Petrolab Enigneering supports sustainable development in the integration of social, economic and environmental factors into planning, implementation and decision making to ensure that mineral and petroleum resources development serves present and future generations. This recognizes that minerals and petroleum are non-renewable natural resources, understands the needs in operations, drillings and processes while emphasizing the need to create an internationally competitive and efficient administration under certain regulations.

Petrolab Engineering assists in the international oil and gas industry, provides both technical and commercial services assisting with difficult interface between these areas.

We have very experienced staffs who have worked at the highest levels as managers, engineers and negotiators. Petrolab Engineering believes in providing independent advice with the objective of promoting the interest of our clients.

We deliver our projects of the highest quality, on time and on budget.

Petrolab Engineering focuses on the essential elements of transferring the newest technology in the industry and its accurate application to different working environments and full implementation of international standards.

Our perspective is to be the leader in oilfield services and to create value for oil and gas producers by providing practical technology and training to find, develop, produce and manage petroleum reservoirs, refineries and process plants, optimizing and maintaining practical solutions.

Technical Training

We, at Petrolab Engineering, offer an extensive and state-of-the-art training courses, seminars and workshops. We ensure that our participants will receive in-depth practical worshops and hands-on excercises pertaining to course topics as well as insights to the intricacies that participants may expect to encounter in the working environment. Participants will receive new information, formulate questions, discuss probable solutions and return to their job with new concepts and practical ideas to implement.

Analytical Laboratory

We provide analytical laboratory services, conduct various chemical laboratory operations and safety in the workplace. Analytical services range from environmental analysis, water chemistry and microbiology, to hazardous waste classification, industrial hygiene, trace organics, and radiochemical analysis utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Health, Safety & Environment

At Petrolab Engineering, health, safety and environment is our one top priority to provide excellent training programs and modern techniques in handling hazards, risks assessment in the oil and gas industries. We can enable you to revitalise health and safety in your organization with our refreshing and dynamic approach. Our services are guaranteed to remove the mystique out of health and safety. Services include advanced process hazard analysis methods and leadership, occupational health, safety environment, hazardous waste management & pollution prevention, safety engineering, risk analysis & assessment, and management awareness.

Process & Petroleum Engineering

We provide expert consulting engineering services for petroleum refineries, petroleum production, petrochemical, chemical, oil, gas and power industries in all engineering disciplines. Services include reliability surveys and improvements, profitability improvement program including energy and yield, equipment consulting (including pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping, machinery, fired heaters, instrumentation, controls, structures, stacks), risk informed maintenance and inspection planning, turnaround planning, fitness-for-service, project management, heavy lift and process safety.