking Corporate Data5Add for me
TM137Certified Plant Manager5Add for me
TM139Quality Management System (QMS)4Add for me
TM140Quality Management in Process Plant5Add for me
TM141(QO1)Quality/Quantity of Work2Add for me
TM143Quality Management5Add for me
TM144Manufacturing Process Details & Quality Plan3Add for me
TM145Quality Control in Manufacturing & Process In5Add for me
TM146Quality Control Systems, Practices and Standa5Add for me
TM147Quality Control Systems and Standards5Add for me
TM148(HW1)Quality Assurance & Quality Control5Add for me
TM149Certified Quality Control and Assurance in Ma5Add for me
TM150The Certified Strategist: From Planning to Ex5Add for me
TM151Quality Modules5Add for me
TM155 Strategic Management3Add for me
TM155(OA1)Strategic Management5Add for me
TM156Managing Strategic Alliances and Partnership5Add for me
TM157Strategic Alliance, Partnership & Collaborati5Add for me
TM158Strategic Business Process Management5Add for me
TM160Executive Management Programme5Add for me
TM161Business Process Analysis Essentials & Practi5Add for me
TM165Technical and Logical Aspects in Integrating 2Add for me
TM166(OX1)Integrated Business Planning for Usptream Oil5Add for me
TM170Management Process Simplification and Alignme5Add for me
TM171Simplification of Work Procedures5Add for me
TM180Feasibility Studies, Preparation, Analysis & 5Add for me
TM181(SW2)Feasibility Study5Add for me
TM182Techno-Economic Feasibility Study for Mainten3Add for me
TM183Feasibility Study & Business Planning5Add for me
TM190(TA2)Risk-based Decision -Making for Executives & 5Add for me
TM195Decision Analysis for Operation & Maintenance5Add for me
TM200Crisis Management in Process Plant5Add for me
TM204Root Cause Analysis5Add for me
TM205Root Cause Analysis (Apollo Method)5Add for me
TM206Root Cause Analysis5Add for me
TM206ARoot Cause Analysis4Add for me
TM206(DP1)Root Cause Failure Analysis5Add for me
TM206(KP4)Root Cause Analysis4Add for me
TM206A(KP4)Root Cause Analysis4Add for me
TM207Certified RCA Leader Advanced Root Cause Anal5Add for me
TM210Modern Management in Process & Power Industri5Add for me
TM215Effective Business Planning5Add for me
TM216Business Planning & Process Improvement: The 5Add for me
TM219Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)5Add for me
TM220Business System Intelligence - Project5Add for me
TM221Business Intelligence5Add for me
TM222Oil & Gas Industry Business Environment & Com5Add for me
TM223(KP4)Project Gate System Procedures4Add for me
TM225Operations Abnormalities & Plant Upset3Add for me
TM230Business Process Analysis, Mapping & Modeling5Add for me
TM231Business Process, Project Management & Plant 10Add for me
TM234(OX1)Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) Concepts5Add for me
TM232Corrective and Preventive Action5Add for me
TM233Process Mapping5Add for me
TM235Production Planning, Scheduling & Activity Co3Add for me
TM236Spreadsheet Skills for Planning, Forecasting 5Add for me
TM240Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Management5Add for me
TM260Analytical Skills for Technical Managers & En5Add for me
TM265Technical Reporting5Add for me
TM269Leading Innovation in Healthcare Field3Add for me
TM270Creativity and Innovation Towards Achieving C5Add for me
TM271 Innovation and Creativity5Add for me
TM271(AD2)Core Values Workshop: Innovation & Creativity3Add for me
TM272 Innovation and Creativity Skills5Add for me
TM273(AR1)Triz-Based Systematic Innovation for Technolo5Add for me
TM275Critical Thinking5Add for me
TM276Critical Thinking & Ishikawa Diagram5Add for me
TM280The Power of Successful Execution: Maximizing5Add for me
TM282(AR1)Standardization as a Tool for Success: Streng3Add for me
TM290Oil and Gas Teams : How to make them work5Add for me
TM299Business Process Optimization (BPO)5Add for me
TM300Industrial Relations Approaches5Add for me
TM360Best Practices in Multishift Operations: Maxi5Add for me
TM361(QA1)Best Practices in Multi-Shift Operations3Add for me
TM362Best Practice in Protocol5Add for me
TM370Risk Analysis & Decision Making in Petroleum 5Add for me
TM380Software Quality Assurance5Add for me
TM381IT Quality Assurance3Add for me
TM382IT Solutions Feasibility Analysis Fundamental3Add for me
TM385General Quality Assurance Skills5Add for me
TM390Fundamentals of Consultancy Skills5Add for me
TM395API Specification Q1, 9th Edition Fundamental3Add for me
TM400Documents & Records Management5Add for me
TM400ADocuments & Records Management5Add for me
TM401(KJ1)Document and Records Management Compliance: (5Add for me
TM402Information and Document Compliance3Add for me
TM405(KP4)Process Documents Review and Application of I3Add for me
TM410Total Quality Management (TQM) - Toolbox5Add for me
TM411TQM - Internal Audit Techniques4Add for me
TM412Essentials of Internal Audit5Add for me
TM414Introduction to Change Management2Add for me
TM415Quality Improvement5Add for me
TM417Change Management Skills2Add for me
TM418Cost of Quality4Add for me
TM419Technical Change Management in Process Indust5Add for me
TM420Change Management5Add for me
TM420(SK1)Management of Change2Add for me
TM420(MH5)Management Change2Add for me
TM424Change Management Based on MBTI3Add for me
TM425(KP4)Production Management5Add for me
TM426(KP4)Advanced Production Management5Add for me
TM426A(KP4)Advanced Production Management3Add for me
TM427Change Management Strategy4Add for me
TM427(KP4)Change Management Strategy2Add for me
TM428Change Management for Leaders2Add for me
TM429Change Management5Add for me
TM430Operations within Petrochemical Industry5Add for me
TM431(SI4)Understanding the Global Petrochemical Indust2Add for me
TM432Site Management 5Add for me
TM433Management of Change (MOC) On-site Training1Add for me
TM440Value Assurance Process Overview5Add for me
TM450Data Modeling for Decision Support Systems5Add for me
TM455Business Decision Support5Add for me
TM456Business Operations Professional5Add for me
TM460Facilitation for Information Management Profe5Add for me
TM465Information Security & Confidentiality Manage5Add for me
TM470Enterprise Data Stewardship & Governance: Ful5Add for me
TM471Basic Product Stewardship 3Add for me
TM472Advanced Product Stewardship 3Add for me
TM475Facilitation Techniques for Requirements Deve3Add for me
TM480Essentials of Successful Conceptual Data Mode5Add for me
TM490Essentials of Successful Data Resource Manage5Add for me
TM491Resources Management4Add for me
TM499(ZI2)Planning & Implementation of District Cooling5Add for me
TM500Master Data: Planning, Implementation & Manag5Add for me
TM511Managing the E & P Business5Add for me
TM520Data Management at the Disposal of Engineerin5Add for me
TM521Demography Data and Estimation3Add for me
TM525(HW1)Technical Evaluations in Engineering & Mainte5Add for me
TM530Data Management System5Add for me
TM531(KP4)Data Confidentiality4Add for me
TM532Data Management & Reporting: Data Management 3Add for me
TM533Data Analytic Management5Add for me
TM534Operational Efficiency3Add for me
TM535(OR1)Integrated Management Systems (IMS) & IMS Aud4Add for me
TM536(AD6)Basic Audit Concepts/Introduction to Auditing5Add for me
TM537Operational Audit5Add for me
TM538Acquaintance of Management Systems Standards5Add for me
TM539(AD6)Introduction to Audit Techniques3Add for me
TM540Economics of Petroleum Product Supply5Add for me
TM541Economic Classifications3Add for me
TM542Short-Term Economic Statistics and Seasonal A3Add for me
TM545Analyzing the Supply Market5Add for me
TM550Crude Oil Markets & Marketing5Add for me
TM555Suppliers Assessment & Performance Measuremen5Add for me
TM556(KO3)Supplier Assessment (Level 1 & 2 Competencies2Add for me
TM560Supply & Distribution of Oil Products, Natura5Add for me
TM570Basic Petroleum Economics 5Add for me
TM570(KP4)Basic Petroleum Economics ??? ????????? ?????2Add for me
TM570(AD6)Petroleum Economics: Basic5Add for me
TM580Introduction to Petroleum Industry 3 monthsAdd for me
TM580(OX3)Introduction to Petroleum Industry3Add for me
TM571(KP4)Petroleum Economics4Add for me
TM575(KP4)Basic Petroleum Technology (Arabic)3Add for me
TM590LNG Business Overview5Add for me
TM600Management & Planning Production Operations5Add for me
TM605The Modern Manager: Successful Planning, Orga5Add for me
TM606The Modern Manager5Add for me
TM607The Great Manager3Add for me
TM610Performance Management in the Process Industr5Add for me
TM620Operations Management Principles5Add for me
TM630Planning & Control for Managers5Add for me
TM649Research Methods and Analysis5Add for me
TM650Research & Development (R&D) in the Process I5Add for me
TM651Certified Course Design and Material Developm3Add for me
TM651(NA3)Training Material Development3Add for me
TM660Waste Minimization & Control in Production5Add for me
TM668Statistical Disclosure Control of Survey and 3Add for me
TM670Statistical Process Control in Process Indust5Add for me
TM671Statistical Metadata3Add for me
TM672Statistical Process Control (SPC)5Add for me
TM673Decision Making Using Statistical Process Con5Add for me
TM674Statistical Process Control Parameters for De5Add for me
TM675DMP Statistical Data Needs Analysis3Add for me
TM680Internal Consultancy Program5Add for me
TM681Environmental Performance Indicators3Add for me
TM682Implementing Fundamental Principles of Offici3Add for me
TM685Consultancy Skills5Add for me
TM690Freight and Baggage Handling & Shipping Docum5Add for me
TM699Statistical Data Quality Management3Add for me
TM700Management of Maintenance Contracts5Add for me
TM705Maintenance Contracting & Outsourcing5Add for me
TM710Management Skills and Techniques for Engineer5Add for me
TM711Essential Management Skills in Industry5Add for me
TM715The Essential Dry Docking Cost5Add for me
TM720Certified Quality Manager (CQM): American Soc5Add for me
TM721Certified Quality Management Professional5Add for me
TM725Quality Certification for Professional5Add for me
TM730BICSI/RCDD Training & Certification5Add for me
TM735Certified Document Control, Archiving & Docum5Add for me
TM736How to Gather & Document User Requirement5Add for me
TM737Advanced Document Control5Add for me
TM743Electronic Archiving5Add for me
TM744Indexing and Advanced Digital Archiving and E4Add for me
TM745Tender Package Write-Up5Add for me
TM748Filing and Documentation3Add for me
TM750Administrative Integration5Add for me
TM753E-Commerce & Internet Law5Add for me
TM754The Development and Acquisition of Skills for5Add for me
TM755Legal Documentation Processes and Procedures4Add for me
TM756Legal Compliance and Corporate Governance Res5Add for me
TM756(QA1)Legal Compliance and Corporate Governance Res3Add for me
TM757Integrated Management System (IMS)5Add for me
TM758The Art of Formulation, Analysis and Developm5Add for me
TM759Corporate Valuation & Capital Restructuring5Add for me
TM760Certified Quality Engineer (CQE): American S5Add for me
TM762Risk Management, Control & Compliance Corpora5Add for me
TM770Certified Quality Inspector (CQI): American 5Add for me
TM780Certified Quality Process Analyst (CQPA): Am5Add for me
TM790Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE): America5Add for me
TM795Quality Awareness5Add for me
TM800Industrial Behavior5Add for me
TM805ITIL Foundation Training5Add for me
TM810Leadership Competencies 5Add for me
TM811Competency Development for Supervisory Excell5Add for me
TM811(KN1)Competency Development for Supervisory Excell5Add for me
TM820Integrated Activity Planning 5Add for me
TM830Meetings Management (Arabic)5Add for me
TM835Information Management Compliance5Add for me
TM840Middle Management (Arabic)5Add for me
TM850Applications of Modern Management3Add for me
TM860The Workshop "Building a Team of Excellence"5Add for me
TM865Modern Technologies in the Supervision and Qu10Add for me
TM867Modern Suburban Planning (????? ???????? ????5Add for me
TM890President Coach5Add for me
TM900"Improvement" of the Operations Managers5Add for me
TM905The New Engineering Manager: Moving from Tech5Add for me
TM906Engineering Design Management5Add for me
TM910Tools and Techniques for Continuous Improveme5Add for me
TM920Gas Pipeline Dynamic Strategy: Distribution S5Add for me
TM925Asset Management (Basic & Advanced Level)5Add for me
TM930Building Geodatabase Using ArcGIS5Add for me
TM931Principles of Building Data Production System3Add for me
TM932Building and Analysing Regional Statistics3Add for me
TM933Building Statistical Systems Across Organisat3Add for me
TM945Certified Knowledge Transfer Specialist (KTS)5Add for me
TM950Diploma in General Work Preparator5Add for me
TM952 ISO 9001:2015 Senior Management Briefing2Add for me
TM953ISO 9001:2015 Requirements1Add for me
TM954Policy Development10Add for me
TM957Service Level Agreements Masterclass5Add for me
TM958Writing Effective Policies and Procedures5Add for me
TM959Developing Purchasing Policies, Processes and5Add for me
TM960ISO 9001 Lead Auditor5Add for me
TM961Introduction to ISO 9001:20083Add for me
TM962ISO 9001:20155Add for me
TM963(MH5)??????? ??????? ISO 9001:20152Add for me
TM964Introduction to ISO Family3Add for me
TM966Quality Lead Auditor & Assessor5Add for me
TM967ISO 9001:2015 Certified Internal Auditor2Add for me
TM968ISO 9001:2015 Lead Implementer2Add for me
TM969Certified Business Continuity Management Syst5Add for me
TM970Business Continuity Management5Add for me
TM970(BN1)Business Continuity Management3Add for me
TM971Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Plann5Add for me
TM971(QV1)Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Plann5Add for me
TM972(RS2)Implementing and Auditing Business Continuity5Add for me
TM973Business Continuity Management (BCM) (Aligned5Add for me
TM974ISO 22301 Business Continuity Lead Implemente5Add for me
TM975Utility Regulation and Strategy5Add for me
TM976ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Lead5Add for me
TM977Certified Business Process Associate (CBPA)1Add for me
TM978Demand Management5Add for me
TM979ISO 9001:2015 Implementation2Add for me
TM980(HW1)Management in Operation of Municipal Wastewat2Add for me
TM981(OR1)The Work System in the Successful Municipal C3Add for me
TM985Putting Strategy Into Action5Add for me
TM995Value Management Methodology & Application3Add for me